Green Dragon's Blood "hot sauce" coming soon!

I put the hot sauce in quotes because I didn't make this to be a hot sauce (well I kinda did). This product was developed (and still being tweaked) in order to yes be a hot sauce and flavoring agent but also more importantly being a detox health tonic and candida fighter. Using this product I have noticed bigger improvements to energy and sleep than anything else. It really is a magic bullet.

It is still under development but the current ingredient list (organized loosely on amounts in descending order):

Serrano Peppers
Himalayan sea salt
70% food grade ethanol

This is blended raw in a high speed blender, then filtered through activated carbon to reduce any allergens from the peppers and then concentrated by evaporation. This is the same extraction process as my naturehacker oil hop extract and my future echinacea root extract as well. Lets call it the NHED (NatureHacker extraction and detoxification) process.

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