Perfect dairy-free natural chocolate milk recipie and my diet

I have been building my diet from scratch. I started with pinto beans and olive oil. I literally ate only this for many months with the occasional can of salmon and bag of nuts. But beans and oil was enough to survive pretty well.

Next I added hot sauce. Mainly to combat candida and other microorganisms that as humans we have to constantly either fight or accept, and if you accept them you will die young. The hotsauce was made of peppers and garlic and salt. Right now my recipie is plenty of jalepenos, about 1/2 head of garlic (several cloves) and 2 tsp of salt. I use this entire amount of hot sauce mixed with 2-3 cups dry pinto beans that are then cooked. Then I measure in about 5 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil. This alone was my entire diet for weeks on end. I did pretty well on it, the hot sauce improved my sleep (presumably because it fought liver candida) and also improved my energy substantially.

However when I went to a supermarket I always had a craving for nuts. Not exactly sure why but I did. I would get Forager bottles of nut-smoothie type drinks and loved them. Only problem was they were like $5 per bottle. I set out to make my own.

So I did make my own and it started to get very good. My best recipie now is a smooth creamy chocolate milk. Here is the recipie:

3 Tbsp oats
3 tbsp cashews
1 tsp vanilla extract or 1/2 tsp vanilla powder
1 tbsp ghiradelli bittersweet chocolate powder
2 tbsp cane sugar
pinch of salt
optional 1/8 tsp food grade DE (to help preserve powder)
this amount of powder is good for 500mL water

You can pre-blend the ingredients dry to make a chocolate milk powder (just add water) or add all the ingredients to a blender and blend. Turns out awesome.

I feel this is a new additional staple in my diet and I feel it can help anyone achieve good health absolutely deliciously. If anyone is interested in doing this with me as a buisness venture selling the dry powder to health food stores let me know.


The Pale horse and the age of Cults. The new age 2012 and beyond.

I have been spending time for over a couple years now trying to understand our place in the ages. It seemed to me like something is happening in the world. I stumbled upon comets and after a little skeptical study, started to realize that comets were linked to world affairs and that the bible also seems to agree with this; from comets in early christian paintings, to astrological signs the wisemen studied to predict christ's birth.

From NatureHacker blog

I started tracing back a hidden line of comets back from ISON. ISON was a very significant comet by all accounts, it is very rare we see a comet like it. I also looked to see if there was a comet around the time of christ and there was. Ison bieng green reminded me of the pale horse. The 15AD comet reminded me of the white horse of revelation. It just so happens there were two others, one in 1347 AD at the start of the black death called Negra, and one I believe in the 600's.

These comets all line up with significant happenings in the world and even something more interesting...666. Each of these comets were 666 years apart exactly. When I found that out I was floored. This is the real deal.

So comet ISON in 2012/2013 ushered in the new age, the age I believe is the age of cults. The first comet ushered in the age of Rome the Conquerer. The second comet ushered in the age of Islam and the bloodshed that went with that. The third comet or horse issued in the age of plague and bankers (the horseman holding scales). Our current 4th horsemen is issuing in the age of cults.

The interesting thing about these events is that with the exception of mabye the black horse, every other horse has been ushered in gradually without an abrupt change all at once. The startings of the new age always began up to 100 years before the comet appeared. For example islam was founded dozens of years before the time. Rome started becoming the conquerer dozens of years before the comet, bankers (including the rennaissance ideas which were funded by debt) and plagues were starting over a hundred years before the comet. And now cults have sprung up recently, even over 100 years ago the mormon and jehova's witness cults began. The cult of apple also comes to mind as forerunners to the new age, eugenics cult, illuminati cult, Manson cult, scientology, ISIS, KKK, Black lives matter, etc. This is what the next age is going to look like. Every single one of them has dead bodies in the closet. They are cults of death and their members will meet thier end in a variety of ways that revelation predicts. Also personality cults and idols like celebrities are forerunners to what is to come.

When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth. rev.6 7-8


Green Dragon's Blood "hot sauce" coming soon!

I put the hot sauce in quotes because I didn't make this to be a hot sauce (well I kinda did). This product was developed (and still being tweaked) in order to yes be a hot sauce and flavoring agent but also more importantly being a detox health tonic and candida fighter. Using this product I have noticed bigger improvements to energy and sleep than anything else. It really is a magic bullet.

It is still under development but the current ingredient list (organized loosely on amounts in descending order):

Serrano Peppers
Himalayan sea salt
70% food grade ethanol

This is blended raw in a high speed blender, then filtered through activated carbon to reduce any allergens from the peppers and then concentrated by evaporation. This is the same extraction process as my naturehacker oil hop extract and my future echinacea root extract as well. Lets call it the NHED (NatureHacker extraction and detoxification) process.


Heart Palpitations are caused by allergy

Sometimes it is hard for me to write articles because I want everything to be perfect and well referenced but that is not always practical. So I feel this topic could save someones life so I have to get it out there even if it isn't perfect. Please web search the things I bring up especially using the google scholar search engine.

Heart Palpitations are allergy.

Roughly 20 years ago, before I was even 10, my heart started skipping a beat once in a while. In my teens it got worse along with many other health signs including chest pain (which is your heart don't listen to the docs telling you otherwise) so I tried getting healthier and running. It is funny that common sense actually tends to be right; thinking back with what I know now making a connection between running helping on a biological level is difficult but possible to make. It is probably from the increased NADPH production from exercising but I digress.

In my 20's especially mid 20's it got quite bad. Heart pain was common for me. I always hoped the pain was just my ribs, but what it is is referred pain, so it signifies the heart is being damaged from inflammation and your body is referring the pain to the surface to tell you where the problem lies. My heart was also skipping beats pretty much daily.

I somehow found a connection with gluten online and cut gluten out of my diet. Almost instantly the pain and skipping beats went away! I was so excited, I told someone at church who had been having stents and was on his last few years of life about it and I hope he cut out his homemade bread which was a staple in his meals and I hope to have saved his life. I also proposed the idea to my boss in cardiac biology that gluten antibodies were causing heart damage but she got mad at the notion. But I knew it was true from my own personal experience.

Fast forward a few years and I had been off gluten but the pain and skipping beats (arrhythmia) had resurfaced but to a smaller extent. It didn't take me too long to make an even deeper connection; oxidation and allergy. It turns out heart palpitations are strongly associated to inflammation, which can be caused by oxidation conditions and any allergies. So just like I knew it was the allergic gluten antibody response causing my heart problems, it can be any other allergy response too. So armed with this knowlege whenever I got palpitattions I took activated charcoal and it invariably reduced or eliminated the palpitations right away. I never thought I had allergies, no watery eyes, sneezing, nose running but my allergy symptoms were hidden. My most common allergy symptoms are hair loss, constipation, and heart pain. Not really the best symptoms to get lol.

Another source of the issue is oxidation. So heavy metals and lack of anti-oxidants in the body can allow the pain/palpitations to come back. My product Restitution was designed to combat this.

Thanks for listening and I hope this helps many people really understand what is behind heart pain/palpitations and how to solve them!