The Aether: A "dark light" photon field cloud

The Aether is a subject that is treated like "quack science" by the mainstream but some very intelligent people believed it like Nikola Tesla even after it was looked down on by incumbent scientists.

From NatureHacker blog

Many people now are catching on to a theory of the transformer sun. If you monitor the sun much you will realize that it doesn't seem to follow the pattern that you would expect from a solid object, or at least an object that has more energy the closer to the core you get. It seems like functionally the sun is hollow. So what would be powering the sun? Well if we look at any other thing in existence nothing is self powered, everything gains energy from outside the system. We eat food, plants eat dirt, the earth eats solar energy. It would only make sense the sun eats something.

Well according to the transformer sun theory of Eric Dollard, there is some sort of energy the sun is transforming into light and heat but he isn't sure if it is even knowable by humans. He is right, whatever the sun is eating, it is invisible to humans. What could be invisible and unmeasurable? How can that be?

In comes the photon field theory. Photons are so small, an electron dwarfs them in size. The only reason we can sense light (photons) is because the photons are moving so fast that they excite electrons in anything they hit. This excitation is how our eyes work and all other photosensitive detectors. But what if light were stationary. Would we be able to see it? Certainly not. There would be absolutely no way to sense it. There are no particles we have to "bounce off of it" in order to get a reading on what is out there. We couldn't feel stationary light with our hands. We couldn't see it because it doesn't have enough energy to light up our rods and cones. We couldn't use sonar to find it because sound waves would go right through it. Everything would go right through it. Except...mabye something that was designed to interact with it like the sun. The sun may eat dark photons like a baleen whale eats krill.

The aether, the sun's power source, may be a field of photons in the universe. Relatively stationary, a lot like a cloud of gas. Speeding Light actually behaves just like a speeding gas. The fuzzy shadow when you move an object closer to a light source shows that the light stream is expanding in a quantum mechanical (probablistic/random) way. A gas stream is similarly probablistic.

What if light is a gas and there are big clouds of it in space that act as star food? I think the probability is astronomical.

The key to space travel would be figuring out how to interact with this "dark light" and using it like a medium to gain traction. Can we ionize dark photons? Can we absorb them? Can we push them? Answering these questions will make real space travel possible. (none of this soundstage/CGI PR stunts).


  1. Are you saying that "dark light" is light's magnetism (that is, electricity is to magnetism as light is to "dark light")?? EU proponents think the sun is powered by "Birkeland" currents - high powered electrical energy. Have you checked into that? (http://thunderbolts.info). If you're familiar with EU concepts - any reason you're not impressed by their approach?

    1. Any wave like properties light is supposed to have is like saying that the ocean is a particle and a wave... we all know the ocean is just water but water's interaction with others of itself can make it act like a wave. However saying water is a wave is intellectually dishonest and saying light is a wave is the same thing as that.

      So to get at the real truth first you have to throw out the light is an electromagnetic wave nonsense.

      and if the sun was powered by electrical energy wouldn't we be able to pick up the RF generated by such massive electricity?

    2. Also I believe that electrons are really just probabilistic clouds of photons. So it makes sense why when an electron cloud emits a photon it's energy is reduced.

  2. Interesting. I am not aware of that research. The dark light theory I am proposing is that light doesn't have to be moving. Light is not a wave at all, rather it is a particle that is so small and light that when it is "emitted" it travels the speed of light. However coming into contact with other light (over many thousands of miles in space) these photons slow down and eventually form particle clouds if you will. So no it isn't really like electricity and magnetism, it would be more like a nebula made out of photons.

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