Scheduling rest: Musing, revisiting, and creating vision

The most important thing you can schedule is rest. Rest is not the be-all end-all though, if the body is lacking in nutrients no matter how much you rest you will never be rested. A product like Restitution helps with that part. But we do need rest and not just rest, but reflection and imagination.

From NatureHacker blog

The bible has an excellent schedule of rest and revitalization. Rest every seventh day, have holidays several times a year, rest every 7th year, special time of freedom every 7th 7th (49th) year. Very intricate and elaborate and an excellent foundation of rest for us to consider following.

However a prescription is never the final word; just like I have several products (some still in development but sadc, restitution, nectar of gaia, and staybl) which I designed to be used by everyone every day, but that doesn't mean that regimen can meet everyones unique needs. In the same way the biblical prescription for rest doesn't meet every unique human need.

We as humans need more than time off, we need fresh vision which comes from reflection, musing, and revisiting. I have decided that next year I am not going to innovate. Even though I could say my motto is "innovation is life", still there is a time to not press forward and rather turn backwards and remaster, rework and reconcile.

Instead of innovating next year I am going to improve my website, improve all of my current products, tune in the recipes even more precisely, strengthen relationships, start an email list, etc. I know all too well companies can often loose their best most active customers by not fixing the problems that already exist and instead plow forward with new products. I don't want to be a company like that.

So this next year will have no new products. I will focus on consolidating my current products and tweaking them and improving their documentation.

Cheers to next year, a year of organization and defragmenting life.


  1. I love this post. I started defending my saturday as a rest day about three months ago. Sometime it's a little bit of an uphill battle, but I feel.. hmm.. a bit more on top of things? A little more in control of the week.
    Cheers, Dimarco, and bless. :)


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