NatureHacker PC (NHPC) coming soon!

The NatureHacker Personal Computer is coming soon. Yes that is correct, a personal computer. And though there are already a bunch of options out there NONE are made taking into account the things that as a "Hacker" I feel are important.

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First everything needs to be Linux compatible. Microsoft is, as we know, a force of evil, suppression, monopoly, and of course privacy violation. Linux is open source and can do everything windows can (especially because a windows emulator called WINE will be preinstalled), is free forever, and is much more secure from NSA spying and less prone to virus' than windows.

So in that way we dodge the windows bullet. However there is one more bullet we need to dodge; AMD and especially Intel processors. Insiders have leaked the very likely probability that the NSA/FBI have muscled their way into adding backdoors in these processors. What this means is that they can remotely see what you are doing on your computer even if you have everything encrypted. The processor backdoor is the most powerful possibility of spying that exists.

Thankfully there is one other processor option that can run windows programs; VIA. VIA is an amazing american company whose headquarters is located in Taiwan which is great that they can avoid US government pressure. All of their prototypes are named after biblical prophets; VIA is fighting the establishment and we should support them. They forced the monopolist Intel to license the x86 architecture (required to run windows programs) which Intel fights very hard to not allow. VIA just created its most powerful processor to date; 2.0 ghz quad core. Not only is this a great processor competitive with the big names but also it is made for use in ultra small computers.

Some necessary factors; linux preinstalled and ready to go, ability to install windows programs, VIA processor, very small size, solid state super fast hard drive and boot-up, HDMI/VGA/DVI monitor output, USB 3.0, ability to power a graphics card, internal built in wifi, quiet/cool/reliable operation. I have developed this and am very excited to get the first one built and listed for sale.

So there it is. NatureHacker PC features will include:

Targeted price point: $600 free shipping no tax
Very small computer
Powerful 2 ghz quad core processor
8gb DDR3 memory
60gb SSD hard drive
VIA multimedia graphics
Internal wifi
Operating system and software preinstalled and ready to go: just add keyboard, mouse, and moniter.

Stay tuned if all goes according to plan I will offer the first for sale in a few weeks!

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