Hair regrowth tonic loss remedy Iodine and Silica

1oz hair regrowth tonic - $12
**Discontinued for now, cause of hairloss turns out to probably be fat oxidation. This is likely from BPA which is probably the primary cause. Vitamin E can help and also glucuronic aid taken daily should help the body detox BPA. Hop oil ibternally or applied to the scalp should also help by its humulene content**

Have you wanted there to be a truly natural and effective hair loss remedy? Well here it is. Silica is negatively charged and will help displace bacteria and fungus that infect the hair folicles and cause hairloss. Iodine will also help to build defense and immunity against these DHT sebum toxin producing microbes. 10% iodine and 10% soluble silica is used with 80% distilled water also as of 11/24/2015 200mg ionic zinc phosphate is also added. Made fresh to order.


  1. Hi....I will be ordering your hair regrowth formula, my question is how long does a bottle last?, how is it applied? any other information about the product would be appreciated,


  2. It is quite concentrated so what I reccomend is wetting the scalp with sime water and applying around 10 drops or so around on the scalp and rubbing in. So that would be between 1-2 months worth if you did that everyday

  3. How long do afflicted follicles stay in the Tologen stage? In many cases forever; in some cases hair production resumes. The determining factor is what caused the follicle to stop producing hair in the first place. Hairlossable

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