Restitution full historic documentation

People are enjoying Restitution and I am very proud of it and feel I have it locked in pretty well now. I want to compile the history of it here so you can always reference what batches you were using and how the product evolved over time. It will continue to evolve as I learn more about human metabolism and chemistry; and any changes and the date they went into effect will be recorded here.

"Whatever it is you're doing there - I'm a believer. Constipation is much less of a problem after only a few days and energy seems to have stabilized somewhat too." -person taking super advanced detox cleanse and 27.1 restitution.

Restitution 22 9/20/16

Thiamin mononitrate (B1) 90mg
Riboflavin (B2) 60mg
Nicotinamide (B3) 54mg
Choline (B4.1) removed because pesticides in air make choline toxic to us
L-Carnitine (B4.2) removed because methionine in it degrades
Inosine (~B4.3, ~B14,~B15) 90mg
Pantothenic acid (B5) 51mg
Pyroxidine (B6) 18mg
Biotin (B7) 6mg
Inositol (B8,~B9) 180mg
Folic acid (B9) 1.2mg
PABA (B10, ~B9) 36mg
(B11- salicylic acid (not included,allergen))
(B12- not a real b-vitamin see WotR for cobalt)
Calcium orotate (B13) 12mg
(B14-see inosine)
Trimethylglycine (~B15,~B16) 30mg
Ribose 60mg
Glucosamine 39mg

Methionine removed cause degrades
Taurine 138mg
Lysine 90mg
Glycine 72mg
Cysteine (Moved to Staybl)
Tryptophan 60mg
Tyrosine 48mg
Arginine 60mg
Serine 48mg
Glutamic acid removed cause excitotoxin

Food grade diatomaceous earth 150mg 

in september 2016 reworked some things, over time the blend was turning color reddish a bit which I think I narrowed down to methionine turning and also carnatine has methionine in it so I removed it too.  Pesticides and glyphosate cause too much acetylcholine in the brain so I removed choline.  Moved cysteine to a new product envirotox and also lowered tryptophan and tyrosine moving those to envirotox too.  Raised things required for p450 metabolism to support pesticide removal to work in synergy with envirotox.

Restitution 27.3.2 documentation 


Thiamin mononitrate (B1) 70.31 mg
Riboflavin (B2) 23.4mg
Nicotinamide (B3) 30mg
Choline (B4.1) 46.9mg
L-Carnitine (B4.2) 58.6mg
Inosine (~B4.3, ~B14,~B15) 46.9mg
Pantothenic acid (B5) 40mg
Pyroxidine (B6) 14mg
Biotin (B7) 4.7mg
Inositol (B8,~B9) 107.8mg
Folic acid (B9) 1mg
PABA (B10, ~B9) 28.1mg
(B11- salicylic acid (not included))
(B12- not a real b-vitamin see WotR for cobalt)
Calcium orotate (B13) 9.37mg
(B14-see inosine)
Trimethylglycine (~B15,~B16) 23.4mg
Ribose 30.5mg
Glucosamine 30.5mg

Methionine 70.3mg
Taurine 107.8mg
Lysine 70.3mg
Glycine 56.3mg
Cysteine 126.6mg
Tryptophan 103.1mg
Tyrosine 46.9mg
Arginine 37.5mg
Serine 37.5mg
Glutamic acid 46.9mg

Food grade diatomaceous earth 117.2mg 

Restitution has undergone some major changes since 27.1.  Sodium sulfate, vitamin c, and citric acid were removed in an attempt to acieve a more shelf stable product.  Also calcium chloride is included in an outer bag as a dessicant. The stability still isn't perfect and next iteration I will also remove L-Cystiene and move that to Stabyl.  I don't have time to go over everything but compare each ingredient if you want.  Glutamic acid was added because I am convinced it helps detox the probable folic acid inhibitors contaminating our environment.  Tryptophan was boosted when I found out it is used to detox roundup glyphosate and parathion.  Serine was added when I found out it represents an essential class of amino's.  PABA was added and inosine boosted when I was convinced it is used to make folic acid.

Restitution 27.1 documentation

695mg per capsule 2-4 per day
Per 2 capsules:

Ascorbic Acid (vit C) 84.37mg
Thiamin mononitrate (B1) 70.31 mg
Riboflavin (B2) 23.44mg
Nicotinamide (B3) 14.06mg
Choline (B4.1) 46.87mg
Acetyl L-carnitine (~B4.2) 46.84mg
Inosine (~B4.3) 14.06mg
Pantothenic acid (B5) 25.78mg
Pyroxidine (B6) 9.37mg
Biotin (B7) 4.69mg
Inositol (B8) 70.31mg
Folic acid (B9,~B10) 281.22mcg
Calcium orotate (B13) 9.37mg
Trimethylglycine (~B16) 18.75mg
Ribose 18.75mg
Glucosamine 23.44mg
Citric acid 9.37 mg

Methionine 42.18mg
Taurine 117.18mg
Lysine 117.18mg
Glycine 93.74mg
Cysteine 140.61mg
Tryptophan 56.24mg
Tyrosine 37.5mg
Arginine 37.5mg

Sodium sulfate 140.61mg
Food grade diatomaceous earth 117.18mg


<<27.1 notes- This product was completed between Aug 31st to Sept 2nd and started shipping on orders placed thereafter. It had less methionine since not only did I believe it was the methionine in the last batch that went bad, but methionine is metabolized to homocystiene so there is no reason to have as much of it as I did previously. I got new methionine along with 4 more ingredients that I found would be beneficial to human metabolism. Once this was put into capsules they were set out exposed to the air to see if it degraded. It did slightly degrade but didn't produce noticeable allergy effects, possibly slight itching for me. So this batch was always double bagged to prevent the degradation. As long as it was protected from air/moisture no allergic effects were noticed and many positive effects were reported by myself and others who ordered this batch. Also starting the week of september 14th a tea bag of diatomaceous earth was added as a desiccant. It is stored as a bulk powder and encapsulated to order to help prevent degradation during storage. Will be updated to 27.2 by mid october. Changes will include thiamine hcl instead of mononitrate and L-carnatine instead of acetyl l carnatine. Reasoning is the nitrate is too reactive and makes product too moisture sensitive and I believe the non acetyl version of L-car is more natural and clean and less reactive in the product>>

Restitution 23 (legacy)
695mg per capsule 2-4 per day

Per 2 capsules:

Thiamin mononitrate (B1) 70.31 mg
Riboflavin (B2) 23.44mg
Niacinamide (B3) 14.06mg
Choline (B4) 46.87mg
Pantothenic acid (B5) 25.78mg Pyroxidine (B6) 9.37mg
Biotin (B7) 4.69mg
Inositol (B8) 84.37mg
Folic acid (B9) 281.22ug
Betaine (Trimethylglycine) 23.44mg
Ribose 18.75mg
Vitamin C 84.37mg

Methionine 93.74mg
Lysine 117.18mg
Tyrosine 46.87mg
Arginine 46.87mg
Glycine 93.74mg
Cysteine 140.61mg
Tryptophan 70.31mg
Acetyl L-Carnitine 46.84mg
Taurine 117.18mg

Sodium sulfate 140.61mg
Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 70.31mg

<<23 notes- This version came into being after more research and was finalized for release Aug 13, 2015. It was decided boric acid and silica would leave this product and join either staybl or nectar of gaia since this product is not focused on minerals except sulfur. MCT was obviously omitted because it went bad last time. After a lot of metabolic research many more compounds were added. This batch went bad over time outside airtight storage. Red specks appeared. It caused slight allergic reactions in a couple people who took it after it turned red including itchiness and worsening of migraines. Others reported no negative effects. My best guess is it was a combination of an almost expired batch of methionine reacting with the mononitrate from the thiamin, possibly alcar involved as well. I recalled these batches and promised to replace with next batch. These batches would have shipped Aug 13-28th. I recalled the batch aug 28th 2015 >>

Restitution basic (legacy)

thiamin 108.6mg
C 162.9mg
methionine 81.45mg
taurine 81.45mg
lysine 81.45mg
sodium sulfate 81.45mg
glycine 81.45mg
mct 81.45mg
DE 54.3mg
boric acid 16.29mg
silica 16.29mg

<<1 basic notes- I started formulation early july (roughly the 7th) 2015 of this product and finalized the protocol for production july 10th. I had been doing research on a comprehensive health protocol May 26th and by july 10th I created the restitution branch. The other branches are nectar of gaia and staybl. The diatomaceous earth was added to improve shelf life and scavenge moisture, it also may help absorption. This batch went visibly bad like a day later and thus this entire first batch was discarded. Looks like the MCT oil granules reacted with possibly the thiamin mononitrate. Batches that shipped around this time up until roughly august would have been a version of this without the MCT.>>

*Legacy/custom versions can be made with any tweaks you want. Minimum order is 500 capsules and may take a week or two to ship.*


The Aether: A "dark light" photon field cloud

The Aether is a subject that is treated like "quack science" by the mainstream but some very intelligent people believed it like Nikola Tesla even after it was looked down on by incumbent scientists.

From NatureHacker blog

Many people now are catching on to a theory of the transformer sun. If you monitor the sun much you will realize that it doesn't seem to follow the pattern that you would expect from a solid object, or at least an object that has more energy the closer to the core you get. It seems like functionally the sun is hollow. So what would be powering the sun? Well if we look at any other thing in existence nothing is self powered, everything gains energy from outside the system. We eat food, plants eat dirt, the earth eats solar energy. It would only make sense the sun eats something.

Well according to the transformer sun theory of Eric Dollard, there is some sort of energy the sun is transforming into light and heat but he isn't sure if it is even knowable by humans. He is right, whatever the sun is eating, it is invisible to humans. What could be invisible and unmeasurable? How can that be?

In comes the photon field theory. Photons are so small, an electron dwarfs them in size. The only reason we can sense light (photons) is because the photons are moving so fast that they excite electrons in anything they hit. This excitation is how our eyes work and all other photosensitive detectors. But what if light were stationary. Would we be able to see it? Certainly not. There would be absolutely no way to sense it. There are no particles we have to "bounce off of it" in order to get a reading on what is out there. We couldn't feel stationary light with our hands. We couldn't see it because it doesn't have enough energy to light up our rods and cones. We couldn't use sonar to find it because sound waves would go right through it. Everything would go right through it. Except...mabye something that was designed to interact with it like the sun. The sun may eat dark photons like a baleen whale eats krill.

The aether, the sun's power source, may be a field of photons in the universe. Relatively stationary, a lot like a cloud of gas. Speeding Light actually behaves just like a speeding gas. The fuzzy shadow when you move an object closer to a light source shows that the light stream is expanding in a quantum mechanical (probablistic/random) way. A gas stream is similarly probablistic.

What if light is a gas and there are big clouds of it in space that act as star food? I think the probability is astronomical.

The key to space travel would be figuring out how to interact with this "dark light" and using it like a medium to gain traction. Can we ionize dark photons? Can we absorb them? Can we push them? Answering these questions will make real space travel possible. (none of this soundstage/CGI PR stunts).


Scheduling rest: Musing, revisiting, and creating vision

The most important thing you can schedule is rest. Rest is not the be-all end-all though, if the body is lacking in nutrients no matter how much you rest you will never be rested. A product like Restitution helps with that part. But we do need rest and not just rest, but reflection and imagination.

From NatureHacker blog

The bible has an excellent schedule of rest and revitalization. Rest every seventh day, have holidays several times a year, rest every 7th year, special time of freedom every 7th 7th (49th) year. Very intricate and elaborate and an excellent foundation of rest for us to consider following.

However a prescription is never the final word; just like I have several products (some still in development but sadc, restitution, nectar of gaia, and staybl) which I designed to be used by everyone every day, but that doesn't mean that regimen can meet everyones unique needs. In the same way the biblical prescription for rest doesn't meet every unique human need.

We as humans need more than time off, we need fresh vision which comes from reflection, musing, and revisiting. I have decided that next year I am not going to innovate. Even though I could say my motto is "innovation is life", still there is a time to not press forward and rather turn backwards and remaster, rework and reconcile.

Instead of innovating next year I am going to improve my website, improve all of my current products, tune in the recipes even more precisely, strengthen relationships, start an email list, etc. I know all too well companies can often loose their best most active customers by not fixing the problems that already exist and instead plow forward with new products. I don't want to be a company like that.

So this next year will have no new products. I will focus on consolidating my current products and tweaking them and improving their documentation.

Cheers to next year, a year of organization and defragmenting life.


NatureHacker PC (NHPC) coming soon!

The NatureHacker Personal Computer is coming soon. Yes that is correct, a personal computer. And though there are already a bunch of options out there NONE are made taking into account the things that as a "Hacker" I feel are important.

From NatureHacker blog

(may not look exactly like this, still sourcing cases)

First everything needs to be Linux compatible. Microsoft is, as we know, a force of evil, suppression, monopoly, and of course privacy violation. Linux is open source and can do everything windows can (especially because a windows emulator called WINE will be preinstalled), is free forever, and is much more secure from NSA spying and less prone to virus' than windows.

So in that way we dodge the windows bullet. However there is one more bullet we need to dodge; AMD and especially Intel processors. Insiders have leaked the very likely probability that the NSA/FBI have muscled their way into adding backdoors in these processors. What this means is that they can remotely see what you are doing on your computer even if you have everything encrypted. The processor backdoor is the most powerful possibility of spying that exists.

Thankfully there is one other processor option that can run windows programs; VIA. VIA is an amazing american company whose headquarters is located in Taiwan which is great that they can avoid US government pressure. All of their prototypes are named after biblical prophets; VIA is fighting the establishment and we should support them. They forced the monopolist Intel to license the x86 architecture (required to run windows programs) which Intel fights very hard to not allow. VIA just created its most powerful processor to date; 2.0 ghz quad core. Not only is this a great processor competitive with the big names but also it is made for use in ultra small computers.

Some necessary factors; linux preinstalled and ready to go, ability to install windows programs, VIA processor, very small size, solid state super fast hard drive and boot-up, HDMI/VGA/DVI monitor output, USB 3.0, ability to power a graphics card, internal built in wifi, quiet/cool/reliable operation. I have developed this and am very excited to get the first one built and listed for sale.

So there it is. NatureHacker PC features will include:

Targeted price point: $600 free shipping no tax
Very small computer
Powerful 2 ghz quad core processor
8gb DDR3 memory
60gb SSD hard drive
VIA multimedia graphics
Internal wifi
Operating system and software preinstalled and ready to go: just add keyboard, mouse, and moniter.

Stay tuned if all goes according to plan I will offer the first for sale in a few weeks!


Hair regrowth tonic loss remedy Iodine and Silica

1oz hair regrowth tonic - $12
**Discontinued for now, cause of hairloss turns out to probably be fat oxidation. This is likely from BPA which is probably the primary cause. Vitamin E can help and also glucuronic aid taken daily should help the body detox BPA. Hop oil ibternally or applied to the scalp should also help by its humulene content**

Have you wanted there to be a truly natural and effective hair loss remedy? Well here it is. Silica is negatively charged and will help displace bacteria and fungus that infect the hair folicles and cause hairloss. Iodine will also help to build defense and immunity against these DHT sebum toxin producing microbes. 10% iodine and 10% soluble silica is used with 80% distilled water also as of 11/24/2015 200mg ionic zinc phosphate is also added. Made fresh to order.