The biochemistry of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplements joint health

You may notice that I am not one to sell you on the benefits of particular nutrients. I am not a salesman. I am a researcher. I am an inventor. Ideally I am a wholesaler and my customers are the ones who offer my products for sale. I keep my prices low so that you can do that very thing.

When I teach it is based on the biochemistry because that is what I care about, and when researching to develop my products that is how I formulate them. You can search engine the things I am talking about for more of their beneficial uses in the body.
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So today I want to talk about acetyl coa and glucosamine. Acetyl coa is just so important it is involved in so much. The main component of it is pantothenic acid which means "in everything". How very true in this regard.

Acetyl coa is made out of a few parts. The most important part like I alluded to is pantothenic acid (B5). The next piece is the sulfur containing amino acid cysteine. Next is ATP which itself is made out of adenine (which is similar to caffeine but caffeine blocks it) and ribose and phosphorus. Also adenine is made from inosine. So the ingredients that Restitution will contain to ensure proper acetyl coa synthesis (already or in the future) are inosine, ribose, cysteine, and pantothenic acid. Plenty of phosphorus is in my nectar of gaia product. The picture above shows this pathway.

Now I want to focus on one role of acetyl coa; making N acetyl glucosamine. We have all heard of glucosamine and how people take it for joint health. Well I foresee very little benefit for that directly. Also chondroiton sulfate. Well chondroiton contains the liver toxin galactose (so does milk) so nuh-uh on that one. We do need galactose in small amounts but it can be made from glucose and mannose (which mannose will also be in restitution) so that base is covered. But what I wanted to say is that the sulfate is probably what is helping the most with joint health. Sulfur helps control the candida which is glycosylating cartilage and destroying it. Always better to get at the root cause and kill it (the root cause is always foreign invaders) before just trying to replace what the invaders deplete. The sulfur does that. Alright so anyway we do need something called n acetyl glucosamine not primarily for joint health, but just for many uses and just health in general. So it can be made from glucose but it is a complex pathway and very slow. Supplementing with glucosamine can help. The "amine" comes from glutamine so that amino acid will help convert glucose to glucosamine. However it is pretty easy to supplement with glucosamine anyway. So when we do that the ultimate goal is to make NAG (n acetyl glucosamine) so you can guess we need an acetyl to add. Well tada! That comes from acetyl coa.

NAG best secret use is going to be as an anti-allergen. That is because candida has this in it's cell wall; so to take it will desensitize the immune system to it, and I believe candida is the biggest allergen of them all. Also along with the super important glucuronic acid (made from inositol which is in Restitution) makes up hyaluronan which is connective tissue in the brain and skin. Promotes youthfulness.

There we have it. In summary the ingredients I talked about were ribose, phosphorus, B5, inosine, inositol, glucosamine and cysteine. Click the health remedies tab above to see awesome products that contain these compounds.

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