Nectar of Gaia: Creation of the smartest mineral supplement that has ever existed

I'm finally done reformulating Nectar of Gaia (NoG) total mineral ionic solution. It is a little nerve racking to plan on making it because there are 28 different ingredients in it. Not gonna be easy.

From NatureHacker blog

You may have seen products that claim to have "78 trace minerals" or something like that. Well I could also put sea salt in a bottle and sell that to you too lol. But I'm not a con-artist. When I say there are 28 minerals, it means physiologically relevant amounts. It means I bought each element, dissolved them, and combined them in the most optimal ratio's I could come up with from intensely studying the research. Salt has a ton of elements but not even close to the amounts required for the body.

Lots of these elements will be controversial. For example it includes cesium, strontium, bismuth, gallium, ect. However the levels I included were very small and mirror what the average human intake is. Actually I think things like cesium and strontium will really help because they will make sure the radioactive versions can't bind in the body. I think it is important for people to double check the composition and make sure they agree with everything I put in it. I am just warning you that it will take lots and lots of research so that it all makes sense. Its like verifying the composition of himalayan sea salt before taking it, all 70 or so constituents.

So it may seem strange why I included what I did but you need to understand my mentality on this. My mentality is: I want to include everything that has a seemingly beneficial role in the body that will not cause harm. It is a fine line, however, and the amounts that are included are totally non toxic and have a large margin of safety. For example you could drink a whole 1oz bottle and not get sick. Now some people can be allergic to certain metals especially if they had amalgam fillings or implants. I obviously didn't put the actually toxic metals in it like nickel, mercury, aluminum, and lead; but here is a list of metals I do have in NoG that you may have been exposed to in the following procedures:

amalgam fillings

dental implants

hip replacement

If you get an itchy feeling all over or a rash this is probably why. We can formulate a hypo-allergenic version for you if this occurs. But who knows, perhaps the small levels in the product can help desensitize you to your metal allergies. So it is worth trying the full version. The levels are low enough there won't be a dangerous reaction. To be safe start small like 1-2 drops to make sure you aren't allergic.

I did want to say the most interesting group of metals is the platinum group and they are potent anti-cancer agents. However most are quite toxic except ruthenium. I made sure to include it ;). Also I found yttrium interesting, as it is found in high amounts in breast milk. I included that one as well.

I am still waiting on some elements arrival so when it is in and finished I will update you and it will be located here:
Nectar of Gaia

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