"NatureHacker Oil" Hop Organic tincture concentrate extractpowerfulanti-inflammatory,anti-cancer, relaxant

Organic NatureHacker Oil has arrived!

This is a full spectrum Hop ultra concentrated extract. Just 1 dropper full per day is plenty for the anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-diabetic, and calming and mood boosting effects found to be present in the components of Hops.

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1 oz hop extract - $15

Isomerize my entire NatureHacker oil order- $5
(if not every bottle then leave a note in checkout how many bottles to isomerize) Read below for details.

This oil is named after my brand for a reason, I feel this extract is indispensable to help treat every issue we now face in society. Every beneficial compound made it into this extract from the water soluble alpha acids like Humulone to the oils Humulene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. All of which have been found to have anti-inflammatory and/or anti-cancer effects in laboratory experiments!

I have now transitioned to using only organic hops.  This is important because non-organic hops is allowed a high Roundup residue.  Hops are incredibly powerful, I would venture to say it has more medical potential than even cannabis oil.

Made as follows: 4 oz of whole dried organic hops. 0.8 L of 70% ethanol (everclear) is activated charcoal filtered then added to the hops and blended using a powerful commercial blender for roughly 20 minutes. This is then filtered, then activated charcoal mixed in and filtered to remove waxes and other impurities that would limit absorbtion. If you opted for the isomerized (iso) extract ($5 extra) the product is then reflux boiled in glassware at 90-100c for 2 hours to convert the humulone present into iso-humulone. They are two somewhat different animals so I suggest trying both raw and iso.

Both humulone and iso-humulone have shown anti-cancer effects in the laboratory so I am not sure if one is better than the other. Iso when dropped straight onto the tongue is bitter but tolerable whereas Raw is not bitter and grassy at first then it sneaks up on you and stings the tongue. Both when diluted in water are tolerable to drink. Personally I like raw better to help me sleep.

It is made in all glassware and is charcoal filtered for the highest purity and hypo-allergenicity. If you are allergic to hops test this first on the skin to make sure you don't get a reaction.


  1. What is the dosage?

    1. 1 or two droppers a day roughly. It is literally at the max possible concentration, any less solvent and the components start to fall out of solution.

  2. How many servings are in a bottle and how long do you have to take it for

  3. Do you normally take at night or morning?

  4. it can be very relaxing so try night first

  5. I've been taking it at night and it really does seem to help with my sleep!

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