I have a plan to change the world

I am not running this site to make money. The truth is I am running this site to stay alive, lets be honest I wouldn't be this motivated to perfect a whole range of dozens of products if I didn't need to. I would just make things here and there and give them away if I didn't need any money. But I do need some money (currently $200 a month) to survive.

From NatureHacker blog

I have only been running this site for around 2 months. At first I was anxious if I would be able to meet my needs. Well this last month has been bonkers. I can hardly keep up with the $100+ after $100+ orders that keep rolling in! It is really trying my ability to maintain inventory, and order, and make these complex products and get them out in a reasonable time frame.

So what I am saying here is I went from hardly any income at all to off the wall almost too much. I know how to run a constitutional company and I know how we progress from here.

I will never hire anyone. I can just feel it in my bones that boss-employee relationship is NEVER healthy. Our republic was built on sole proprietorships so that is how I am running this.

So I need your help. For this to grow is I need copycats. Not in a bad way, that is how we take over the world. All my recipes are open source and I will give you all my sources to buy raw materials and teach you the techniques. You make your own site and it is free and opening a merchant account only costs $25 a month to accept payments. I will link to your site to drive traffic there.

This is how we get these life changing products to everyone on earth. No monopolistic corporation needed. True vibrant grassroots is the way forward and this is how we do it. You copy my methods to get a start and build a customer base and branch off from there. Tweak/improve the recipes, whatever.

I am committed that these products will get to everyone on the planet rich and poor. The way we do it will be revolutionary in itself.

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