How to make/dissolve vanadium metal/oxide for treating diabetes lowering blood sugar

Phew. It took me all day of work but I successfully made ionic Vanadium! People say that it brings sky-high blood sugar levels into the normal range; curing diabetes.

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From NatureHacker blog

Well I want to talk about how I made it/how to dissolve it (since I'm a nutritional chemist and all). If you don't like chemistry scroll down for a link to vanadium reviews for blood sugar. So I tried several things to dissolve the metal that didn't work so the only practical way to dissolve vanadium is nitric acid or something like iron nitrate. I tried dissolving in NaOH and hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric acid, burning the metal with a blow torch to make the oxide but it only oxidizes the surface. You can burn, then dissolve the oxide layer with acid, burn again, repeat but that would take a looong time and lots of fuel to burn.

So how I ended up doing it was 1g vanadium metal and ~10g of iron nitrate (I don't have nitric acid). Mix those in water and heat and it will form a paste. To this paste add ~1 tbsp sodium hydroxide. It will turn black and be somewhat more dissolved. Then to this black stuff add acid. I like phosphoric acid so I added 30mL phosphoric acid. Heat and it should dissolve into a green clear solution. If you leave this volume at 30mL you will have 3.333 mg per drop. A daily value is around 0.2mg so dilute accordingly.

I will sell vanadium liquid separately just contact me (see shipping and extras button above). I will sell 1mg/mL 1 oz bottles for $10. But what I really made this for was my Nectar of Gaia that I am working on. One element down 27 to go!

Nectar of Gaia

WebMD Vanadium Reviews


  1. What is vanadium metal? And how dissolving this can help us to treat diabetes? Is it a way to beat diabetes naturally or a medical artificial way?

    1. Well as far as I know it acts like insulin. So it is natural in moderate amounts but you could take a ton to do it according to big pharma style. And the dissolution is way easier in nitric acid not iron nitrate like I did here.


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