How to make water

This topic I feel is so important I put off teaching you how to cure reflux and heart disease. Really. So why is making water on your own so critical?

how to make water in the desert simplest simplist refrigeration circuit setup equipment ammonia campfire heat source stove solar setup copper tubing pipe diagram schematic cycle
From NatureHacker blog

It doesn't seem critical. Heck even to me it doesn't. We have a free flowing tap, and for me, that is a gold mine. I can and do transform the industrial waste water we know as "tap water" into beautiful pure water for me to drink (all my products used distilled water though). And that should be good enough right? Wrong. Well at least for those of us who live in the desert. While rainwater harvesting can do quite a bit for us in monsoon season, it is costly and cumbersome to try to harvest a ton of rain water. Not to mention illegal in some states lol.

So anyone who doesn't have easy access to ground or sea water really should have a backup plan for when the tap stops-a-flowing. We can't count on the infrastructure to care about us, those who run the infrastructure would rather most of us die anyway.

But what really got me thinking was 1. my mom had a dream I invented water and 2. the hoover dam is the next (terrorist or whatnot, false flag) target. When hoover goes down not only will we all be out of water but also electricity.

So I developed a way to make water without electricity. There is an invention out there on how to do it but it is cumbersome and complicated. In the picture above I developed the exact simplest system possible. It is a refrigeration cycle.

See that water looking liquid in there? Ya. That's pee. No joke. Pee is 1-2% urea, which when you heat it in water (the other 98% or so of pee) it turns into ammonia gas and co2. Ammonia has a low evaporation point which comes in handy. So the mixture is heated and boils, then it condenses into liquid water and ammonia, then it puddles in the bend at the bottom of the loop. Now this is the cold area. It is cold because then the ammonia (and water) evaporates and goes back into the boiling pot. Evaporation takes energy so that makes that part of the system cold. Just like sweat gets cold when it evaporates. Now the key is that cold part condenses water vapor from the air on the outside of it. What does that mean? It means it will turn humidity in the air into drinkable water.

Water in the desert. This is how it's made.


  1. Have you made a prototype of this system? A picture would be helpful. Water should be everyone's first and foremost preparation and storage item.

    1. I really appreciate the comment, thanks a bunch.

      I have not built a prototype but that doesn't matter, I could have patented this if I wanted to but I keep it open source. There is a picture of the cycle so you can better understand. You don't have to build a prototype to get a patent. It is based on basic thermodynamics and other refrigeration cycles so it will work. If we were out of water instead of rushing to the grocery store I would run to the hardwarestore to buy what I need to make this.


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