Heart pain, disease, attacks and GERD are caused by allergy gluten salicylates

Like I promised yesterday, today I am going to teach you how to cure/prevent heart disease and also GERD while we are at it. Brace yourself because Nature has been Hacked!

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What if I told you that its not even how healthy you eat to prevent gerd and heart disease? What if how "healthy" you eat doesn't mean that much? Well it is kind of important so obviously don't be eating fast food and processed foods.

But what is really causing these problems? Oxidation in the body? Acidic pH? High cholesterol? High blood pressure? Sure all of those are important for good health. However heart disease and GERD are actually caused by hidden allergy.

Its funny because when I eat triggers I get EITHER heart pain or GERD. Its funny because it is never both. However whichever one happens will 100% go away when I do a simple naturehack.

So how could these be caused by allergy? Well it is straight forward. Allergy causes autoimmunity. When the immune system starts getting revved up fighting something there is cross reaction with the antibodies; instead of all the antibodies sticking to the "invader" some of them stick to good things, perhaps in this case heart tissue or the stomach lining. When antibodies stick to good tissue, the white blood cells (wbc) are tricked into attacking them. When the wbc's attack the heart you get inflammation (and probably pain) and when they attack the stomach lining the stomach freaks out and tries to "knock them off" by contracting causing GERD.

So all we need to do to test the theory that these are caused by allergy is to take some anti-allergy medicine right? Yup. Now the easiest, fastest, and safest is simply activated charcoal. You could even use my product "super advanced detox cleanse" to stop it. Simply take 1-2 capsules or more during/after eating to prevent gerd or heart pain. And I have done it for months and it has always worked. Btw gluten is a big one, so big that you probably want to give that up. Also salicylates are also big but these can be more easily tackled with the charcoal.

Simple as that.


  1. Well.. You might have a clearer article here if you discuss how the disregulated cytokines are generated at the gut wall- which is a biomechanical topic-
    Aka, how peyer's patches sample the fermentation byproducts which are tumbling through the small and large intestine and formulate their antibodies within 15mins to 4 hours after a meal.

    Peyer's patches are the immune system's programming terminals, and they'll react to undigested protiens just as much as bacterial 'talk' (the chatter between organisims in the gut) to figure out what cytokines to produce next.

    That part of the anatomy is the system that urine therapy and homeopathy takes advantage of- a chance to reprogram the immune system.

    You mention having these inflammatory reactions when you eat- is that with any regularity/frequency (aka, a repeatable experiment)?

    If you're getting an iflammatory response from food it may be related to keeping such clean shop- and I beg ye' not to throw me out the door for saying it, but there is a way to downregulate the overreacting cytokines. It stinks to high heaven, but it does close the gut wall tighter and stop candiasis in it's tracks (by preventing candida from changing to it's hyphal form).. Yeah, good old Butyrate. Over at the peyer's patches it regulates cytokine production.
    I hesitate to post a link, but here, let's give it a try- https://youtu.be/84DcLcDOeV4?t=6m45s Youtube - 'Molecular effects of Butyrate' at approx 6:45 mins in, discussing the direct effect of butyrate on cytokines. Relevant information ends at about 8:20 mins.

    Inflammatory responses to food are also experienced by folk coming off on longer fastings.. The hunger is there, but the gut needs fresh programming. It's a bit humiliating to think that the programmers might be gut buggers.

    You did mention that several fruits have butyrate in them- might that be durian fruit? The smell's supposed to be utterly overpowering. My own bottle of fishing lure (yes, literally, fish go nuts for this stuff) smells potently of huarf (bleargh, byurgyh, huaarf.) and pineapple. Capsules of sodium butyrate smell a little better, but not by a huge amount.

    Wouldn't durian just get butyrate from the bacterial colonies living in the fine hairs at the roots in the soil though? Huge interplay of fermentative bacteria and the like there, and I expect the useful byproducts would end up stored in the fruit flesh. Hmm.. Or possibly the bacterial colonies necessary for the germination and successful establishing of a root network for the seeds?

    Hah.. for that matter, mother's milk (what 'ent boiled by food inc) is strongly probiotic to begin with.

    Might need to do some reworking on this blog post, there's several steps of logic that aren't clarified for the reader (need some terms defined and explanation of the internal mechanics you're talking about) / layman.

    1. Interesting about the peyer patches. I forgot about them. Yes I need to get some butyrate. Wasn't really aware that it helps in the gut but i was aware it helps treat type 1 diabetes. Yes everytime I eat anything with even moderate or even sometimes low amounts of salicylates I get most commonly gerd that makes me constantly clear my throat or rarely chest pains on and off. My SADC stops either one within 15-30 mins. If my "clean" gut is to blame then what I believe is that the problem is a microbe besides the bacteria I am killing. So possibly h.pylori or even fungus in the stomach like aspergillus or candida that I can't quite get at mechanically.

      As far as leaps in logic, yes but I figure people can google the gaps they need filled ;). Tbh I didn't really wan to have to look up the scientific papers that I read on this months ago lol. Just wanted to give people some leads to research.

    2. Hmm, no, not aspergillus, pylori or candida, those are gonna be well out the window with the amount of cleasing you're doing.

      Looks like the clostridium family are first in line with producing butyrate ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3675948/ ). Stir a thought perhaps? clostridium, colostrum, first milk during the establishment of an infant immune system..

      Symptoms there can easily be the epithelial cells wanting butyrate. It stimulates the production of mucous in all epithelial cells, and when you start to think about how many tissues in the body fall in the epithelial family, it's a real eye opener. Every organ that interfaces with the outside world..

      Perhaps the upper intestinal tract responces you're seeing and the throat irritation could be that y' need a little lubrication? *snicker* Well.. that is the main purpose of mucous.

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