Brainwashing test individuality and idealism score Identity Quotient (IDQ)

Why are some people more suseptible to bieng brainwashed than others? DARPA would love to know. Well we should know too to fight the brainwashing effort. The answer is simple yet not quite so obvious without deep thought and analysis.

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From NatureHacker blog

The answer is how much of an individual you are. People with high individuality scores will be highly resistant to brainwashing and people with low individuality scores will be easily brainwashed. We have a modern day "identity crisis" worldwide epidemic on our hands. Why? Well you decide but my money is on the fact that we have 10x more bacterial cells in our guts than human cells in our body...bacterial mind control?


Here is a test to see how easily you can be brainwashed.

1= Virtually never
2=Some of the time
3= Most of the time
4= Practically always

1. I feel connected to nature.

2. I care about the well being of strangers and aquaintances.

3. I am passionate about my work.

4. There is no other job I would rather have.

5. When I watch sports I don't pick a side.

6. Politically I consider myself independent.

7. I shy away from joining groups.

8. I shy away from leadership positions.

9. I put my own needs and well being first before agreeing to provide for the needs and well being of others.

10. I shy away from excessive responsibility.

11. I refuse to support something that doesn't consider the best interests of others.

12. I feel I have found my calling.

13. I can't name my top 3 favorite foods.

14. On an average week I helped someone out who was less fortunate.

15. I think that money is not necessary.

16. I think about how to survive outside society.

17. I am reluctant to go to social gatherings.

18. I think every relationship should be mutually beneficial.

19. I think about what makes people that I know unique.

20. I feel at ease when someone I know doesn't care about money and is pursing their dreams instead.

21. When someone argues their point by referencing an expert it makes me feel disconnected from them.

22. I don't respect experts opinions higher than anyone else who is knowledgeable on a subject.

23. Seeing people in uniforms makes me uneasy.

24. I want to homeschool any children I have.

25. I don't need to make a commitment to help me to get things done.

26. I think other people do plenty for me as it is.

27. I think everything can and should be improved.

28. I am very interested to learn what other people think about a topic.

29. I never am nervous to hear someone else's opinion about what I have said.

30. I have a distinct set of morals that I never violate.

31. I believe no problem is impossible for me to solve.

tally up your points.

93-124: You are very independent and immune to brainwashing for the most part. You are very idealistic and refuse to compromise to fit in. If you ever do fall for a lie you are quick to figure it out and renounce it. Best careers: Lawyer, Artist, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Advisor, Visionary, Consultant (jobs that require fast outside the box thinking and constant rechecking).

62-93: You have some independence are pretty resistant to brainwashing and tend to think about what you are told before you accept it. You believe more in practicality than idealism. You may fall for lies once in a while and it may take you a while to figure them out. Emotion can get the better of you sometimes and cloud your judgement. Best careers: Engineer, Teacher, Craftsmen, Builder, Repairman, Skilled Worker (jobs with some creativity and some structure and stability).

31-62: You are dependent and easily brainwashed and manipulated. Your propensity to "go along to get along" leaves you vulnerable to wolves in sheep's clothing. You think you live in a dog-eat-dog world and you don't think twice about stepping on strangers to improve your position. Not only do you not consider that you have been lied to but you will vigorously defend something that you have not truly verified yourself. Best careers: Police Officer, Medical Doctor, Nurse, Soldier, Manager (jobs where you follow and/or give strict orders).

I got 111 ;)

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