B12 is not an essential vitamin; we can make it WITHOUT gut bacteria in the liver, hoax scam conspiracy germ free germfree

B12 is a hot topic. Why? Because vegans are scared into thinking they need to take it everyday or else they will get anemia. The controlled opposition counters that argument by saying their gut microbiota/microbiome makes it so they don't need a supplement.

Both groups are dead wrong.
b12 cobalamin is not essential necessary nutrient mineral cobalt produced in the liver not bacteria microbiome gut scam hoax
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Not only do we not need to take a B12 supplement, but also the gut bacteria DOES NOT produce B12. In fact the gut bacteria steals B12 from our bodies! So how can this be? How can we not need to take B12 when our gut bacteria doesn't make it?

Duh, because WE make it silly! Humans and animals make B12 all by ourselves. Some hints that this is the case you will notice when the "experts" say that the body stores b12 for years in the liver. This is total BS. In the same breath they will say we need b-vitamins every day because they are water soluble and therefore excreted in the urine. B12 is a water soluble "b-vitamin" but how come it can last for years in the body? It makes no sense. But it does make sense when you realize it is MADE daily in the liver and that is why levels can be maintained there for years.

So if we don't need to take B12 then what about pernicious anemia? Were those cases just fake? Of course not. They were real. But it is just like scurvy, Humans can make vitamin c but they can't always make enough. Drunk sailors on ships can't make enough vitamin C so they need more. Same with B12. When you eat too much methionine you need extra b12. However just like how vitamin C can be made by humans from glucuronolactone, B12 can be made by humans from Cobalt and other things.

So the key here is that B12 is made from cobalt. So we just need to get enough cobalt in the diet and we will make the B12 we need. Roughly 20ug a day is enough.

The papers below prove my points. Paper 1 shows that gut microbes steal more B12 from the body than they produce.

Paper 4 corroborates that and says that the B-vitamins found in the gut is not because gut bacteria makes it, the same amounts of vitamins are found in guts with no bacteria as guts with bacteria.

Paper 2 shows that proper cobalt ingestion maintains proper B12 levels, which too much cobalt lowering B12.

And paper 3 shows that liver disease creates b12 deficiency. This points to the fact that B12 is created in the liver.

Saying B12 is an essential vitamin is like saying heme iron is B13 and is an essential vitamin. We all know that is crazy. We just need to eat iron and our body can integrate it into a heme molecule. Same with B12, we just need to get enough cobalt and our body can integrate it into the same type of heme group to make B12.

B12 is not a vitamin, Cobalt is an essential mineral.

paper 1

paper 4

paper 2

paper 3


  1. Why does Dr. David Brownstein book on Vitamin B-12 not mention any of this?

    1. I don't think anyone has really looked intothis besides me an the people doing cobalt nutritional studies. The cobalt studies are for animal nutrition and they are probably pressured to not make any human claims. Lets put it this way big pharpa and big industry are not hosting many if any human nutritioal studies.

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