How to make ethanol alcohol free and cheap in a survival situation

Obviously you don't want to drink this alcohol, but alcohol has many uses like fuel and solvents. Yeast like any other creature need complete nutrition and how do you do that when you don't have access to complex ingredients in a societal collapse?

urine pee piss survival basic free all natural organic beer alcohol ethanol therapy drink your good for you healthy urea nitrogen glucuronic acid distillation at home simple cheap situation yeast
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Urine. Thats right. Urine is an excellent source of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus and all the trace elements. The only other thing they need are carbohydrates. Sugar works, fruit juice, things like that.

Here is a recipie I designed. It is called SPY broth. Sweet Pee Yeast broth ;).

200 mL Clean sterile urine (about 1 urination)
200g Sugar (1 heaping cup)
1/4 tsp active dry yeast
Fill up to 1 L with pure water

Mix this up and let sit 4-5 days. It should reach roughly 15% ethanol. You should be able to comfortably expect 100mL of pure alcohol from that recipe for literally just a quarter or two.

And thats it! If it is legal you can distill it to roughly 95% ethanol which would be very clean and can be used as a solvent or fuel, cars will run on it even, and you can make alcohol lamps. Scrub it with some activated charcoal powder and you have a product that would rival Grey Goose lol. To scrub it with activated charcoal in 100mL of ethanol mix in 1 tsp of activated charcoal powder, mix well, and filter through a coffee filter. In a situation where you don't have a coffee filter you can add 1 tsp diatomaceous earth or alum and stir in to make it settle out so the ethanol can be poured off clean and clear.


I have a plan to change the world

I am not running this site to make money. The truth is I am running this site to stay alive, lets be honest I wouldn't be this motivated to perfect a whole range of dozens of products if I didn't need to. I would just make things here and there and give them away if I didn't need any money. But I do need some money (currently $200 a month) to survive.

From NatureHacker blog

I have only been running this site for around 2 months. At first I was anxious if I would be able to meet my needs. Well this last month has been bonkers. I can hardly keep up with the $100+ after $100+ orders that keep rolling in! It is really trying my ability to maintain inventory, and order, and make these complex products and get them out in a reasonable time frame.

So what I am saying here is I went from hardly any income at all to off the wall almost too much. I know how to run a constitutional company and I know how we progress from here.

I will never hire anyone. I can just feel it in my bones that boss-employee relationship is NEVER healthy. Our republic was built on sole proprietorships so that is how I am running this.

So I need your help. For this to grow is I need copycats. Not in a bad way, that is how we take over the world. All my recipes are open source and I will give you all my sources to buy raw materials and teach you the techniques. You make your own site and it is free and opening a merchant account only costs $25 a month to accept payments. I will link to your site to drive traffic there.

This is how we get these life changing products to everyone on earth. No monopolistic corporation needed. True vibrant grassroots is the way forward and this is how we do it. You copy my methods to get a start and build a customer base and branch off from there. Tweak/improve the recipes, whatever.

I am committed that these products will get to everyone on the planet rich and poor. The way we do it will be revolutionary in itself.


"NatureHacker Oil" Hop Organic tincture concentrate extractpowerfulanti-inflammatory,anti-cancer, relaxant

Organic NatureHacker Oil has arrived!

This is a full spectrum Hop ultra concentrated extract. Just 1 dropper full per day is plenty for the anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-diabetic, and calming and mood boosting effects found to be present in the components of Hops.

rick simpson oil source naturehacker nature hacker hops essential cancer natural cure extract hop humulene humulone carophyllene myrcene inflammation diabetes cbd cannabis thc free
From NatureHacker blog

1 oz hop extract - $15

Isomerize my entire NatureHacker oil order- $5
(if not every bottle then leave a note in checkout how many bottles to isomerize) Read below for details.

This oil is named after my brand for a reason, I feel this extract is indispensable to help treat every issue we now face in society. Every beneficial compound made it into this extract from the water soluble alpha acids like Humulone to the oils Humulene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. All of which have been found to have anti-inflammatory and/or anti-cancer effects in laboratory experiments!

I have now transitioned to using only organic hops.  This is important because non-organic hops is allowed a high Roundup residue.  Hops are incredibly powerful, I would venture to say it has more medical potential than even cannabis oil.

Made as follows: 4 oz of whole dried organic hops. 0.8 L of 70% ethanol (everclear) is activated charcoal filtered then added to the hops and blended using a powerful commercial blender for roughly 20 minutes. This is then filtered, then activated charcoal mixed in and filtered to remove waxes and other impurities that would limit absorbtion. If you opted for the isomerized (iso) extract ($5 extra) the product is then reflux boiled in glassware at 90-100c for 2 hours to convert the humulone present into iso-humulone. They are two somewhat different animals so I suggest trying both raw and iso.

Both humulone and iso-humulone have shown anti-cancer effects in the laboratory so I am not sure if one is better than the other. Iso when dropped straight onto the tongue is bitter but tolerable whereas Raw is not bitter and grassy at first then it sneaks up on you and stings the tongue. Both when diluted in water are tolerable to drink. Personally I like raw better to help me sleep.

It is made in all glassware and is charcoal filtered for the highest purity and hypo-allergenicity. If you are allergic to hops test this first on the skin to make sure you don't get a reaction.


Biofilms series

A series of articles focused on explaining why intestinal health is vital to healing chronic conditions and maintaining a robust body.
  1. Intro: Biofilms and disease
  2. Next article coming soon

Biofilms 1  
Biofilms and disease 

What they are 
Biofilms are infections of gut flora (digestive bacteria, yeasts and viuses). They live in colonies, and the most common cause of biofilms are airborn bacteria. The thin film that forms on your teeth are a good example of biofilms, which form cavities when they are left too long without brushing and changing one’s diet. 
Because biofilms are formed of living organisms, they react to threat to their survival like any animal, and learn to fight off any repeated attack.  
They adapt responsively to:  
  • Essential oils 
  • Electroconductivity (Zapping and Rife therapy) 
  • Food preservatives (of all kinds) 
  • Antibiotics 
  • Specific diets (paleo, vegetarian, aktinsetc) 
  • Herbal medicines 
  • Toxic halides (bromide and mercury/quicksilver) 
  • Dental amalgam fillings (“Silver fillings”) 

Under any attack, there is the potential for biofilms to form in the gut (intestinal tract). Primarily it happens from a poor diet, when a person is under too much repetitive stress, or when one of the above threats changes the balance of species of gut flora living in the gut.   
Many species can form biofilms, and this happens when one or more of these species has the chance to become dominant in the gut, anywhere from the mouth to the rectum. 

Why they matter 
Biofilms are present in an estimated 80% of all infections that occur in the human body1, such as  
  • Vaginal infections 
  • Urinary tract infections 
  • Dental plaque and gingivitis 
  • Cystic fibrosis 
  • Infected skin wounds 
  • Infections on dental implants, including 
  • Hip implants 
  • Bone lengthening devices 
  • Dental implants 
  • Prosthetic heart valves  
  • Intrauterine devices (birth control/Miranda doohickeys) 
However, chronic biofilms in the gut also play a role in chronic conditions. When it takes several weeks to overcome a viral infection such as a cold, flu or other common ailment, the virus is often present in a biofilm colony and being released slowly from it, where the immune system cannot destroy the source of the virus.  
Biofilms are also an important factor in chronic conditions such as mental illness, depression, some forms of cancer, psoriasis, diabetes mellitus (both type 1 and 2), polycystic ovary syndrome, and many other problems.  
It has taken several decades for traditional western medicine to develop the technology needed to observe biofilms active in human and animal tissues, but some alternative medical practitioners have recognized and written about them. Arnold Ehret2 for example, first observed their role in chronic illness and directed people to use fasting to overcome their biofilm burden. His term for biofilms was ‘mucous’. 
Biofilms have gone through many different names. They’ve been called ‘mucoid plaque’, ‘congestion’, ‘FODMAP’s, and more.  

The airborne bacteria candida albicans is one of the recurring causes of biofilms in the human body.  It can be found infecting many places of the body, but a very common example of candidiasis is waking up in the morning with a pale white lining on your tongue. Airborne bacteria and spray-on pesticides are both very good reasons to gently rinse all fresh fruits and vegetables. 
Fermentation bacteria are commonly used in preparing foods, and are found in especially liquor and wine production and baked goods. For example, saccharomyces cerevisiae is used as brewer's yeast for beers, and a closely-related strain of bacteria is used for baker's yeast for all sorts of breads. 

Examples of biofilm-forming microbiota: 
  • Gram-positive bacteria 
  • Bacillus family 
  • Listerius monocytes 
  • Staphylococcus family 
  • Lactic acid bacteria 
  • Gram-negative bacteria 
  • scherichia coli 
  • Psuedonomas aeringinosa 
  • Common fermentation bacteria / yeasts 
  • Candida albicans 
  • Brettanomyces family 
  • Pediococcus family 
  • Saccaromycescervisae 
  • In mother's milk and soil 
  • Clostridium family 
  • Living in plants 
  • Pseudomonas putida  
  • Pseudomonas fluorescens 
  • Rhizobium leguminosarum  
  • Sinorhizobium meliloti   

    1 "Research on microbial biofilms (PA-03-047)". NIH, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. 2002-12-20.
    2 "Dr. (Heinrich) Lahmann said "Every disease is caused by carbonic acid and gas." But he did not learn its source in decayed, uneliminated food substances - the mucus in a state of continuous fermentation.", Arnold Ehret, Mucusless Diet Healing System, ELPC Inc, 1994, page 91


B12 is not an essential vitamin; we can make it WITHOUT gut bacteria in the liver, hoax scam conspiracy germ free germfree

B12 is a hot topic. Why? Because vegans are scared into thinking they need to take it everyday or else they will get anemia. The controlled opposition counters that argument by saying their gut microbiota/microbiome makes it so they don't need a supplement.

Both groups are dead wrong.
b12 cobalamin is not essential necessary nutrient mineral cobalt produced in the liver not bacteria microbiome gut scam hoax
From NatureHacker blog
Not only do we not need to take a B12 supplement, but also the gut bacteria DOES NOT produce B12. In fact the gut bacteria steals B12 from our bodies! So how can this be? How can we not need to take B12 when our gut bacteria doesn't make it?

Duh, because WE make it silly! Humans and animals make B12 all by ourselves. Some hints that this is the case you will notice when the "experts" say that the body stores b12 for years in the liver. This is total BS. In the same breath they will say we need b-vitamins every day because they are water soluble and therefore excreted in the urine. B12 is a water soluble "b-vitamin" but how come it can last for years in the body? It makes no sense. But it does make sense when you realize it is MADE daily in the liver and that is why levels can be maintained there for years.

So if we don't need to take B12 then what about pernicious anemia? Were those cases just fake? Of course not. They were real. But it is just like scurvy, Humans can make vitamin c but they can't always make enough. Drunk sailors on ships can't make enough vitamin C so they need more. Same with B12. When you eat too much methionine you need extra b12. However just like how vitamin C can be made by humans from glucuronolactone, B12 can be made by humans from Cobalt and other things.

So the key here is that B12 is made from cobalt. So we just need to get enough cobalt in the diet and we will make the B12 we need. Roughly 20ug a day is enough.

The papers below prove my points. Paper 1 shows that gut microbes steal more B12 from the body than they produce.

Paper 4 corroborates that and says that the B-vitamins found in the gut is not because gut bacteria makes it, the same amounts of vitamins are found in guts with no bacteria as guts with bacteria.

Paper 2 shows that proper cobalt ingestion maintains proper B12 levels, which too much cobalt lowering B12.

And paper 3 shows that liver disease creates b12 deficiency. This points to the fact that B12 is created in the liver.

Saying B12 is an essential vitamin is like saying heme iron is B13 and is an essential vitamin. We all know that is crazy. We just need to eat iron and our body can integrate it into a heme molecule. Same with B12, we just need to get enough cobalt and our body can integrate it into the same type of heme group to make B12.

B12 is not a vitamin, Cobalt is an essential mineral.

paper 1

paper 4

paper 2

paper 3


The biochemistry of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplements joint health

You may notice that I am not one to sell you on the benefits of particular nutrients. I am not a salesman. I am a researcher. I am an inventor. Ideally I am a wholesaler and my customers are the ones who offer my products for sale. I keep my prices low so that you can do that very thing.

When I teach it is based on the biochemistry because that is what I care about, and when researching to develop my products that is how I formulate them. You can search engine the things I am talking about for more of their beneficial uses in the body.
From NatureHacker blog
So today I want to talk about acetyl coa and glucosamine. Acetyl coa is just so important it is involved in so much. The main component of it is pantothenic acid which means "in everything". How very true in this regard.

Acetyl coa is made out of a few parts. The most important part like I alluded to is pantothenic acid (B5). The next piece is the sulfur containing amino acid cysteine. Next is ATP which itself is made out of adenine (which is similar to caffeine but caffeine blocks it) and ribose and phosphorus. Also adenine is made from inosine. So the ingredients that Restitution will contain to ensure proper acetyl coa synthesis (already or in the future) are inosine, ribose, cysteine, and pantothenic acid. Plenty of phosphorus is in my nectar of gaia product. The picture above shows this pathway.

Now I want to focus on one role of acetyl coa; making N acetyl glucosamine. We have all heard of glucosamine and how people take it for joint health. Well I foresee very little benefit for that directly. Also chondroiton sulfate. Well chondroiton contains the liver toxin galactose (so does milk) so nuh-uh on that one. We do need galactose in small amounts but it can be made from glucose and mannose (which mannose will also be in restitution) so that base is covered. But what I wanted to say is that the sulfate is probably what is helping the most with joint health. Sulfur helps control the candida which is glycosylating cartilage and destroying it. Always better to get at the root cause and kill it (the root cause is always foreign invaders) before just trying to replace what the invaders deplete. The sulfur does that. Alright so anyway we do need something called n acetyl glucosamine not primarily for joint health, but just for many uses and just health in general. So it can be made from glucose but it is a complex pathway and very slow. Supplementing with glucosamine can help. The "amine" comes from glutamine so that amino acid will help convert glucose to glucosamine. However it is pretty easy to supplement with glucosamine anyway. So when we do that the ultimate goal is to make NAG (n acetyl glucosamine) so you can guess we need an acetyl to add. Well tada! That comes from acetyl coa.

NAG best secret use is going to be as an anti-allergen. That is because candida has this in it's cell wall; so to take it will desensitize the immune system to it, and I believe candida is the biggest allergen of them all. Also along with the super important glucuronic acid (made from inositol which is in Restitution) makes up hyaluronan which is connective tissue in the brain and skin. Promotes youthfulness.

There we have it. In summary the ingredients I talked about were ribose, phosphorus, B5, inosine, inositol, glucosamine and cysteine. Click the health remedies tab above to see awesome products that contain these compounds.