Where are the aborted fetus organ tissues really going or being used for?

What is really happening to or what are they doing with these harvested dead babies body parts?

I am a former scientist and used to be one of the best primary cell culturists in the world. My specialty was harvesting and growing organ cells of newborn and fetal chickens, quails, mice, and rats. Watching the planned parenthood video's brought back many memories, it was exactly what I did and exactly what I was used to seeing and looking at.

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Naturally I was interested in where all these fetal "tissues" from planned parenthood were going, especially because some of the video's talked about "government level" collections and how they had to always get as many liver's as possible. So immediatly I thought these were going straight into vaccines. Well I was right but there was hurdle to overcome to figure that out. The cells are laundered so even scientists doing the research wouldn't know where they were coming from.

So we are told human cells used in vaccines and other purposes are "immortalized from a donor many years ago". Well lets break this claim down. First they say it is from a single donor. This is something scientists don't think about and just believe because the cells come from an official cell standard company. However when you get immortalized cells you know you can only let them divide a certain amount of times before they no longer work for experiments. This is known as "passage number", which once it gets to around 5-10 splittings they are worthless. So how could these cells be maintained forever unlimited amount by these cell standard companies? You can't split the cells originally obtained from a patient and get an unlimited amount of cells. You would have to keep letting them divide to keep stocks up. But once they divide a few times they are no longer useful.

So what is really going on? They keep adding fetal cells from abortions into the government stock. This keeps the cells fresh and allows for more dividing. With unlimited aborted fetal cells from planned parenthood being added to the stock, the cell culture will last forever. This type of "sweetening the pot" and adding new cells to a culture and claiming it is still the original culture has been proven to occur before in science. One person who claimed to have kept a cell culture alive for years later it came out he instructed his technicians to keep adding fresh cells.

These cell lines are claimed to be used in vaccines. Without these cells vaccines, in their current sadistic form, would not be possible. All other uses of these cells are trivial compared to the sheer volume used for vaccines.

However I think they have gotten even more lax and sloppy than that. Why go through all the trouble of separating the liver cells and dispersing the cells and add it to a cell culture to then be used for vaccines? Thats too much unnecessary work and they just keep that wording for legal purposes. What I believe they really do is take these aborted fetus', most likely whole, blend them up and add viruses and let them rot. Or a friendler term would be "incubate with the virus". Then to stop the rotting after a few days they blend in formaldehyde and mercury, strain out the baby bits, and that is your vaccine. So infants are being injected with their infected dead baby "would have been playmates" and carcinogenic chemicals. Makes sense. Truly sick that they are injecting the living with their murdered peers.

We need to call for not only a congressional investigation into planned parenthood, but also into the vaccine manufacturers themselves.  There needs to be testing to see if any new fetal cells are added to ther vaccine cultures; and how exactly, in practice, vaccines are made.  We CANNOT just take their word for it.







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