The Human Element: The future of business

We have had a couple hundred year, maybe longer, experiment on eliminating the need for humans. We have been designing humans out of systems and automating things and programming them instead.

From NatureHacker blog

Why has it been a goal to eliminate the need for other humans? I have noticed it in myself too. Often I try to design things so they "work on their own" with no thought or human input required.

Well its because we are lazy. We want to make it so we don't have to think or get other people involved. The goal seems to be to sit on our butts and have trees (actually robots) drop food in our lap.

Well this paradigm is coming to a crashing end. The age of enslaving half the world while the other half lives the high life is over. Maybe globalization was good because it ended the disparity. Now in order to stay afloat we have to really create excellent products and services that really work, and automated trash doesn't cut it. The human element is what will improve products and services and those who leave automation behind and incorporate the human element will be the ones who gain a competitive edge and ultimately will take over the markets. In other words the shift is coming and the only question is who will adopt it first to be at the top of the new age.

What do I mean by the human element? What does it look like to leave behind automation and protocol? Well it is a brave new world where thought will actually be valuable. Take teaching for example. Instead of making curriculum and standardized tests to force teachers to teach a certain way, schools that adopt the human element will hire sharp teachers that actually have knowledge and wisdom to teach and let them have free reign and teach students and test their progress any way that they feel is best. To capture the human element you have to give people creative freedom. In another example instead of google making a giant code of factors and rankings on how it organizes search results, actually hire people to look at the websites and make human judgments about the search results. Throwing everything through a program is always going to miss things that the human intellect could understand or do better.

How do we incorporate the human element in our everyday business? The answer to that is get other humans involved. Need someone for a position in your company? Hire someone who is creative and can think outside the box and give them creative freedom to solve problems. Instead of trying to automate things try to get people involved in making the decisions. A push for increasing the minimum wage is a push to increase automation, but to get around this we can volunteer and barter our time and services.

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