The hidden causes of leaky gut and allergies

Leaky gut is a great unofficial term to describe an epidemic that is hitting the world and especially America. I believe that a trifecta of factors are involved to create this organized and designed gut health attack.
The first and most basic part of this story is candida yeast. Ever have hunger pain when you wake up and just have to eat something so your "stomach doesn't eat itself?" Well you may be more right than you think. When candida runs out of food source in the stomach over the night, it changes from a spherical cell free yeast into an invasive fungus that burrows into the stomach. From the stomach it can easily move straight to the spleen and liver causing insomnia, allergies, immune dysfunction, etc. But that is a tangent from what we are talking about. The fungus destroys the lining of the stomach by burrowing in and this causes damage and therefore allows undigested proteins to be exposed to the blood, of which the immune system mounts an attack and allergies ensue.

That is what I have believed leaky gut was for a couple years now. However just recently I stumbled across two more factors that I feel play a monumental role in this epidemic. These are crystalline cellulose and Bt toxin.
Crystalline cellulose is used in processed foods but mostly in tablets. These micro crystals compact the drug like porcupine spines and is how tablets stick together so well. In case you don't believe that entirely, disturbingly this crystalline cellulose is also used to "enhance absorption" of the drugs. Think about what that means for a second. How do you suppose these crystalline shards are "enhancing absorption"? I will leave that up to your imagination. Please stay far away from this ingredient.

The third one here is even more spooky than the previous two, if that were at all possible. This toxin is called Bt for the name of bacteria that creates it. It is the DNA plasmid that is basically particle accelerated into GMO seeds. Freaky. But the illegality of GMO labeling so it is impossible to know what foods to stay away from isn't even the worst part. The worst part is that these Bt bacteria have been sprayed on ORGANIC crops for over 40 years. This bacteria contains the rare and incredibly dangerous delta-endotoxins.
"During spore formation the bacteria produce crystals of this protein. When an insect (or human) ingests these proteins, they are activated by proteolytic cleavage. The N-terminus is cleaved in all of the proteins and a C-terminal extension is cleaved in some members. Once activated, the endotoxin binds to the gut epithelium and causes cell lysis by the formation of cation-selective channels, which leads to death. The activated region of the delta toxin is composed of three distinct structural domains: an N-terminal helical bundle domain (IPR005639) involved in membrane insertion and pore formation; a beta-sheet central domain involved in receptor binding; and a C-terminal beta-sandwich domain (IPR005638) that interacts with the N-terminal domain to form a channel.[2][3][4][5]"

There you have it. That Bt toxicity mechanism is a perfect mirror of the issue "leaky gut". Luckily organic foods don't have the Bt toxins inside them ike the GMO's, they are on the surface so it is possible to remove them, most likely with soap type washed like plant saponins since they are gram positive bactieria. In addition to that taking activated charcoal while you eat the organic food should help bind up the endotoxin in the stomach in case you are eating powdered organic vegetables that are therefore unwashable. Also the charcoal will help remove chemical toxins from conventional crops or gmo's as well. Thanks for listening. Please share and check out the "health remedies" button above for some of the most cutting edge products available

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