Riboflavin B2: The Play-Maker Nutrient Vitamin

I am going to be doing a series on every essential or 'beneficial to add' nutrients and break down what they do and how much we need.

riboflavin b2 b-2 vitamin structure picture
From NatureHacker blog

The first nutrient I am going to talk about may be my favorite; I see this as the point-guard nutrient. Riboflavin B2. This is the Jason Kidd or the Steve Nash or Tim Tebow of the nutrient world. Its a play-maker and a shot-caller. It's what turns your pee neon yellow and is essential to make other nutrients active.

How much do we need? The daily requirement to prevent deficiency is only 1.5 mg per day. Stress, hypothyroidism, and adrenal fatigue put you at risk of deficiency.

Some signs of deficiency include red tongue, chapped cracked lips, oily scaly rash on scrotum or vulva, sore throat, inflammation of the corners of the mouth, dermatitis, hair loss, eye issues, ect.

Some good food sources:

Steak 0.7mg/3oz
Fish 0.5mg/3oz
Pork 0.4mg/3oz
Mushroom 0.35mg/cup
Cheese or Almonds 0.3mg/oz
Eggs 0.25mg/egg
Spinach 0.2mg/.5 cup cooked

It is quite safe up to around 500mg per day. It seems like most of the benefits can be had at 100mg a day or less, and 100mg is a common supplemented dose.

So what does it do? It does a lot of various things. It makes up FAD which is a very ubiquitous nutrient/enzyme that catalyzes many important reactions in the body. For example it converts B6 to its active form; converts tryptophan to B3; is necessary in the breakdown of fats, proteins, carbs, and sugars; electron transport for producing energy; converts vitamin A to its active form, Converts folate to it's active form, regenerates glutathione, boosts iron...did I mention it does everything?

Well maybe it doesn't do everything. Maybe it does nothing at all. But that is the hallmark of a true point-man. You work behind the scenes to make it all function and give the glory to others instead. Riboflavin is a true gentleman with a powerful hand.

Pocket Aces.

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