Google's "Mobile Friendly" is really "Mobile Nulification" censorship conspiracy

Today I google my site "NatureHacker Products" to begin to write an article on aborted baby parts being used in vaccines. However my site never came up. It turns out my site is not "Mobile Friendly" so when I search with my smartphone Google is very caring and doesn't let me see my god-forsaken mobile wasteland of a site.

From NatureHacker blog

Now that is kind of odd. Why? Well for one I don't have a computer. Thats right not only do I view my site all day everyday from my phone, but I also created my site on my phone. So I think I should know a thing or two about how it works on a phone. However google's robots know better than me, of course.

Now the psychopaths in charge would never create a problem without having a ready made solution that traps you in their agenda. Google is blackmailing me to adopt their "mobile friendly" version of my site and if I don't comply then I am literally blacklisted from 60% of my site visitors; mobile. Well as someone who doesn't have access to a computer knows, "mobile friendly sites" are really mobile hell. You can't see everything on the site, navigation is impossible, and did I mention you can't access all the site has to offer?

So what really is going on here? I spent weeks designing my site to work excellently for mobile yet google said that it's their way or the highway. Why would google take such drastic measures to force everyone to host mobile sites in the exact same way? Why do they blacklist any developers who can achieve the goal of mobile usability but in a way that keeps all functionality?

The answer to that question is that they don't want you to use mobile. Google is afraid of mobile. They don't want the mobile experience to be a good one. It is Orwellian doublespeak. "Mobile friendly" is code for "Mobile unfriendly". They want you to have to use a desktop to access all the content of the web. And google thinks it owns the web.

So there you have it. Google wants you to be forced to buy a desktop computer. Google does not want you to be able to do everything from mobile. Google sees more and more people are dropping desktops like land lines and they are very afraid. If people all use mobile for everything it threatens half of googles cash cow products. A multi billion dollar empire like google can't survive on mobile alone. Google makes most of its money on search result ads. Do a google search on your smartphone and see how many ads you get. Now do the search on a desktop. Count the ads. Make sense yet? Google can't make half as much money from mobile searches.

Sure you could say "Don't be so dramatic, you can host a mobile site and if people want to see the full site they could just click "view web version"". Thats true but how annoying is it to find that button? Also on my site, which is hosted by google blogger, sure I could click that button, but as soon as I navigate off the main site page it goes right back to the mobile version. So I have to keep re clicking the "view desktop" over and over again while just going through the same site! That is totally unacceptable. It is sad and sickening that my desire to make my site as mobile friendly as possible has landed me on a google blacklist for mobile users.

I refuse to make my site worse in order to bend over to google's evil plan to nullify the mobile threat. It just shows what kind of world we live in when one company can achieve a monopoly like google has and then turn around and use it to force their own profit whoring sinister agenda. Boycott google. Use yahoo or bing or better yet Gibiru who have not sold out to profit...yet.

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