Essential Metals for Human Health

We all know that we need to eat enough calories, protein, calcium, and fruits and vegetables. But is doing that really enough? GMO farmers put much more thought than that for what they feed their vile mutant plants. Are you really that lax about your complex body that you are responsible for? I hope not.

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So besides the basic minerals like nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, etc. what trace metals do we need? Well I'm glad you asked because I spent hours answering that same question for myself.

I have a product named "Nectar of Gaia" that contains many of these.

Here is the list with RDA's or estimated requirements:

boron 10mg~
manganese 2.3mg
zinc 11mg
iron 18mg
germanium 3mg
copper 0.9mg
iodine 0.15mg
vanadium 0.1mg
silica 25mg
lithium 1mg

molybdenum 50ug
cobalt 20ug
chromium 35ug
selenium 55ug

So that is the list but now what? Well knowing is half the battle. It is important to prioritize which are the most important since it is difficult to get all of them at once (until I develop a product with all of them).

I am going to give a little breakdown on how these minerals fit into the big picture.

Metals important to fighting candida and detox are boron, zinc, germanium, copper, iodine, silica, molybdenum, chromium, and selenium. All of these minerals either directly inhibit candida or gear up the immune system to fight it. The most important in this group are zinc, selenium, iodine, silica, and boron.

Metals important to energy production are manganese, iron, vanadium, and cobalt.

The only metal missing from those 2 groups is lithium which buffers sodium's reactive effect and it lowers blood pressure.

Well there you have it. 14 trace metals that are very important that you get. Make sure you check out Nectar of Gaia and get some of the most important minerals in their most bioavailable ionic form.

And just for the sake of completeness, here are some other potential necessary metals but we most likely get too much already and these metals are toxic.


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