Electrochemical metallo-schiff transducers ECMT's biological energy production

If you have read my ebook "the NatureHacker's guide to the body" you would know that I think the proposition that oxygen creates energy in the body is laughable. What is really producing energy are these ECMT's. Most of the time it seems these metal complexes use acid-base or oxy-reduction pathways to produce electricity in the form of electron excitation of the metal ion. This electron excitation is stored in the ECMT and is used to phosphorylate ATP or the like to create energy in the body. What does this mean? Get these minerals like iron, cobalt (b-12), and manganese in order to create energy in the body and cure chronic fatigue.  Here are some examples of the pancake type ECMT's used to create bio-energy.

Heme iron

Vitamin B-12

Hypericin from st. johns wort.  It converts light energy into acidity and thus kills microbes.

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