Colloidal ionic nano silver is a dangerous heavy metal like lead and mercury

People have talked to me in the past and are excited to recommend that I learn about and make colloidal silver.  It sounds like something right up my alley to do since I am big into natural medicine and engineering.  Well I have made colloidal silver and even colloidal gold.  Well I took my colloidal silver for several days about a year and a half ago.  I started getting rashes and itchiness.  So naturally this lead me to do some research to see what was going on.  And it is pretty common knowledge that people can easily become sensitized to silver.  Some say this is from impurities in non sterling silver.  Well the silver that I used was a 99.999% pure uncirculated brand new coin.  So it obviously wasn't nickel or whatnot in my silver.  So I did some digging and it turns out that silver 1. has no beneficial or natural role in the body and 2. silver is a quite toxic, bio accumulative, and immune suppressing toxin. Well that was pretty shocking to me.  In literally seconds I went from pursuing a hot product to sell to being left with  nothing.

Silver in its every form is dissolved into an ionic solution in the stomach or in cells and becomes very reactive and hence toxic.  It has been shown that silver strongly depresses glutathione activity in rats.  When rats were on silver for a few months their glutathione was reduced 20x from where it was before.  This is an extremely potent destroyer of the immune system since glutathione is the heart of the immune system.  And its effects last months, years, even indefinitely.  It takes a lot to get this silver, not to mention lead and mercury, out of the body.   Why knowingly, intentionally, and voluntarily take large amounts of a heavy metal while in the same breath you speak out about lead and mercury in food and vaccines?  How can that make any sense?  We have all been duped with silver.  They tell us how it was an ancient remedy.  Ya well dumping waste in the streets and giving people leaches and treating people with mercury were also ancient things, all of these things straight out of a side-show are the ancestor of modern medicine and big pharma.  These corporations got their start with selling mercury and leeches!  The natural doctors like the homeopaths and eclectics were AGAINST all of these "old" practices!  Just because it is old doesn't mean it is right.  The devil has been around since the beginning.

Something that no silver shill can argue with (altough I welcome them to try!) is that the eclectics and other natural practitioners are concerned with restoring proper biology and supplementing necessary nutrients while the allopaths (big pharma and mainstream medicine) are concerned with creating synthetic biology.  If they had their will we would be somehow zombies composed of mercury, aluminum, silver, flouride, bromide, radium, and use benzo's instead of gaba, and metformin instead of insulin, and prozac instead of seritonin...do I need to go on?  It's sick, people. Silver is straight disinfo and it is the reincarnation for the 21st century what mercury was for the 20th century.  Don't fall for it!  I promise you that if you do you will sooner or later figure out your mistake; and knowing how persistent silver is in the body, it may be too late.  Get my restitution product on my health remedies page and some lugol's iodine to work on removing silver and other heavy metals from the body.  Please take some time and click through or at least save these references proving that silver is incredibly dangerous and is being used by the elite to weaken us.


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