TEEF Remineralization and cleaning powder

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TEEF 2.0 Ingredients List

It is a more user friendly product and something you can give as a gift. There will be more active development on 2.0 (still I will be improving regular teef too) and I prioritize whiteness and taste in 2.0 design. It actually tastes pretty good and comes in a small glass jar plastic bag of 70g.

**Changes are here!  Interesting success making TTCPP (Tetracalcium phosphate peroxide) and it is now standard in TEEF!  Quercetin is now removed because the peroxide will kill the type of bacteria quercetin did (anaerobic).  May also improve teeth whiteness, up to you to test.**

 Serving size is 1/16th to 1/8 tsp

20g TEEF Powder $7.00

70g TEEF powder $11.00

Will look yellow as you brush, this is from quercetin, an antioxidant I'm adding to kill s. mutans, a bacteria that causes tooth decay.  Also plant saponins added to kill germs so there will be a bitter taste now.

Instructions:  What I do is have a small bag at my sink then moisten my brush and knock the water off and dip the brush in the powder.  Brush top teeth (or bottom) then rinse brush off, knock water off, and redip brush into the powder and brush the bottom teeth.  If you do this method it should have plenty of cleaning power to get all plaque off and keep it off.

TTCPP peroxide made by first mixing 52.7g calcium hydroxide food grade with 221g tricalcium phosphate and melting with an hho torch to make a tan looking chunks.  (to best do this mix the tcp and caoh with water into a paste and spread very thinly on a glass baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for roughly a half hour untill fully dry.  Break this sheet into pieces and melt these pieces with the hho torch. so you don't break the glass under the pieces when torching, put a thick layer of wetted powder under the pieces you are torching.) These chunks are ground with a large coors mortar and pestle.  This powder is mixed with 35% hydrogen peroxide in a cool water bath to prevent overheating for a day.  Thenpoured into a large evaporating dish and a fan blown over it untill dry.  This is reground in the mortar and pestle into a fine powder.

Making this now with an HHO torch! Water bieng split into hydrogen and oxygen which fuel the flame to create tetracalcium phosphate from food grade calcium hydroxide (lime) and food grade tricalcium phosphate.

This product was specifically designed to not only clean teeth and remove/prevent plaque buildup, but also to be the best teeth remineralization product on the market. Teeth are made of hydroxyapatite and the body can remineralize them through the saliva but fluoride prevents this natural process from occuring. In addition to that this product turbocharges the process by delivering the teeth remineralization products directly to the teeth and into any imperfections in the teeth. It also serves to alkalize the saliva to help the process. Enamel is made out of hydroxyapatite and enamelins. This product provides the 3:1 molar ratio of dicalcium phosphate and tetracalcium phosphate to make hydroxyapatite. It also provides the main amino acid components in their proper ratio's to form the enamelin protein. Enamelins make up 2-5% of enamel weight. 
Current ingredients:

454 g TCP food grade
10g DCP food grade
8g glutamic acid food grade
4g aspartic acid food grade
10g gynostemma extract
4g Ginger extract
4g Broccoli Sprout Extract
3g Garlic extract
3g Tribulis terrestris extract
3g berberine
10 drops clove essential oil
10 drops cinnamon essential oil

The herbs are critical to prevent teeth sensitivity, bacteria growing in the gums and in teeth crevices, etc.

OLD Ingredients:
454g tricalcium phosphate food grade
27g tetracalcium phosphate
10g glutamic acid food grade
5g aspartic acid food grade
3g Quercetin
3g tribulus terrestrus
10g gynostemma
3g berberine

OLD 2 teef recipie

454 tcp
33.7 caoh
14.78 glutamic
7.4 aspartic
27.7 casi
3 quercetin
2 resveratrol
3 trib
10 gyno
3 berberine

Please see my other items to find other products to also support tooth formation.  11/8/15 4% DE and 1% sodium silicate were taken out and replaced with 5% calcium silicate which is gentler and more effective silica source than DE and NaSiO4.