SADC6 Super Advanced Detox Cleanse (Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth,Quercetin, Saponins, Rhodiola)

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**Important- this product is no longer for sale and will be replaced by harmony in the future**

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50 capsules (28g powder) $7.00

This is turning into a very high powered and expensive "extract only" mix, but I decided to keep the price of this artificially low like it was when it was only activated charcoal, DE, and tribulus terrestris.  Why?  Because I believe this product can change the world.  Consider the price my good deed ;).

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**It may feel crazy if you inhale some or get dust in your eyes.  That is just ginger extract powder and its harmless.**

The serving size of this is anywhere from 1 capsule (2/5 tsp, 0.6g) to 2 tsp of bulk powder (3.3g) For slight cleaning or maintenance 2 capsules a day (1.2g) would be good. Together or spaced, with meals or between. Some people may actually benefit from taking it during meals by reduced reflux, reduced coughing, and reduced allergic agitation since broccoli sprout will supress h pylori. The reason this is an advanced cleanse is that it was designed to naturally and safely kill and clean out ALL bacteria and yeast and therefore virus from the intestinal tract.  Doing this will cause enormous benefits like incredible resistance against flu and other virus', boosted sex hormone levels, fat loss, no gas, no bloating, and and non-smelling BM's; but also come at the "cost" of a more fragile intestinal ecosystem.  For example without other bacteria present things like salmonella can become more dangerous.  The solution is to either keep taking this product almost daily (as it will kill salmonella itself), or if you want to stop taking it add in probiotics to re-colonize your intestines.  This product can also be taken with probiotics if desired.  

Ingredients SADC6 by weight:

400g 11/29/16


120g 30% DiatomaceousEarth -gneg
20g 5% Tribulis-gpos
20g 5% Rhodiola -Hpylori
20g 5% Garlic -TB 
40g 10% Gynostemma -clostridium
20g 5% Pomegranate -clostridium
60g 15% BroccoliSprouts -Hpylori
40g 10% Quercetin -hpylori
60g 15% Ginger -campylo and h pylori
20g 5% Cinnamon -anaerobes


5% Chamomile coming campylobacter

Removed vitamin C and green tea.  Rebalanced and simplified formula. added chamomile to help eliminate campylobacter and cinnamon for anaerobics.

oct 2016
removed charcoal replaced with quercetin.

Removed histidine and cysteine and moved to new product envirotox coming soon.  Added ginger to kill campylobacter.

Permaguard food grade diatomaceous earth;  Desiccates the intestines to kill gram negative bacteria such as ecoli and salmonella.  Also seems active against the yeast that cause hunger pangs.  

Hardwood Activated charcoal.  This mops up the toxins that the bacteria release when they die predominantly LPS (endotoxin).  Prevents stressful "detox reaction."

Tribulus terrestris 90% extract powder; Natural saponins kill gram positive bacteria like c. dificile and staph. This will detox the gut completely without any herxheimer (die-off) reaction.  

Rhodiola extract; this was added to kill off h. pylori in the stomach.  Works really well.

Garlic Extract:  Garlic is the bane of tuberculosis.  Though you might think TB is only in the lungs, actually a form of TB is what causes chrones disease in the gut.

Gynostemma extract:  Gynostemma is a powerful adaptogen but it also works well it seems to fight the very resistant gut microbe Clostridium Difficile.

Green Tea Extract:  Green Tea has also been shown to fight C. Diff

Broccoli sprout extract: The sulforophane is a good method of killing the resistant bacteria H. Pylori.

Resveratrol and quercetin:  These potent antioxidants help rid the body of H. Pylori.

Suggested dose is 1-3 tsp a day (about 1.7g per tsp) between meals or while eating and/or whenever there is stomach pain from bad food ect.  If you take this regularly it was designed to prevent any type of flu or any casually contageous virus like H1N1, Ebola, Polio, ect. new research shows published in the journal Nature.  This is your all natural all inclusive vaccination.  Will store indefinitely.