SSKI saturated solution potassium iodide

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 I currently don't sell this, just buy 99.99% pure ACS potassium iodide crystals and follow the recipe below

2g potassium iodide powder- $2.86

1oz SSKI (30g dissolved powder)- $17.14

White iodine 1oz (3g dissolved powder)- $10

SSKI is saturated solution potassium iodide. It is 100%; 1g/mL.  50mg/drop. White iodine is great for applying to the scalp to reverse hairloss and is 10% potassium iodide. SSKI Contains about 231 servings of the amount required for protection from a nucleur meltdown (130mg/day).Uses 99.99% ACS grade KI, better than USP, pharmecutical, or food grade. These other grades allow more heavy metal contaminants than ACS grade does. Make sure you get only the best.The only super pure saturated solution KI online period. No extra powder is added to my product bottles; this is a gimmick.  Each bottle made fresh to order. The best SSKI available anywhere for any price! Don't settle for less!