Selenium tincture 333mcg (ug) per drop

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No longer selling this put see recipe below.  You can get pure selenium on ebay or alibaba.
1 oz (600 servings) $8.57

You can look up selenium and learn all about the amazing things that this trace metal is useful for but the main things in my mind are boosting the immune system and wound healing, and also supporting the thyroid. Selenium is required in the white blood cell's toolbag and when there isn't enough of it the WBC's can't do their job. Also it is an integral part of the glutathione story forming glutathione peroxidase which is a potent antioxidant. This same role as an antioxidant protects the thyroid from excessive iodine. So taking selenium and high doses of iodine together is excellent. Selenium can be dangerous in high levels because it uses up a lot of the bodies methylation ability in order to make it safe. In order to take over 400mcg a day you need to support the bodies methylation pathway by eating a lot of methionine, phosphate, and magnesium. I take up to 10mg a day sometimes when I am taking SAM-e or eating lots of methionine in order to detox my body and get my selenium levels to where they should be.

How its made:
New Version: 9/29/15
0.2 g 99.99% pure selenium metal dissolved directly in dilute food grade nitric acid. This forms a very clean and pure selenous acid.  This is the most safe soluble form of inorganic selenium.  You will not find this pure of nitric acid anywhere else, it has been distilled and never touched anything besides glass! Volume adjusted to 30mL with a resulting concentration of 333 ug/drop.

Old method: Still works but is convoluted and difficult to store. But if you don't have access to food grade nitric acid it is a great way
Dissolve 99.99% pure selenium metal in distilled water with NaOH food grade. Add sodium percarbonate food grade to oxidize and turn the color from brown to clear. Neutralize with food grade phosphoric or food grade hydrochloric acid, make slightly acidic to preserve.