Sea of Glass Soap

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1 bar- $7.14
2 bars- $12.86
4 bars - $21.43

**Unfortunaly can no longer make this, constantly broke my glass beakers I used to make it, I feel the recipie has been perfected though so feel free to make it**


**Currently is grey colored from activated charcoal added.  One person allergic to olive oil was allergic to this soap so I added activated charcoal to hopefully to negate any possible allergy**

This is the soap you have always dreamed of but pinched yourself to wake up because you didn't think it was possible. A bar of soap that you can use on your face without drying it out at all, practically lasts forever, cheap enough to use on your whole body - even your hair in a pinch (in conjunction with lemon juice or vinegar since this is alkaline), floats, no scents or artificial ingredients, its a dream realized.


122 g NaOH
15g ZnO
1 cup food grade DE
27.6oz lauric acid
4.4 oz oleic acid or olive oil
little bit of raw wool pulled into small stringy pieces

Put 122 g NaOH in a glass beaker.  Add water until it reaches the 250 mL mark. Add 15g of ZnO and mix well until it is all dissolved.  Add 1 cup food grade diatomaceous earth and stir to get rid of lumps.  Put this in the freezer to cool (but don't let it freeze).

Melt 27.6 oz lauric acid in a 4L glass beaker.  Measure out 4.4 ounces oleic acid and mix into that 2 tablespoons activated charcoal.  Pour the oleic acid with charcoal into the lauric acid.  Mix until everything is melted then turn off the heat.

Pour the brownish NaOH DE liquid mix into the 4 liter beaker with the melted fat and stir well.  Keep the heat off as it will create its own heat.  Keep stirring.  Make sure you are wearing gloves because hot soap can splash out. It will start "drying out" and getting firmer.  At this point you can take a little bit and get it wet and test the pH with a pH strip. It should be around 7.5.  Turn the heat back on and using a big wooden spoon keep mashing it around as best as possible.  Take a little bit of raw wool and pull very small pieces off and place in the soap and mix them in by mashing it around.  This will help improve the strength of the bar.  Once it gets quite firm scoop out and place in soap mold making sure to push down and around so it fills in every crevice.

Lauric and Oleic what I feel are the best fats possible for soap making. Makes very hard and long lasting gentle bars.   Diatomaceous earth was added in substantial amounts so excess lye would react with it to give soluble silica and thereby the most nourishing an sleek soap in the world bar none for any price. The silica especially also acts as an all natural sunscreen that blocks harmful UV while allowing the wavelength that produces vitamin D

11/6/15 after current orders fulfilled changed recipe to no longer have chaparral or fulvic acid or added sodium silicate (although sodium silicate is formed from excess lye and diatomaceous earth) because of potential allergy issues and gentleness concerns. Also added oleic acid to help the bar sud better and be a little less water resistant.

Increased lauric decreased oleic acid.  Added 2 tbsp charcoal.  Added little bits of wool to increase strength.  Increased lye to 122g.