Soluble silica silicic acid silicate liquid concentrated 1oz

**Sadly I have to pull this product until I can find an ultra pure and ultra finely ground source of silica.  Diaomaceous earth just has too much aluminum in it in order to do an acid/base extraction.  If you take food grade diatomaceous earth make sure it is on an empty stomach and preferably with a base like potassium bicarbonate.  Excess aluminum is chelated from the body (same method as chelating fluoride) using citric acid or potassium citrate.**

Soluble silica benefits hair, skin, nails, connective tissue, teeth, and bones. It also has a strong negative charge to inactivate microbial adhesion. Contains roughly 1 mg fully bioavailable silica per drop. 600 drops per bottle. Recommended serving: 10 drops

Soluble silica 1oz-$8.57

This is a brand new never been done before synthesis of silicic acid using only food grade pickling lime, food grade diatomaceous earth, and food grade phosphoric acid. It is believed that silica can only be made soluble via a lye process (sodium hydroxide). Well I am here to prove otherwise. My method uses calcium hydroxide (pickling lime) mixed with diatomaceous earth 2:1 mole ratio at 100 celcius in distilled water to create calcium silicate which is insoluble. Then I use food grade phosphoric acid to dissolve the calcium silicate into calcium and silica ions. This creates a totally novel clear product that only contains silica, phosphorus, and calcium; the trifecta for bone health. This product is acidic like vinegar so should be shelf stable for quite a while but refrigerate if not being used within a few weeks. Also because of it's acidic nature it makes a perfect bioavailability enhancer for other minerals like magnesium and zinc.

Professional recipe:
started 11/16/15

56g Calcium Hydroxide food grade
30g Diatomaceous Earth Food grade
Boil in ~500mL distilled water for a couple hours
Add distilled water to 400mL if water dropped below that
Slowly add 294mL Phosphoric acid food grade
Stir and heat until dissolved
Vacuum filter
Yield 500 mL

small scale recipie:
1 tbsp (6.8g) food grade CaOH
1 tbsp (3.4g) food grade diatomaceous earth (perma-guard)
100 mL water
Boil several minutes while stirring
Let cool to room temp
Add 2 tbsp (30mL) (use plastic, glass or ceramic; never use metal even stainless steel with acid) 85% food grade phosphoric acid, stir well.
Let settle 1 hour+ or centrifuge
decant clear liquid which is the product

Feel free to make this yourself and/or even sell it. If you don't have the time or resources I hope you will find my price well worth the money.


  1. Thank you for your formulations. I started my D.E. journey by using your formula (D.E.& activated charcoal). I also purchased another batch of earth, and I must say that your product is superior by far!!! I just ordered more & I am also purchasing the soluble silica as well. You have a customer for as long as you are in business. Thank you!!!#

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  2. Great, thanks so much! Ya I feel like we are in a new age where people aren't going to take too kindly to "proprietary" formulations and all that greed. I really appreciate your support!

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  5. Why didn't you add "removes aluminum from the body and the brain" (Alzheimer, Autism).

  6. http://www.h4sio4.co.th/index.php/2011-10-25-09-19-21.html

    Production process "Silicon Acid Fertilizer"

    How coarse elements can be transformed into fine elements for plant absorption:
    Take the mineral (SiO2 + Au) containing silica by 95% and gold by 2.99 ppm.
    Perform heat operation by burning the substance at 1,500 oC.
    Followed by spraying the product with phosphoric acid (H3PO4) in order to gain silicon acid (orthosilicic, H4SiO4) which is a finer element that can be immediately absorbed by plants.

  7. You can use fumed Silica as "ultra pure and ultra finely ground source of silica". It is very pure (99,8 SIO2).

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