Who is the NatureHacker?

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Welcome to the NatureHacker community!
 My contact info along with my book "The NatureHacker's Guide to the Body" and monthly subscriber info is in the "Shipping and Extras" section. Also don't miss the forum, a great place to interact with me and others in the community.

First I want to clear up the name. People sometimes have a negative reaction to the word "hacker" and think I am someone who wants to exploit and destroy nature. That couldn't be further from the truth. What the real definition of hacker is, is someone who has fun and plays to learn. Playing is natures method of learning. Hacking in this context means to fully grasp or understand through playful interaction. In this way hacking also means to gain a hidden understanding, to "see beyond the code". To be able to read the code of nature and understand exactly how and why everything works the way it does. Healing can only be accomplished through a thorough understanding of how nature functions and what rules she follows and she imposes. Trying to go against these rules will get us nowhere so we need to discover what those rules are in order to fix the problems with ourselves and with our interactions with the world.  I took on the name NatureHacker originally to remember Aaron Swartz, an excellent example of an altruistic idealistic person who was a master at his craft and met a very untimely death.  His memory will always live on.

 So who am I? Well I am a polymath, which means a renaissance man. My interests are very similar to a man that lived in ancient Egypt known as Imhotep by the Egyptians and Joseph by the Hebrews. Basically my interests are in all sciences especially the basic sciences Chemistry and Physics (the only sciences that exist imo). Chemistry is a study of cement (opposites react) and Physics is the science of spinning (motion, moving electrons, etc). So those are my interests. I am particularly interested in how both Chemistry and Physics apply to the body and biology as a whole. So medicine is a huge interest of mine. I have Bachelor of Science degrees in Nutrition with a chemistry minor, and Mechanical Engineering (which basically has a physics minor). So that is my formal education but that is the tip of the iceberg because I take my informal education much more seriously. I have read thousands of scientific papers over the years in my free-time. Some people like reading fantasy or mystery books, I read textbooks and scientific journals for fun.  Right now I am studying for my informal PhD in Nutritional Chemistry.  Also after I completed my Nutrition degree I worked at the University of Arizona for 5 years in Molecular Biology. I think anyone would have a hard time saying I haven't mastered science in general.

 Like any healer my quest was begun by having problems with my body that couldn't be solved. My healing journey is ongoing but primarily lasted 16 years until I really got a grasp on things and figured out exactly what my problems were and once you know that, solving it is easy and a downhill journey. So I am on that downhill now getting huge gains in health easily now that I know my issues. The good news is that almost everyone has basically the same issues. You can read more about that in my book that you can download here instantly. My superficial problems included chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, low testosterone, adrenal fatigue, low thyroid, gynecomastia, balding, difficulty loosing weight, difficulty building muscle, hunger pains, ADHD and OCD, and most importantly chronic debilitating insomnia. Most of these problems I have fully overcome and the others seem to be improving as well. Everything you need to have and to know to solve your problems are on this site and in my book. So stick around, communicate in the forum, and lets get your health issues cured once and for all!