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All assertions on this site are my sole opinion and do not imply that I have absolute knowledge or hidden info that I am pulling data from.  The only thing that is used is information found online and in books and the well tuned super computer in my head that is used for analysis and logical reasoning.

All chemicals used in the production of these products are food grade or made with high standards likely better than food grade except the soap, fulvic, and humic acid (of which grades don't currently exist). However these products are bieng sold for research use only.  The information presented in this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to give authoritative health instructions, rather my personal thoughts based on experience and my interpretation of the body of scientific research.  Any of my thoughts or writings should be considered experimental, minimally tested, containing risk, and just one of the many potential uses for the product.  I am not a licenced Medical Doctor.  Any decisions made based on the information contained herein is the full responsibility of the consumer. This page is not endorsed by the FDA and as such the FDA is not responsible for the products posted here. The products are not specifically intended for food or supplement use, officially they are intended for research use only. The consumer is responsible for determining themselves what suitable uses are for them and if the product fulfills their requirements for that use. No claims here are made about their suitability for any particular desired use. 

That said I appreciate people contacting me and am happy to tell you what I would personally do if I were in your situation. I am out here to make long lasting relationships, not just pitch to you my products. I know I will succeed only if I give you the best possible suggestions regardless whether or not I currently make or sell what could benefit you.

Have full confidence that any product you try will work for you. If you are dissatisfied for any reason please contact me, keep the item, and I will give you a full refund in store credit so that you can find something that works for you no questions asked. And if you let me know what dissatisfied you about the product and want to give me a shot to make it better, I can certainly fix any issues with the product and send you a fixed version free. No need to return anything. There is no time limit to this, I want you to be 100% happy with your NatureHacker Products experience.

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  1. I tend to react to most products would in your opinion your detox formula cause high levels of die off


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