Iodine Eyedrops


I no longer make these but feel free to make yourself

*Important! These eye-drops are for experts only and can easily get contaminated and dangerous. Upon arrival make sure the bulb is not firm or expanded as this signifies contamination. Also use sterile technique to administer here (using candle or alcohol lamp to flame dropper and bottle neck after use). Read carefully below*

These eyedrops were formulated to help the user keep good eye hygiene. Candida yeast, staph, and strep bacteria like to call the eye home, set up biofilms, and end up destroying the eye. These pathogens with their toxins cause pink eye, eye infections, glaucoma, cataracts, worsening vision, astigmatism, allergies, retinal problems, floaters, and dark circles under the eyes. These eyedrops if used regularly will help your body get rid of these invaders and keep them out.

This solution is sterile but un-preserved.  This means that it should be refrigerated after opening.  If you get any bacteria (like by touching the dropper to your eye and putting it back in the bottle) in it you will notice the sound of air escaping when you open it.  If this happens loosen the cap and cook on the stove until it gets near boiling.  This will kill the bacteria and turn them into an all natural vaccine to help stimulate the immune system to fight those types of bacteria.

You can actually MAKE a vaccine from scratch using this solution. Simply take a bit of saliva or whatnot from someone with a sickness you want a vaccine for, add a tiny bit of that sample to the eyedrop bottle, let it sit for a couple days, then cook it to boiling to inactivate the pathogens. All natural "Clean Vaccine"! Its perfect in eyedrops too because the eye is a great place to apply vaccines

2 drops 7% Lugol's iodine (I make)
0.25g Himalayan Sea Salt
5 drops silicic acid (I make)
1 drop sunflower lecithin
0.04g boric acid food grade (purified borax)
pH Neutral