Activated Charcoal Powder Hardwood

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**Unfortunately I will no longer be able to make this. It is breaking my beakers every-time I make it so I just can't do this cost effectively.**

20g- $4.50

70g- $9.00

Do you know where the other suppliers get theirs from and what process is used to make it? Neither do I (well actually I do; big rusty nasty heavy metal leeching metal drums). But activated charcoal is no mystery once you realize it is just charcoal with the minerals and volatiles removed and channels oxidized through it.  This can be done a number of ways since ultimately minerals are water soluble to some degree and oxidation is required to make the channels and increase surface area.

What I do is use food grade phosphoric acid (my favorite acid) in distilled water and boil the chunks of 100% whole hardwood charcoal for several hours in 100% glass (no metal or plastic ever) with potassium nitrate added as the oxidizer.  This removes the minerals creating micro and nano pore structure to greatly increase the absorptive capacity. Then I rinse well and neutralize with food grade sodium hydroxide (lye) in order to stop the oxidation and remove any remaining volatiles.  It is then steam dried and powdered then sifted through 60 micron mesh.

Activated charcoal is probably the most important thing you could take right up there with food grade diatomaceous earth. Check out my "Super Advanced Detox Cleanse" for a product that integrates both of these power players. Activated charcoal will make any food hypoallergenic! It is especially good at scrubbing hydrocarbons and benzene molecules like salicylates, phenols, toluene, ect from food, water, and your body in general! It has been shown in mainstream science that activated charcoal will reduce salicylates in the blood.

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