Nano Iron Supplement

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This product can be very dangerous and cause iron overload, use with caution and under good advice.

Ionic Iron 1.8mg/drop (60 daily value servings per bottle) 1oz- $11.43

Exactly 30 mL per bottle.  Sulfate free, hypoallergenic.  This is an ionic Iron supplement.  Over 33,000 ppm.  This is quite a unique product you probably won't find anywhere else.  Ionic means that it is fully dissolved and a clear liquid that is readily, rapidly, and fully absorbed by the body.  No more stomach pain from poorly absorbed supplements.  Iron is the energy mineral and chronic fatigue syndrome can very often be blamed on low iron.  Also helps those with the most common human mutation G6PD.  If you ever take too much iron, tea can bind it up in the body.
This product was formulated so that each drop contains 1.8 mg of actual iron, not just a iron compound.  10 drops a day would fulfil your entire nutritional requirement.  For treating chronic fatigue more may be helpful but I won't give any specific recommendations myself. Recipe used: 1g Iron metal powder 99.9%+ pure
15mL phosphoric acid food grade
Be warned ionic iron can darken your teeth!  However thankfully my TEEF powder will whiten them right back to normal.  Also this product is so concentrated you could put the drops in capsules and swallow it to protect your teeth from darkening.