Nectar of Gaia: Multi-Mineral Ionic Liquid

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I no longer sell this but you can make it according to the recipe below

A powerful, concentrated, 100% fully bio-available solution of Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Silica, Iron, Boron, and Iodine. 2 droppers full per day provides plenty of these minerals (but may be too much, start with a few drops).  RDA can't be accurately determined since the standard absorption of minerals is less than 10% whereas the absorption of these minerals is virtually 100%. I am not advocating taking this internally, but I do and if that is something you want to do considering every ingredient is food grade, then it should not be taken with food or soon after food as calcium and magnesium interfere with enzyme activity.

1 oz -$10
Important:  Do not take within an hour before or after eating!  Calcium and Magnesium inhibit digestive enzymes and will cause stomach ache and cramping if you take this with food.

Recipe: (roughly per dropper (1 mL) full ionic)

Calcium hydroxide 4.0g (13.3 mg)
Magnesium oxide 19.9g (66 mg)
Zinc oxide 1.87g (6.2 mg)
Silica 200 drops of NH sol. (0.6 mg)
Potassium iodide 1.96g (6.5 mg)
Boric acid 4.3g (14.3 mg)
Phosphoric acid 120 ml (0.4 mL)
finished volume 300-400mL
(everything is food grade or ACS purity)

Add the powders and stir into 200mL distilled water. Add  phosphoric acid slowly while stirring to dissolve powders. Add silica. add 40 drops SSKI slowly while stirring. Boil down to 350mL.

*If you notice slight lower back pain it means you got a bit too much calcium/silica too fast. Temporarily discontinue use and take a tsp of potassium bicarbonate or baking soda and it will stop in seconds. If you notice heart skipping a beat or chest pain it means you got a bit too much iron too fast and take vitamin c and especially tannins like grape seed extract to counteract that. I have tuned down silica calcium and iron so they shouldn't be too much but just in case I will leave this info here.

These elements are key and crucial for the body to fight infection, produce energy, and provide the body with the tools it needs to overcome practically anything. These minerals especially silica, zinc, boron, and iodine are severely deficient in soluble forms in our soils and need to be supplemented. Copper and selenium are close counterparts of zinc and iodine respectively and they are in Water of the Rock. This here is the reduced minerals and Water of the Rock is oxidized minerals; many minerals need to be oxidized to dissolve but oxidized minerals don't mix with reduced minerals so they have to be bottled separately.

11/6/15 after orders fulfilled removed selenium and added calcium. Going forward selenium is now in Water of the Rock since it doesn't mix well with this recipie.

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