Iodized Himalayan Sea Salt (Lugol's)

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20g- $2.00

70g- $4.00

224g- $9.00

Just under 8 oz (215 g so it can ship as 8 oz). The original Lugolized salt! Invented by your's truly. Lugolized salt is himalayan sea salt with Lugol's iodine added at 1mg iodine per 1 gram salt. Daily value of iodine is 0.15 mg per day according to the FDA. Many thousands report significant benefit from taking much more than that. For many people this is a more convienient form of iodine than a tincture, not to mention cheaper and easier to ship a powder than a liquid. There was a reason why iodine was added to salt a century ago; because it is a very effective way to contain it. Please see my other auctions for more natural health items and different sizes!