Zetox: Glucuronic acid and Glucuronolactone 50/50 40g

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Zetox is very important and pivotal in the removal of bad hormones like estradiol and BPA from plastics as well as making NDGA from chaparral safer.
Contains roughly 20g total glucuronolactone and glucuronic acid. ~100g of each. Each dropper contains roughly 500mg of these important compounds. Buying synthetic (tainted with dangerous chemicals) glucuronolactone (glucuronic acid is not available) alone is 5x this cost. Plus here you support small business.
1 oz concentrated- $7.14
**Discontinuing this for now, I'm no longer as confident I am making pure glucuronic acid. I'm looking into other processes or possibly just buying bulk glucuronic acid**

Zetox was named after the italian word for sugar; Zucchero. Zetox is sugar transformed into potent bio-molecules used in body detoxification by the liver. The sugars in ordinary table cane sugar are alkaline oxidized to form glucuronic acid and glucuronolactone, then are hydrolyzed to break the joined molecules into their respective parts.  Glucuronic acid is made from the glucose subunit and is very important as a detoxifier and is used by the liver to metabolize excess hormones, BPA, ect.  Glucuronolactone is made from the fructose subunit and is used by humans and seemingly all other animals to make vitamin C.  Yes humans make vitamin C out of this.  This product is also essential when taking Chapparal as the NDGA in chapparal can deplete glucuronic acid.

Recipe used: (all ingredients are food grade or better)

2/3 cup cane sugar
1/2 tsp sodium percarbonate
1 tsp potassium bicarbonate
4 drops 75% lugol's iodine
water up to 200mL. Boil 20 mins
10 mL phosphoric acid
300mg Magnesium phosphate
50mg soluble silica
30mg zinc phosphate
2mg Selenium
Boil 10 mins or until volume reduced to 140mL

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  1. What is the recommended dosage/per day? Im taking Lugals and selenium supplements already so how much of these are in a drop?


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