Water purification and Fluoride removal kit

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 **Update: my current method.  Take just under 1 gallon tap water.  Add 4 drops lugol's iodine, shake (optional let stand 10 mins).  Add 4 tsp hardwood activated charcoal, shake (optional let stand 10 mins).  Add 1 tsp magnesium oxide powder, shake.  Let stand untill you can pour off clear liquid, discard dark sludge at bottom of jug.**

**Unfortunately I will no longer be able to make this. Making activated charcoal from scratch is breaking my beakers every-time I make it so I just can't do this cost effectively. You can easily make this, just buy hardwood activated charcoal powder food grade and food grade pickling lime and mix equal parts together and add 1/2 tsp per gallon jug of water**

Activated charcoal kit 90 gallons- $8.00

Make your own purified alkaline water from tap! Neutralizes and removes fluoride, chlorine/chloramine, arsenic, microcystins, fracking residue, ect.  Before and after testing will be done and the results posted when ready but according to the research this will work very well. Will purify roughly 90 gallons.  Save a lot of money by drinking tap water you purify yourself.
What you get:  Mixture of 35g food grade pickling lime (CaOH) and 35g activated charcoal.
Instructions: per 1 gallon water add slightly heaping 1/2 tsp, shake let settle for ~1 day pour off clear purified water.
pH will be roughly 8.5 and a good source of calcium. I use 2x1 gallon water jugs, by the time I'm done drinking one the other one is settled and ready to pour into the first jug.

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