Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Permaguard best quality

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I no longer sell DE, order from permagard on ebay or amazon

20g- $2.00

70g- $4.00

224g- $8.50

Perma-guard is the cleanest diatomaceous earth I have used. There are hundreds of uses for this and it is sold for all legal and beneficial uses the buyer deems appropriate. I use this as a method to kill gram negative bacteria in the intestines. These bacteria are suseptible to dessicants and this seems to dessicate them enough to die. Gram negative bacteria are very harmful and cause all sorts of problems and harbor virus'. I mix 1 tsp in water or in my homemade bread every few days to keep these bacteria to a minimum. If this is done it can cause a herxhiemer reaction which can be countered with an equal amount of activated charcoal to the serving of diatomaceous earth you took.