Chaparral (Creosote Bush)

70g (fresh)- $8.57

50 capsules (~22g total dried and powdered with 2g inositol) $10

Fresh picked Chapparal.  What you see in the picture is the exact thing and amount you will get (but picked to order).  Awesome for tea, you could also make tinctures, oil extract, ect.  Very high in saponins and other bitter flavanoids.  Excellent to treat OCD because the saponins kill hidden strep infections that cause OCD.  Also the anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, properties from its high level of NDGA will lend to an exceptional treatment or preventative for cancer. NDGA is potent and needs to be balanced by glucuronic acid which is found in my Zetox formula or the inositol in Restitution and Rest. As of 11/24/15 I added 10% inositol to the capsules.

Only the best!  Arizona Wildcrafted.