Advanced Detox Cleanse

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The reason this is an advanced cleanse is that it was designed to naturally kill and clean out all bacteria and yeast and therefore virus from the intestinal tract.  Doing this will cause enormous benefits like incredible resistance against flu and other virus', boosted sex hormone levels, fat loss, no gas, no bloating, and and non-smelling BM's; but also come at the "cost" of a more fragile intestinal ecosystem.  For example without other bacteria present things like salmonella can become more dangerous.  The solution is to either keep taking this product almost daily (as it will kill salmonella itself), or if you want to stop taking it add in probiotics to re-colonize your intestines.  This product can also be taken with probiotics if desired. 
Ingredients are simple:
Permaguard food grade diatomaceous earth;  Desiccates the intestines to kill gram negative bacteria such as ecoli.  Also seems active against the yeast that cause hunger pangs. 
Tribulus terrestris powder; Natural saponins kill gram positive bacteria like c. dificile. 
When you first start taking this, unless you have been detoxing a lot before, you will get a detox (aka herxheimer) reaction.  This can be prevented or treated with equal dose of activated charcoal.  The reason this charcoal was not added to this blend is that you will only need the charcoal for the first couple weeks as you kill off the majority of the bacteria.  After that you can take this powder as is with no negative effects.  If you cannot obtain charcoal just start small like under 1 tsp of powder a day and work up to around 1 tbsp (or more if needed) per day.  Once the initial month or so is completed only a maintenance dose every few days is needed to keep the intestines clear.