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Welcome to the NatureHacker community!
 My contact info along with my book "The NatureHacker's Guide to the Body" and monthly subscriber info is in the "Shipping and Extras" section. Also don't miss the forum, a great place to interact with me and others in the community.

First I want to clear up the name. People sometimes have a negative reaction to the word "hacker" and think I am someone who wants to exploit and destroy nature. That couldn't be further from the truth. What the real definition of hacker is, is someone who has fun and plays to learn. Playing is natures method of learning. Hacking in this context means to fully grasp or understand through playful interaction. In this way hacking also means to gain a hidden understanding, to "see beyond the code". To be able to read the code of nature and understand exactly how and why everything works the way it does. Healing can only be accomplished through a thorough understanding of how nature functions and what rules she follows and she imposes. Trying to go against these rules will get us nowhere so we need to discover what those rules are in order to fix the problems with ourselves and with our interactions with the world.  I took on the name NatureHacker originally to remember Aaron Swartz, an excellent example of an altruistic idealistic person who was a master at his craft and met a very untimely death.  His memory will always live on.

 So who am I? Well I am a polymath, which means a renaissance man. My interests are very similar to a man that lived in ancient Egypt known as Imhotep by the Egyptians and Joseph by the Hebrews. Basically my interests are in all sciences especially the basic sciences Chemistry and Physics (the only sciences that exist imo). Chemistry is a study of cement (opposites react) and Physics is the science of spinning (motion, moving electrons, etc). So those are my interests. I am particularly interested in how both Chemistry and Physics apply to the body and biology as a whole. So medicine is a huge interest of mine. I have Bachelor of Science degrees in Nutrition with a chemistry minor, and Mechanical Engineering (which basically has a physics minor). So that is my formal education but that is the tip of the iceberg because I take my informal education much more seriously. I have read thousands of scientific papers over the years in my free-time. Some people like reading fantasy or mystery books, I read textbooks and scientific journals for fun.  Right now I am studying for my informal PhD in Nutritional Chemistry.  Also after I completed my Nutrition degree I worked at the University of Arizona for 5 years in Molecular Biology. I think anyone would have a hard time saying I haven't mastered science in general.

 Like any healer my quest was begun by having problems with my body that couldn't be solved. My healing journey is ongoing but primarily lasted 16 years until I really got a grasp on things and figured out exactly what my problems were and once you know that, solving it is easy and a downhill journey. So I am on that downhill now getting huge gains in health easily now that I know my issues. The good news is that almost everyone has basically the same issues. You can read more about that in my book that you can download here instantly. My superficial problems included chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, low testosterone, adrenal fatigue, low thyroid, gynecomastia, balding, difficulty loosing weight, difficulty building muscle, hunger pains, ADHD and OCD, and most importantly chronic debilitating insomnia. Most of these problems I have fully overcome and the others seem to be improving as well. Everything you need to have and to know to solve your problems are on this site and in my book. So stick around, communicate in the forum, and lets get your health issues cured once and for all!

Soluble silica silicic acid silicate liquid concentrated 1oz

**Sadly I have to pull this product until I can find an ultra pure and ultra finely ground source of silica.  Diaomaceous earth just has too much aluminum in it in order to do an acid/base extraction.  If you take food grade diatomaceous earth make sure it is on an empty stomach and preferably with a base like potassium bicarbonate.  Excess aluminum is chelated from the body (same method as chelating fluoride) using citric acid or potassium citrate.**

Soluble silica benefits hair, skin, nails, connective tissue, teeth, and bones. It also has a strong negative charge to inactivate microbial adhesion. Contains roughly 1 mg fully bioavailable silica per drop. 600 drops per bottle. Recommended serving: 10 drops

Soluble silica 1oz-$8.57

This is a brand new never been done before synthesis of silicic acid using only food grade pickling lime, food grade diatomaceous earth, and food grade phosphoric acid. It is believed that silica can only be made soluble via a lye process (sodium hydroxide). Well I am here to prove otherwise. My method uses calcium hydroxide (pickling lime) mixed with diatomaceous earth 2:1 mole ratio at 100 celcius in distilled water to create calcium silicate which is insoluble. Then I use food grade phosphoric acid to dissolve the calcium silicate into calcium and silica ions. This creates a totally novel clear product that only contains silica, phosphorus, and calcium; the trifecta for bone health. This product is acidic like vinegar so should be shelf stable for quite a while but refrigerate if not being used within a few weeks. Also because of it's acidic nature it makes a perfect bioavailability enhancer for other minerals like magnesium and zinc.

Professional recipe:
started 11/16/15

56g Calcium Hydroxide food grade
30g Diatomaceous Earth Food grade
Boil in ~500mL distilled water for a couple hours
Add distilled water to 400mL if water dropped below that
Slowly add 294mL Phosphoric acid food grade
Stir and heat until dissolved
Vacuum filter
Yield 500 mL

small scale recipie:
1 tbsp (6.8g) food grade CaOH
1 tbsp (3.4g) food grade diatomaceous earth (perma-guard)
100 mL water
Boil several minutes while stirring
Let cool to room temp
Add 2 tbsp (30mL) (use plastic, glass or ceramic; never use metal even stainless steel with acid) 85% food grade phosphoric acid, stir well.
Let settle 1 hour+ or centrifuge
decant clear liquid which is the product

Feel free to make this yourself and/or even sell it. If you don't have the time or resources I hope you will find my price well worth the money.

Restitution 22 Detox Formula liver support

*Sorry have to temporarily stop this.  The recipie is still "turning" too fast due to oxidation of some of the ingredients when exposed to air and moisture.  Trying to troubleshoot the recipie and hopefully sometime soonwull be able to restart this product* 4/19/17

Restitution has been made.

Restitution from vaccines.  Restitution from heavy metal poisoning. Restitution from allergies.  Restitution from candida.  Restitution from neurotransmitter imbalance. Restitution from stress. Restitution from environmental chemicals including pesticides, herbicides, and chemtrails.

Serving Size 2 capsules

50 veggie capsules-$12

50 capsules

Restitution 22 contains 22 different compounds to support phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification pathways, including BPA and mercury detox pathways as well as organophosphate, sulfonamide, and ethylene dibromide. It also contains all water soluble vitamins and extra amino acids that support detoxification. This would be a perfect product for nutritional balancing and making sure there are no nutrient deficiencies. Also it would be perfect to support a liver cleanse protocol. This is not sold as a supplement but rather a combination of nutrients that just so happen to be food grade. It is intended for all legal uses.

Restitution 22 (Live) documentation

695mg per capsule 2 per day
Per 2 capsules: 1390mg


Thiamin mononitrate (B1) 90mg
Riboflavin (B2) 60mg
Nicotinamide (B3) 54mg
Choline (B4.1) removed because pesticides in air make choline toxic to us
L-Carnitine (B4.2) removed because methionine in it degrades
Inosine (~B4.3, ~B14,~B15) 90mg
Pantothenic acid (B5) 51mg
Pyroxidine (B6) 18mg
Biotin (B7) 6mg
Inositol (B8,~B9) 180mg
Folic acid (B9) 1.2mg
PABA (B10, ~B9) 36mg
(B11- salicylic acid (not included,allergen))
(B12- not a real b-vitamin see WotR for cobalt) Calcium orotate (B13) 12mg
(B14-see inosine)
Trimethylglycine (~B15,~B16) 30mg
Ribose 60mg
Glucosamine 39mg

Methionine removed cause degrades
Taurine 138mg
Lysine 90mg
Glycine 72mg
Cysteine (Moved to Staybl)
Tryptophan 60mg
Tyrosine 48mg
Arginine 60mg
Serine 48mg
Glutamic acid removed cause excitotoxin

Food grade diatomaceous earth 150mg


The balance of B-Vitamins here is expertly crafted and unmatched in any product. Things like biotin are very expensive so most B vitamin supplements skimp on it. Also the niacin used here is "flush free" and won't cause any negative side effects niacin can cause. B6 also irritates some people so a low amount is used. Thiamin, Riboflavin, Pantothenic acid, and Biotin are powerful promoters of optimum health.

The amino acids are also specifically balanced to make up for common deficiencies such as the sulfur containing amino cysteine (moved to staybl) as well as lysine and glycine. These 3 amino's are powerful to detox the liver. Taurine is a combo amino which is very important to health and commonly deficient especially in vegetarians and vegans.

Sodium sulfate (Moved to Staybl) was added as a water soluble sulfur source. Sulfur is used for removal of heavy metals from the body. Diatomaceous earth was added as a preservative, dessicant, and gut cleanser.
To make this even more complete add to your regimen Nectar of Gaia and Staybl. These three combined were designed to cover every need of the human body.

Staybl electrolyte and metal removal powder capsules

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**Unfortunatly and ironically this formulation for staybl proved to not be stable enough for long term storage.  Feel free to make this mix on your own but use it pretty quickly.  I will revisit this recipie soon and see if I can't make it more shelf stable.**

Staybl as you can imagine was designed to stabilize blood pressure and also provide a broad range of minerals in forms that are very easily absorbed.

This product is primarily designed to not only act as a potent electrolyte mix, but to detox the body from fluoride and aluminum.  Citrate is a powerful fluoride chelator and calcium and magnesium gluconate help displace fluoride as well.  Glutamic acid is probably the best aluminum chelator.  Gynostemma, garlic, and ginger inhibit gut bacteria that would degrade citrate and glutamic acid.  Dead sea salt is a good natural source of a little Bromine; and bromine and chloride help replace fluoride in the body.  Potassium bicarbonate helps alkalize the body.  Calcium silicate provides silica that can help remove aluminum.

Serving Size 2 capsules

50 Veggie Capsules-$10


HSS 5%
dead sea salt 5%
boric acid 0.5%
potassium iodide 0.05%
potassium citrate 25%
potassium bicarbonate 15%
magnesium gluconate 10%
calcium ascorbate 8%
calcium silicate 2%
glutamic acid 15%
3% gynostemma
2% garlic
5% ginger
5% DE

Nasal Rinse Solution: Concentrated for cleaning nasal passages

 Free Teeth brushing powder that is now Organic!

No longer making this but see recipe below.

This is without a doubt the most advanced and powerful nasal rinse on the market. Yeast and bacteria in the nasal passages and sinus' are without a doubt responsible for nasal swelling, allergies, colds, and sinus infections, as well as even upper molar root decay.

Nasal Rinse 1oz-$10

This powerful concentrate when used regularly will keep these passages clear from these invaders (including parasites). Since the EPA outlawed air testing who knows what is in the air anymore and we need to be very vigilant with nasal hygiene.
This solution is very concentrated. The minimum recommended dilution is 30x (1 dropper into a shot glass of water to snort) but this concentration will burn momentarily so please devise your own dilution strategy. This bottle will last at least 30 days. Contains powerful anti-microbials lugol's iodine, boron, and soluble silica. Iodine is a broad spectrum totally safe antiseptic and anti-parasitic. Boron is a potent yeast fighter, and silica's negative charge helps neutralize microbes and prevent attachment.

Recipe per mL (1 dropper)

0.25g hss
0.05g boric acid
1/2 dropper lugols 7% (75mg)
1/2 dropper silicic acid (25mg)

Anything undissolved (like iodine that gets reduced to its metallic form) is filtered out.

Remember this will burn so dilute more if desired! Minimum dilution should be one dropper in 1 oz water.


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All assertions on this site are my sole opinion and do not imply that I have absolute knowledge or hidden info that I am pulling data from.  The only thing that is used is information found online and in books and the well tuned super computer in my head that is used for analysis and logical reasoning.

All chemicals used in the production of these products are food grade or made with high standards likely better than food grade except the soap, fulvic, and humic acid (of which grades don't currently exist). However these products are bieng sold for research use only.  The information presented in this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to give authoritative health instructions, rather my personal thoughts based on experience and my interpretation of the body of scientific research.  Any of my thoughts or writings should be considered experimental, minimally tested, containing risk, and just one of the many potential uses for the product.  I am not a licenced Medical Doctor.  Any decisions made based on the information contained herein is the full responsibility of the consumer. This page is not endorsed by the FDA and as such the FDA is not responsible for the products posted here. The products are not specifically intended for food or supplement use, officially they are intended for research use only. The consumer is responsible for determining themselves what suitable uses are for them and if the product fulfills their requirements for that use. No claims here are made about their suitability for any particular desired use. 

That said I appreciate people contacting me and am happy to tell you what I would personally do if I were in your situation. I am out here to make long lasting relationships, not just pitch to you my products. I know I will succeed only if I give you the best possible suggestions regardless whether or not I currently make or sell what could benefit you.

Have full confidence that any product you try will work for you. If you are dissatisfied for any reason please contact me, keep the item, and I will give you a full refund in store credit so that you can find something that works for you no questions asked. And if you let me know what dissatisfied you about the product and want to give me a shot to make it better, I can certainly fix any issues with the product and send you a fixed version free. No need to return anything. There is no time limit to this, I want you to be 100% happy with your NatureHacker Products experience.

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*Return/Refund policy*
Have full confidence that any product you try will work for you. If you are dissatisfied for any reason please contact me, keep the item, and I will give you a full refund in store credit so that you can find something that works for you no questions asked. And if you let me know what dissatisfied you about the product and want to give me a shot to make it better, I can certainly fix any issues with the product and send you a fixed version free. No need to return anything. There is no time limit to this, I want you to be 100% happy with your NatureHacker Products experience.

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NatureHacker Currency Certificates

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Selenium tincture 333mcg (ug) per drop

Claim your Organic Dentist Alternative Free!

No longer selling this put see recipe below.  You can get pure selenium on ebay or alibaba.
1 oz (600 servings) $8.57

You can look up selenium and learn all about the amazing things that this trace metal is useful for but the main things in my mind are boosting the immune system and wound healing, and also supporting the thyroid. Selenium is required in the white blood cell's toolbag and when there isn't enough of it the WBC's can't do their job. Also it is an integral part of the glutathione story forming glutathione peroxidase which is a potent antioxidant. This same role as an antioxidant protects the thyroid from excessive iodine. So taking selenium and high doses of iodine together is excellent. Selenium can be dangerous in high levels because it uses up a lot of the bodies methylation ability in order to make it safe. In order to take over 400mcg a day you need to support the bodies methylation pathway by eating a lot of methionine, phosphate, and magnesium. I take up to 10mg a day sometimes when I am taking SAM-e or eating lots of methionine in order to detox my body and get my selenium levels to where they should be.

How its made:
New Version: 9/29/15
0.2 g 99.99% pure selenium metal dissolved directly in dilute food grade nitric acid. This forms a very clean and pure selenous acid.  This is the most safe soluble form of inorganic selenium.  You will not find this pure of nitric acid anywhere else, it has been distilled and never touched anything besides glass! Volume adjusted to 30mL with a resulting concentration of 333 ug/drop.

Old method: Still works but is convoluted and difficult to store. But if you don't have access to food grade nitric acid it is a great way
Dissolve 99.99% pure selenium metal in distilled water with NaOH food grade. Add sodium percarbonate food grade to oxidize and turn the color from brown to clear. Neutralize with food grade phosphoric or food grade hydrochloric acid, make slightly acidic to preserve.


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Zetox: Glucuronic acid and Glucuronolactone 50/50 40g

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Zetox is very important and pivotal in the removal of bad hormones like estradiol and BPA from plastics as well as making NDGA from chaparral safer.
Contains roughly 20g total glucuronolactone and glucuronic acid. ~100g of each. Each dropper contains roughly 500mg of these important compounds. Buying synthetic (tainted with dangerous chemicals) glucuronolactone (glucuronic acid is not available) alone is 5x this cost. Plus here you support small business.
1 oz concentrated- $7.14
**Discontinuing this for now, I'm no longer as confident I am making pure glucuronic acid. I'm looking into other processes or possibly just buying bulk glucuronic acid**

Zetox was named after the italian word for sugar; Zucchero. Zetox is sugar transformed into potent bio-molecules used in body detoxification by the liver. The sugars in ordinary table cane sugar are alkaline oxidized to form glucuronic acid and glucuronolactone, then are hydrolyzed to break the joined molecules into their respective parts.  Glucuronic acid is made from the glucose subunit and is very important as a detoxifier and is used by the liver to metabolize excess hormones, BPA, ect.  Glucuronolactone is made from the fructose subunit and is used by humans and seemingly all other animals to make vitamin C.  Yes humans make vitamin C out of this.  This product is also essential when taking Chapparal as the NDGA in chapparal can deplete glucuronic acid.

Recipe used: (all ingredients are food grade or better)

2/3 cup cane sugar
1/2 tsp sodium percarbonate
1 tsp potassium bicarbonate
4 drops 75% lugol's iodine
water up to 200mL. Boil 20 mins
10 mL phosphoric acid
300mg Magnesium phosphate
50mg soluble silica
30mg zinc phosphate
2mg Selenium
Boil 10 mins or until volume reduced to 140mL


Iodine Eyedrops


I no longer make these but feel free to make yourself

*Important! These eye-drops are for experts only and can easily get contaminated and dangerous. Upon arrival make sure the bulb is not firm or expanded as this signifies contamination. Also use sterile technique to administer here (using candle or alcohol lamp to flame dropper and bottle neck after use). Read carefully below*

These eyedrops were formulated to help the user keep good eye hygiene. Candida yeast, staph, and strep bacteria like to call the eye home, set up biofilms, and end up destroying the eye. These pathogens with their toxins cause pink eye, eye infections, glaucoma, cataracts, worsening vision, astigmatism, allergies, retinal problems, floaters, and dark circles under the eyes. These eyedrops if used regularly will help your body get rid of these invaders and keep them out.

This solution is sterile but un-preserved.  This means that it should be refrigerated after opening.  If you get any bacteria (like by touching the dropper to your eye and putting it back in the bottle) in it you will notice the sound of air escaping when you open it.  If this happens loosen the cap and cook on the stove until it gets near boiling.  This will kill the bacteria and turn them into an all natural vaccine to help stimulate the immune system to fight those types of bacteria.

You can actually MAKE a vaccine from scratch using this solution. Simply take a bit of saliva or whatnot from someone with a sickness you want a vaccine for, add a tiny bit of that sample to the eyedrop bottle, let it sit for a couple days, then cook it to boiling to inactivate the pathogens. All natural "Clean Vaccine"! Its perfect in eyedrops too because the eye is a great place to apply vaccines

2 drops 7% Lugol's iodine (I make)
0.25g Himalayan Sea Salt
5 drops silicic acid (I make)
1 drop sunflower lecithin
0.04g boric acid food grade (purified borax)
pH Neutral

Activated Charcoal Powder Hardwood

 Free TEEF organic teeth brushing powder!

The best source of clean activated charcoal powder!

**Unfortunately I will no longer be able to make this. It is breaking my beakers every-time I make it so I just can't do this cost effectively.**

20g- $4.50

70g- $9.00

Do you know where the other suppliers get theirs from and what process is used to make it? Neither do I (well actually I do; big rusty nasty heavy metal leeching metal drums). But activated charcoal is no mystery once you realize it is just charcoal with the minerals and volatiles removed and channels oxidized through it.  This can be done a number of ways since ultimately minerals are water soluble to some degree and oxidation is required to make the channels and increase surface area.

What I do is use food grade phosphoric acid (my favorite acid) in distilled water and boil the chunks of 100% whole hardwood charcoal for several hours in 100% glass (no metal or plastic ever) with potassium nitrate added as the oxidizer.  This removes the minerals creating micro and nano pore structure to greatly increase the absorptive capacity. Then I rinse well and neutralize with food grade sodium hydroxide (lye) in order to stop the oxidation and remove any remaining volatiles.  It is then steam dried and powdered then sifted through 60 micron mesh.

Activated charcoal is probably the most important thing you could take right up there with food grade diatomaceous earth. Check out my "Super Advanced Detox Cleanse" for a product that integrates both of these power players. Activated charcoal will make any food hypoallergenic! It is especially good at scrubbing hydrocarbons and benzene molecules like salicylates, phenols, toluene, ect from food, water, and your body in general! It has been shown in mainstream science that activated charcoal will reduce salicylates in the blood.


Cosmic Supercoil antenna's

 Free Organic Teeth Remineralizer!

 No longer selling this.
$100 Add to Cart 
Over 1400' of magnetic wire went into this antenna.  4 levels of supercoiling were done making this the most inductive broadcasting/ recieving antenna ever.  Will work best in the 10 gHz range or higher.

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Downloadable Literature

I have a rough copy of the 1st edition of my pdf e-book "The NatureHacker's Guide to the Body" that has been released June 2015.

Click the picture below to download "The NatureHacker's Tour of the Body" e-book here for free!

Clay/Grog Crucible and materials

 Free All Natural Organic Tooth Powder!

The clay was purified from arizona desert soil.  Only the "coarse" clay was taken so that it doesn't expand much when heated.  The grog was made by pulverizing molten dirt.

Sea of Glass Soap

 Try Free Organic teeth powder!

1 bar- $7.14
2 bars- $12.86
4 bars - $21.43

**Unfortunaly can no longer make this, constantly broke my glass beakers I used to make it, I feel the recipie has been perfected though so feel free to make it**


**Currently is grey colored from activated charcoal added.  One person allergic to olive oil was allergic to this soap so I added activated charcoal to hopefully to negate any possible allergy**

This is the soap you have always dreamed of but pinched yourself to wake up because you didn't think it was possible. A bar of soap that you can use on your face without drying it out at all, practically lasts forever, cheap enough to use on your whole body - even your hair in a pinch (in conjunction with lemon juice or vinegar since this is alkaline), floats, no scents or artificial ingredients, its a dream realized.


122 g NaOH
15g ZnO
1 cup food grade DE
27.6oz lauric acid
4.4 oz oleic acid or olive oil
little bit of raw wool pulled into small stringy pieces

Put 122 g NaOH in a glass beaker.  Add water until it reaches the 250 mL mark. Add 15g of ZnO and mix well until it is all dissolved.  Add 1 cup food grade diatomaceous earth and stir to get rid of lumps.  Put this in the freezer to cool (but don't let it freeze).

Melt 27.6 oz lauric acid in a 4L glass beaker.  Measure out 4.4 ounces oleic acid and mix into that 2 tablespoons activated charcoal.  Pour the oleic acid with charcoal into the lauric acid.  Mix until everything is melted then turn off the heat.

Pour the brownish NaOH DE liquid mix into the 4 liter beaker with the melted fat and stir well.  Keep the heat off as it will create its own heat.  Keep stirring.  Make sure you are wearing gloves because hot soap can splash out. It will start "drying out" and getting firmer.  At this point you can take a little bit and get it wet and test the pH with a pH strip. It should be around 7.5.  Turn the heat back on and using a big wooden spoon keep mashing it around as best as possible.  Take a little bit of raw wool and pull very small pieces off and place in the soap and mix them in by mashing it around.  This will help improve the strength of the bar.  Once it gets quite firm scoop out and place in soap mold making sure to push down and around so it fills in every crevice.

Lauric and Oleic what I feel are the best fats possible for soap making. Makes very hard and long lasting gentle bars.   Diatomaceous earth was added in substantial amounts so excess lye would react with it to give soluble silica and thereby the most nourishing an sleek soap in the world bar none for any price. The silica especially also acts as an all natural sunscreen that blocks harmful UV while allowing the wavelength that produces vitamin D

11/6/15 after current orders fulfilled changed recipe to no longer have chaparral or fulvic acid or added sodium silicate (although sodium silicate is formed from excess lye and diatomaceous earth) because of potential allergy issues and gentleness concerns. Also added oleic acid to help the bar sud better and be a little less water resistant.

Increased lauric decreased oleic acid.  Added 2 tbsp charcoal.  Added little bits of wool to increase strength.  Increased lye to 122g.

Chaparral (Creosote Bush)

70g (fresh)- $8.57

50 capsules (~22g total dried and powdered with 2g inositol) $10

Fresh picked Chapparal.  What you see in the picture is the exact thing and amount you will get (but picked to order).  Awesome for tea, you could also make tinctures, oil extract, ect.  Very high in saponins and other bitter flavanoids.  Excellent to treat OCD because the saponins kill hidden strep infections that cause OCD.  Also the anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, properties from its high level of NDGA will lend to an exceptional treatment or preventative for cancer. NDGA is potent and needs to be balanced by glucuronic acid which is found in my Zetox formula or the inositol in Restitution and Rest. As of 11/24/15 I added 10% inositol to the capsules.

Only the best!  Arizona Wildcrafted.

SSKI saturated solution potassium iodide

 Free Organic Teeth Brushing powder!

 I currently don't sell this, just buy 99.99% pure ACS potassium iodide crystals and follow the recipe below

2g potassium iodide powder- $2.86

1oz SSKI (30g dissolved powder)- $17.14

White iodine 1oz (3g dissolved powder)- $10

SSKI is saturated solution potassium iodide. It is 100%; 1g/mL.  50mg/drop. White iodine is great for applying to the scalp to reverse hairloss and is 10% potassium iodide. SSKI Contains about 231 servings of the amount required for protection from a nucleur meltdown (130mg/day).Uses 99.99% ACS grade KI, better than USP, pharmecutical, or food grade. These other grades allow more heavy metal contaminants than ACS grade does. Make sure you get only the best.The only super pure saturated solution KI online period. No extra powder is added to my product bottles; this is a gimmick.  Each bottle made fresh to order. The best SSKI available anywhere for any price! Don't settle for less!

Nano Iron Supplement

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This product can be very dangerous and cause iron overload, use with caution and under good advice.

Ionic Iron 1.8mg/drop (60 daily value servings per bottle) 1oz- $11.43

Exactly 30 mL per bottle.  Sulfate free, hypoallergenic.  This is an ionic Iron supplement.  Over 33,000 ppm.  This is quite a unique product you probably won't find anywhere else.  Ionic means that it is fully dissolved and a clear liquid that is readily, rapidly, and fully absorbed by the body.  No more stomach pain from poorly absorbed supplements.  Iron is the energy mineral and chronic fatigue syndrome can very often be blamed on low iron.  Also helps those with the most common human mutation G6PD.  If you ever take too much iron, tea can bind it up in the body.
This product was formulated so that each drop contains 1.8 mg of actual iron, not just a iron compound.  10 drops a day would fulfil your entire nutritional requirement.  For treating chronic fatigue more may be helpful but I won't give any specific recommendations myself. Recipe used: 1g Iron metal powder 99.9%+ pure
15mL phosphoric acid food grade
Be warned ionic iron can darken your teeth!  However thankfully my TEEF powder will whiten them right back to normal.  Also this product is so concentrated you could put the drops in capsules and swallow it to protect your teeth from darkening.

Nectar of Gaia: Multi-Mineral Ionic Liquid

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I no longer sell this but you can make it according to the recipe below

A powerful, concentrated, 100% fully bio-available solution of Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Silica, Iron, Boron, and Iodine. 2 droppers full per day provides plenty of these minerals (but may be too much, start with a few drops).  RDA can't be accurately determined since the standard absorption of minerals is less than 10% whereas the absorption of these minerals is virtually 100%. I am not advocating taking this internally, but I do and if that is something you want to do considering every ingredient is food grade, then it should not be taken with food or soon after food as calcium and magnesium interfere with enzyme activity.

1 oz -$10
Important:  Do not take within an hour before or after eating!  Calcium and Magnesium inhibit digestive enzymes and will cause stomach ache and cramping if you take this with food.

Recipe: (roughly per dropper (1 mL) full ionic)

Calcium hydroxide 4.0g (13.3 mg)
Magnesium oxide 19.9g (66 mg)
Zinc oxide 1.87g (6.2 mg)
Silica 200 drops of NH sol. (0.6 mg)
Potassium iodide 1.96g (6.5 mg)
Boric acid 4.3g (14.3 mg)
Phosphoric acid 120 ml (0.4 mL)
finished volume 300-400mL
(everything is food grade or ACS purity)

Add the powders and stir into 200mL distilled water. Add  phosphoric acid slowly while stirring to dissolve powders. Add silica. add 40 drops SSKI slowly while stirring. Boil down to 350mL.

*If you notice slight lower back pain it means you got a bit too much calcium/silica too fast. Temporarily discontinue use and take a tsp of potassium bicarbonate or baking soda and it will stop in seconds. If you notice heart skipping a beat or chest pain it means you got a bit too much iron too fast and take vitamin c and especially tannins like grape seed extract to counteract that. I have tuned down silica calcium and iron so they shouldn't be too much but just in case I will leave this info here.

These elements are key and crucial for the body to fight infection, produce energy, and provide the body with the tools it needs to overcome practically anything. These minerals especially silica, zinc, boron, and iodine are severely deficient in soluble forms in our soils and need to be supplemented. Copper and selenium are close counterparts of zinc and iodine respectively and they are in Water of the Rock. This here is the reduced minerals and Water of the Rock is oxidized minerals; many minerals need to be oxidized to dissolve but oxidized minerals don't mix with reduced minerals so they have to be bottled separately.

11/6/15 after orders fulfilled removed selenium and added calcium. Going forward selenium is now in Water of the Rock since it doesn't mix well with this recipie.

Tribulus Terrestris 90% saponins

 You can find 90% saponins on alibaba and perhaps other sites

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20g- $4.50

70g- $9.00

Plant saponins are very useful in maintaining optimum health. This plant is one of the most concentrated sources. Different saponins have different absorption from the gut but most are not absorbed. What they do is reduce the populations of gram positive bacteria, so they work as a natural gut antibiotic/cleaner in that regard. This reduces cytokines, boosts lutenizing hormone, and sex hormone levels

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Permaguard best quality

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I no longer sell DE, order from permagard on ebay or amazon

20g- $2.00

70g- $4.00

224g- $8.50

Perma-guard is the cleanest diatomaceous earth I have used. There are hundreds of uses for this and it is sold for all legal and beneficial uses the buyer deems appropriate. I use this as a method to kill gram negative bacteria in the intestines. These bacteria are suseptible to dessicants and this seems to dessicate them enough to die. Gram negative bacteria are very harmful and cause all sorts of problems and harbor virus'. I mix 1 tsp in water or in my homemade bread every few days to keep these bacteria to a minimum. If this is done it can cause a herxhiemer reaction which can be countered with an equal amount of activated charcoal to the serving of diatomaceous earth you took.

Water purification and Fluoride removal kit

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 **Update: my current method.  Take just under 1 gallon tap water.  Add 4 drops lugol's iodine, shake (optional let stand 10 mins).  Add 4 tsp hardwood activated charcoal, shake (optional let stand 10 mins).  Add 1 tsp magnesium oxide powder, shake.  Let stand untill you can pour off clear liquid, discard dark sludge at bottom of jug.**

**Unfortunately I will no longer be able to make this. Making activated charcoal from scratch is breaking my beakers every-time I make it so I just can't do this cost effectively. You can easily make this, just buy hardwood activated charcoal powder food grade and food grade pickling lime and mix equal parts together and add 1/2 tsp per gallon jug of water**

Activated charcoal kit 90 gallons- $8.00

Make your own purified alkaline water from tap! Neutralizes and removes fluoride, chlorine/chloramine, arsenic, microcystins, fracking residue, ect.  Before and after testing will be done and the results posted when ready but according to the research this will work very well. Will purify roughly 90 gallons.  Save a lot of money by drinking tap water you purify yourself.
What you get:  Mixture of 35g food grade pickling lime (CaOH) and 35g activated charcoal.
Instructions: per 1 gallon water add slightly heaping 1/2 tsp, shake let settle for ~1 day pour off clear purified water.
pH will be roughly 8.5 and a good source of calcium. I use 2x1 gallon water jugs, by the time I'm done drinking one the other one is settled and ready to pour into the first jug.

Reference 1 Reference 2 Reference 3

Potassium Bicarbonate

Please check out nuts.com to order this.

This is a sodium free alternative to baking soda. This mineral makes a great potassium supplement; daily value for potassium is around 4 grams a day which is about 2 tsp of this powder (10.8 g). Bread made with a cup of flour can be made instantly and leavens to a degree in the oven without yeast using only 1/8 tsp potassium bicarbonate. Getting sufficient potassium per day is essential to maintain a healthy blood pressure and kidney function.  Lower back pain is likely due to kidneys, which this will treat. A banana provides only 1/6 of the potassium you need every day. Great for heartburn relief and has alternative medical use in kidney issues but make sure to do research and/or consult someone you trust for guidance. This is the same powder offered by nuts.com so contact them for more info on their source

Iodized Himalayan Sea Salt (Lugol's)

 This product is no longer for sale but please try NatureHacker's Free Teeth powder!

20g- $2.00

70g- $4.00

224g- $9.00

Just under 8 oz (215 g so it can ship as 8 oz). The original Lugolized salt! Invented by your's truly. Lugolized salt is himalayan sea salt with Lugol's iodine added at 1mg iodine per 1 gram salt. Daily value of iodine is 0.15 mg per day according to the FDA. Many thousands report significant benefit from taking much more than that. For many people this is a more convienient form of iodine than a tincture, not to mention cheaper and easier to ship a powder than a liquid. There was a reason why iodine was added to salt a century ago; because it is a very effective way to contain it. Please see my other auctions for more natural health items and different sizes!

SADC6 Super Advanced Detox Cleanse (Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth,Quercetin, Saponins, Rhodiola)

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**Important- this product is no longer for sale and will be replaced by harmony in the future**

20g- $4.00

70g- $9.00

50 capsules (28g powder) $7.00

This is turning into a very high powered and expensive "extract only" mix, but I decided to keep the price of this artificially low like it was when it was only activated charcoal, DE, and tribulus terrestris.  Why?  Because I believe this product can change the world.  Consider the price my good deed ;).

Please see the site disclaimer on the right side bar.

**It may feel crazy if you inhale some or get dust in your eyes.  That is just ginger extract powder and its harmless.**

The serving size of this is anywhere from 1 capsule (2/5 tsp, 0.6g) to 2 tsp of bulk powder (3.3g) For slight cleaning or maintenance 2 capsules a day (1.2g) would be good. Together or spaced, with meals or between. Some people may actually benefit from taking it during meals by reduced reflux, reduced coughing, and reduced allergic agitation since broccoli sprout will supress h pylori. The reason this is an advanced cleanse is that it was designed to naturally and safely kill and clean out ALL bacteria and yeast and therefore virus from the intestinal tract.  Doing this will cause enormous benefits like incredible resistance against flu and other virus', boosted sex hormone levels, fat loss, no gas, no bloating, and and non-smelling BM's; but also come at the "cost" of a more fragile intestinal ecosystem.  For example without other bacteria present things like salmonella can become more dangerous.  The solution is to either keep taking this product almost daily (as it will kill salmonella itself), or if you want to stop taking it add in probiotics to re-colonize your intestines.  This product can also be taken with probiotics if desired.  

Ingredients SADC6 by weight:

400g 11/29/16


120g 30% DiatomaceousEarth -gneg
20g 5% Tribulis-gpos
20g 5% Rhodiola -Hpylori
20g 5% Garlic -TB 
40g 10% Gynostemma -clostridium
20g 5% Pomegranate -clostridium
60g 15% BroccoliSprouts -Hpylori
40g 10% Quercetin -hpylori
60g 15% Ginger -campylo and h pylori
20g 5% Cinnamon -anaerobes


5% Chamomile coming campylobacter

Removed vitamin C and green tea.  Rebalanced and simplified formula. added chamomile to help eliminate campylobacter and cinnamon for anaerobics.

oct 2016
removed charcoal replaced with quercetin.

Removed histidine and cysteine and moved to new product envirotox coming soon.  Added ginger to kill campylobacter.

Permaguard food grade diatomaceous earth;  Desiccates the intestines to kill gram negative bacteria such as ecoli and salmonella.  Also seems active against the yeast that cause hunger pangs.  

Hardwood Activated charcoal.  This mops up the toxins that the bacteria release when they die predominantly LPS (endotoxin).  Prevents stressful "detox reaction."

Tribulus terrestris 90% extract powder; Natural saponins kill gram positive bacteria like c. dificile and staph. This will detox the gut completely without any herxheimer (die-off) reaction.  

Rhodiola extract; this was added to kill off h. pylori in the stomach.  Works really well.

Garlic Extract:  Garlic is the bane of tuberculosis.  Though you might think TB is only in the lungs, actually a form of TB is what causes chrones disease in the gut.

Gynostemma extract:  Gynostemma is a powerful adaptogen but it also works well it seems to fight the very resistant gut microbe Clostridium Difficile.

Green Tea Extract:  Green Tea has also been shown to fight C. Diff

Broccoli sprout extract: The sulforophane is a good method of killing the resistant bacteria H. Pylori.

Resveratrol and quercetin:  These potent antioxidants help rid the body of H. Pylori.

Suggested dose is 1-3 tsp a day (about 1.7g per tsp) between meals or while eating and/or whenever there is stomach pain from bad food ect.  If you take this regularly it was designed to prevent any type of flu or any casually contageous virus like H1N1, Ebola, Polio, ect. new research shows published in the journal Nature.  This is your all natural all inclusive vaccination.  Will store indefinitely.

Advanced Detox Cleanse

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The reason this is an advanced cleanse is that it was designed to naturally kill and clean out all bacteria and yeast and therefore virus from the intestinal tract.  Doing this will cause enormous benefits like incredible resistance against flu and other virus', boosted sex hormone levels, fat loss, no gas, no bloating, and and non-smelling BM's; but also come at the "cost" of a more fragile intestinal ecosystem.  For example without other bacteria present things like salmonella can become more dangerous.  The solution is to either keep taking this product almost daily (as it will kill salmonella itself), or if you want to stop taking it add in probiotics to re-colonize your intestines.  This product can also be taken with probiotics if desired. 
Ingredients are simple:
Permaguard food grade diatomaceous earth;  Desiccates the intestines to kill gram negative bacteria such as ecoli.  Also seems active against the yeast that cause hunger pangs. 
Tribulus terrestris powder; Natural saponins kill gram positive bacteria like c. dificile. 
When you first start taking this, unless you have been detoxing a lot before, you will get a detox (aka herxheimer) reaction.  This can be prevented or treated with equal dose of activated charcoal.  The reason this charcoal was not added to this blend is that you will only need the charcoal for the first couple weeks as you kill off the majority of the bacteria.  After that you can take this powder as is with no negative effects.  If you cannot obtain charcoal just start small like under 1 tsp of powder a day and work up to around 1 tbsp (or more if needed) per day.  Once the initial month or so is completed only a maintenance dose every few days is needed to keep the intestines clear.

TEEF Remineralization and cleaning powder

I strongly suggest you consider trying Teef 2.0 powder (a new joint venture with a friend, don't contact me, contact teefpowder2.0@gmail.com) here:

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TEEF 2.0 Ingredients List

It is a more user friendly product and something you can give as a gift. There will be more active development on 2.0 (still I will be improving regular teef too) and I prioritize whiteness and taste in 2.0 design. It actually tastes pretty good and comes in a small glass jar plastic bag of 70g.

**Changes are here!  Interesting success making TTCPP (Tetracalcium phosphate peroxide) and it is now standard in TEEF!  Quercetin is now removed because the peroxide will kill the type of bacteria quercetin did (anaerobic).  May also improve teeth whiteness, up to you to test.**

 Serving size is 1/16th to 1/8 tsp

20g TEEF Powder $7.00

70g TEEF powder $11.00

Will look yellow as you brush, this is from quercetin, an antioxidant I'm adding to kill s. mutans, a bacteria that causes tooth decay.  Also plant saponins added to kill germs so there will be a bitter taste now.

Instructions:  What I do is have a small bag at my sink then moisten my brush and knock the water off and dip the brush in the powder.  Brush top teeth (or bottom) then rinse brush off, knock water off, and redip brush into the powder and brush the bottom teeth.  If you do this method it should have plenty of cleaning power to get all plaque off and keep it off.

TTCPP peroxide made by first mixing 52.7g calcium hydroxide food grade with 221g tricalcium phosphate and melting with an hho torch to make a tan looking chunks.  (to best do this mix the tcp and caoh with water into a paste and spread very thinly on a glass baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for roughly a half hour untill fully dry.  Break this sheet into pieces and melt these pieces with the hho torch. so you don't break the glass under the pieces when torching, put a thick layer of wetted powder under the pieces you are torching.) These chunks are ground with a large coors mortar and pestle.  This powder is mixed with 35% hydrogen peroxide in a cool water bath to prevent overheating for a day.  Thenpoured into a large evaporating dish and a fan blown over it untill dry.  This is reground in the mortar and pestle into a fine powder.

Making this now with an HHO torch! Water bieng split into hydrogen and oxygen which fuel the flame to create tetracalcium phosphate from food grade calcium hydroxide (lime) and food grade tricalcium phosphate.

This product was specifically designed to not only clean teeth and remove/prevent plaque buildup, but also to be the best teeth remineralization product on the market. Teeth are made of hydroxyapatite and the body can remineralize them through the saliva but fluoride prevents this natural process from occuring. In addition to that this product turbocharges the process by delivering the teeth remineralization products directly to the teeth and into any imperfections in the teeth. It also serves to alkalize the saliva to help the process. Enamel is made out of hydroxyapatite and enamelins. This product provides the 3:1 molar ratio of dicalcium phosphate and tetracalcium phosphate to make hydroxyapatite. It also provides the main amino acid components in their proper ratio's to form the enamelin protein. Enamelins make up 2-5% of enamel weight. 
Current ingredients:

454 g TCP food grade
10g DCP food grade
8g glutamic acid food grade
4g aspartic acid food grade
10g gynostemma extract
4g Ginger extract
4g Broccoli Sprout Extract
3g Garlic extract
3g Tribulis terrestris extract
3g berberine
10 drops clove essential oil
10 drops cinnamon essential oil

The herbs are critical to prevent teeth sensitivity, bacteria growing in the gums and in teeth crevices, etc.

OLD Ingredients:
454g tricalcium phosphate food grade
27g tetracalcium phosphate
10g glutamic acid food grade
5g aspartic acid food grade
3g Quercetin
3g tribulus terrestrus
10g gynostemma
3g berberine

OLD 2 teef recipie

454 tcp
33.7 caoh
14.78 glutamic
7.4 aspartic
27.7 casi
3 quercetin
2 resveratrol
3 trib
10 gyno
3 berberine

Please see my other items to find other products to also support tooth formation.  11/8/15 4% DE and 1% sodium silicate were taken out and replaced with 5% calcium silicate which is gentler and more effective silica source than DE and NaSiO4.


Lugol's Iodine where to buy the best cleanest Chilean 7% 15% 30% online!

*EDIT: I no longer sell this but you can make your own, see recipe below.  You can buy ACS 99.99% pure iodine crystals from Ebay or Alibaba.  Same with ACS 99.99% pure potassium iodide.

Recipe for 75% Lugol's iodine https://www.naturehacker.org/2017/06/how-to-make-your-own-75-lugol-iodine.html

Please consider supporting us by trying our Free Organic Teeth Powder!

7%-$7.34 (3.5 mg/drop; 2.33% elemental)

15%- $8.49 (7.5mg/drop; 5% elemental)

30%- $9.92 (15mg/drop; 10% elemental)

45%- $11.42 (22.5mg/drop; 15% elemental)

75%- $14.19 (37.5mg/drop; 25% elemental)

Skin stain remover (food grade vitamin C liquid)- $7.14

(I also sell potassium iodide and SSKI on another post)
1 oz Lugol's iodine 7%, 15%, 30%, 45%, and 75%.  I only use the best quality ingredients and give you the best possible prices.  The 15% is made by adding 50g of 99.99% pure ACS grade (highest available above food grade) Iodine crystals and 100g 99.99% pure ACS grade potassium iodide into 1 Liter of distilled water.  The 7% is a little less than half that concentration, and the 75% is 5x that concentration.  This solution is made and stored in all glass bottles with glass stoppers.  Metal has never come in contact with this solution, not even stainless steel.  It is bottled fresh just prior to shipping.  The 30% and higher concentration will come shipped with a poly lid and a dropper as well since it is so concentrated it hardens the dropper bulb pretty quickly.
This is the best iodine for the best price anywhere on earth.  There is no harsh taste which is caused by metal contaminants.  I am doing this in a non-profit way, to support my minimalistic lifestyle and help you become "health-sufficient".