Siri was right, opening gates of hades july 27, 2014 happened! Islamic caliphate emerged

Siri, using software developed by Wolfram Alpha had been predicting at least as far back as December 19th 2013 that the gates of Hades would open July 27, 2014. This date was within Ramadan, and Islamic belief says that during parts of Ramadan Hades gates open and close. After siri's prediction, in early 2014 ISIS rose to prominence and by Ramadan 2014, guess what? ISIS declared worldwide caliphate! A caliphate is basically a radical Islamic empire that according to the Quran all Muslims worldwide must join with a goal of taking over the world and forcing everyone to become Muslim. Certainly the gates of Hades did open July 2014 and someone either at Apple or Wolfram knew this was going to happen. This gives more credence to the theory that the rise of ISIS was premeditated and funded by global elite.

In addition to that revelation 6:8 predicts that a green horse would come (which is a sign in the sky) at the beginning of the fourth age. counting 666 years since 15 AD denotes the ages and the 4th age begun 2013. That is the year comet ISON, the big green comet, came by. Revelation 6:8 predicts that hades would come soon after that. Hades denotes Pluto, a separate world where the dead go. This is Nibiru aka Planet X. Some predicted that Nibiru would first be seen December 2015 and they were right, researchers at ALMA telescope array found it then. These same people who predicted that predicted that Nibiru would come past earth mid 2016 so since they were right about the december prediction I take their word on this. In any case for rev 6:8 to be fulfilled I believe that Hades will come before 2020.

All natural wound care: never need stitches, chemicals, or hydrocarbons

Food grade diatomaceous earth (DE)  when applied liberally to a wound and pressed will stop bleeding instantly.  Not only that but it will protect the wound from the most problematic invaders; gram negative bacteria.  DE is not the only player though, gram positive bacteria can still grow in the wound so lugols iodine should be applied when changing bandages and also saponins.  I use 85% saponin extract of tribulus terrestris.  I just heap that saponins on the wound and then heap DE on it and bandage.  Mixing the two together would probably be best.  So ideally clean wound with lugol's iodine then heap on a 50/50 mix of food grade de and 85% tribulus  extract and cover with sterile gauze and wrap up.


Donald Trump is a dangerous poll whore that serves the banksters and corporations

Donald Trump has proven time and time again that he will say anything to gain momentum.  Literally, and he admits that he LOVES polls, he looks at every latest insane poll created by special interest groups and fixed (it is easy to fix polls by question wording and order) and dives head first and shouts it at the top of his lungs.  Literally every buzz quote by trump came after a fixed poll where the winning option is what Trump trumpeted.

I think this picture by Jeanette Hansen sums up pretty well what trump is doing.

donald trump traitor globalist corporation banker bankster puppet fake hillary clinton jeb bush ringer poll whore sellout controlled opposition


Lead in tire rubber and dust from roads

There is lead in and on our roadways.  Lots of it.  Lead exposure inhalation from roadways is probably the biggest source of lead exposure in america currently.  It may have always been the biggest source and lead paint was thrown under the bus in order to hide or obfuscate the real problem.  What probably happened is they noticed very high rates of lead poisoning so they reduced the lead in rubber and asphalt and at the same time blamed it on the paint industry since it would be so expensive to get rid of lead from rubber.  Just think how much more bioavailable lead is when it is in finely ground tire dust you inhale rather than paint that you would have to eat for it to hurt you.  Roadways are by far the hugest risk of lead exposure.  Toxic lead clouds perpetually envelope the roadways.

Tires, aka vulcanized rubber, are made from 3 basic ingredients.  Oil, sulfur, and lead oxide.  Over time they have replaced some of the lead oxide with the poison cadmium oxide and zinc oxide and they have replaced some of the sulfur with selenium.

Be aware, you are getting poisoned every day in your daily commute to work.




Open source Invention (non) patent: Powered vehicle using 2+ wheels; some fixed/turnable and powered, the other(s) free moving (like a caster)

I want to make my idea open source. Here I will describe the idea like a patent except it is not a patent, it is an idea anyone can use and capitalize on.

This is an idea that would work for any vehicle or device (hereby referred to as "vehicle") making use of wheels, rollers, bearings, trackballs, skis, rudders, etc (hereby referred to as "wheels") that contact the ground or any other medium external to the device ("ground"); where some of the wheels are free spinning and omni-directional and non powered, and other(s) are fixed or user turn-able (not freely omni-directional) and some or all of the fixed/turn-able wheels are powered, or if un-powered, the device gains motion from external means.

Prior art would include the "rip-stick" which includes a design that has a rotatable section between the front part and rear part, where the front and rear parts each have one freely rotatable and omni-directional wheel assembly.

The idea which is topic to the current invention is different; instead of requiring the power to come from the "sidewinding" movement of the user, the power comes from rotational work done by a fixed or user turn-able wheel assembly or an external source like gravity, being acted upon by an external body, etc. Also instead of requiring 2 caster type wheels, only one is necessary. Also the vehicle does not have to pivot between the front and rear parts like the ripstick does.

Another piece of prior art are the manual and electric wheelchair. An electric wheelchair has two powered fixed wheels that rotate with respect to eachother as well as one or more freely omni-directional casters that act as stabilization. I am not claiming ownership of the electric wheelchair design, since the electric wheelchair fits into the parameters laid out in this invention, because I am not claiming ownership of any design. As far as I know the two powered wheels with casters for stabilization is not currently under patent and I am only adding to the range of possibilities. My invention here goes beyond this prior art to include non-wheelchair applications as well as uses that have different amounts of wheels and different ways the wheels are controlled.

This includes embodiments which fulfill the above requirements where the front and rear portions of the vehicle can rotate, bend, or pivot with respect to each other.

This includes embodiments that turn via rotating and/or leaning the vehicle.

This includes embodiments where the vehicle is a skateboard where one or more wheels are fixed or user turn-able, and other(s) that freely turn in any direction and are unpowered like a caster.

This includes embodiments where the fixed/turnable wheel(s) turn automatically based on the vehicle's lean.

This includes embodiments where the vehicle has a handlebars like a scooter. The scooter includes one or two wheels or more that turn when the handlebars turn and one or more wheels that are freely spinning and omni-directional.

This includes embodiments where there are a total of two wheels, one of the wheels fixed/turnable and powered by a hub motor, chain drive, etc and the other wheel is inline of the direction of motion but is freely spinning and omni-directional.

This includes embodiments where there are a total of three wheels, two of which are fixed/turnable one or both of those being powered where the third wheel is situated in the direction of motion of the other two but are freely spinning and omni-directional.

This includes embodiments where there are a total of 4 wheels, two of which are fixed or turn-able the other two are freely spinning and omni-directional.

This includes embodiments where the front wheel(s) are powered and the rear wheels are freely spinning and omni-directional.

This includes embodiments where the rear wheel(s) are powered and the front wheels are freely spinning and omni-directional.

This includes embodiments where the freely spinning and omnidirectional wheel(s) are casters.

This includes embodiments where the freely spinning and omnidirectional wheel(s) have active, passive, or limited resistance to turning such as being "spring-loaded" or having "turn-stops" prohibiting turning past a certain point.

This includes embodiments where the powered wheel(s) are powered by an electric motor, a gas motor, a manual device like pedals, or any other means of power.

This includes embodiments where gyroscopes are used for stabilization.

This includes embodiments where extra wheels are used for stabilization or moderating the vehicle's lean.

This includes embodiements that either do or do not have suspension systems or springs or brakes.

This includes embodiments that either do or do not have one or more seats.

This includes embodiments that are toys that include the necessary aspects of the invention.

This includes embodiments where the "wheels" are rudders, floats, skis, etc for non-land applications.

This invention was published 12/4/2015 by Marcus DiMarco and has been untouched since 12/4/2015. Any further modifications or additions will be either left in the comments below or on another post.


Cat Pee Vaporizer Spray. Get rid of Ammonia smell for good!

Gets rid of the root cause of cat urine odor. Not only does the slight acidity neutralize the ammonia and is totally fabric safe, but the oxygenating power will inactivate the ammonia smell for good. It turns the ammonia into a salt that doesn't smell and even can literally vaporize out of carpet, floors, fabric, etc when it gets warm. Leaves no fragrance or residue. Simply pour the concentrate bottle into a larger bottle or spray bottle of appropriate size and fill up with water and simply spray onto cat messes. Make sure it soaks in well, wiping away after to clean up is best but not necessary to neutralize the odor.

Free shipping on any order, ships priority when you buy $30+ in items

Cat Pee Vaporizer 1 oz concentrate (makes 32 oz)

One bottle $6

Two bottles $9

Special: 1 oz concentrate (makes 1 gallon)
One bottle $15

120 drops dilute nitric acid (~10% concentration or using the method below) added to 32 oz distilled water.

Purchasing from this website will be a 1 oz bottle of concentrate that can be poured into a 32 oz spray bottle and filled with water.

The nitric acid is prepared in the following procedure: (or you can use a ~10% nitric acid solution)

400g Potassium Nitrate
400mL distilled water

Add the potassium nitrate to water and mix well warm to 55 deg C
Very slowly add 200 mL concentrated sulfuric acid
Keep at 55 C to cook for roughly 1 hour
Elevate temperature to 80-85 C and condense vapor under vacuum to collect dilute nitric acid.


The hidden cure for heavy metals mercury and lead poisoning toxicity?Potassium Nitrate chelation

We've been thinking about heavy metals all wrong.

Our thought has been "heavy metals stick to sulfur in proteins. Therefore we must make special sulfur molecules that "grab on" really hard to heavy metals to remove them. Lets call them chelators"

This is backwards from what we want to do. First of all metals make it into the body in ionic (dissolved) form. What then happens is that while the liver or kidneys try to excrete them, or they just hang around in the body too long, they get reduced out of the ionic form and precipitate into metallic deposits. These metallic deposits are what we need to target. However chelators can only get at the ionic (dissolved) form. So chelators will never remove your heavy metal burden. Make sense?

Alright. Now the question becomes "how can we dissolve the metallic deposits in the body?" Surprisingly I believe I am the first person to actually ask the right question. Finding the right question is infinity more important than getting a correct answer.

Surprisingly I also believe I am one of the only people who could discover the answer to that question reasonably quickly. The answer is nitrates. For a chemist who knows nothing about biology that answer should be on the tip of their tongue. Their innocent mind hadn't been polluted by big pharma propaganda.

So how would nitrates work to dissolve the heavy metal deposits? Well let me tell you a quick story. For my own personal use I bought some Iron nitrate; to work on dissolving graphite into graphene. The graphene and hence iron nitrate was going to be used to make wootz steel that I was interested in. However it just took too much fuel to make and I don't live in a forest with infinite wood to burn so I shelved the project as well as iron nitrate. But this was before I had nitric acid and I wanted to dissolve some vanadium as a supplement and I had the bright idea of using the iron nitrate to help dissolve it. It worked and I took some of my solution. Only problem was it took lots and lots of iron nitrate just to dissolve a little bit of vanadium. I didn't think anything of it until I took some and I started noticing heart palpitations and lightheadedness and seeing red shapes and hallucinations when I closed my eyes. I took bunches of sodium sulfate and vitamin C and it slowly subsided and I came back to functionality. I realized the iron nitrate was lab grade (since I originally bought it not for food use but for making steel) I freaked out and realized I probably mercury poisoned myself since mercury is a common contaminant in iron nitrate.

Well it has been several months from that episode and while I am pretty much back to normal, I still get heart palpitations/skipping a beat regularly now which is not normal for me so I know I still have some residual mercury in my body. Sulfate is what attaches strongly to mercury but taking large doses of sodium sulfate over long periods of time just hasn't done it for me. But what should have been obvious to me is that there is only one reason why lots of mercury could make it into the iron nitrate; because nitrate (nitric acid) dissolves mercury and lead and arsenic and everything else so well. Then it dawned on me; if dirty nitrate could get mercury into my system so well, then clean nitrate could get it out. A couple days ago I started taking sizable doses of potassium nitrate and I am noticing some dramatic improvements, my heart skips a beat much less frequently and with less intensity when it does. *edit* the nitrate didn't cure it really but I think it is a part of the puzzle. Taking dilute phosphoric acid extracted hibiscus flowers seems to be helping too. So tannic acid binds iron so I may have been iron toxic too.

Heavy metals need to be oxidized to be dissolved and sulfur reduces them, the opposite. The body does use nitrate as an oxidant and it is most likely catalyzed by sulfate (sulfuric acid) so both of these are important to have in the body.

I get my potassium nitrate from seedranch: https://www.etsy.com/listing/218876684/saltpeter-potassium-nitrate-food-grade?ref=shop_home_active_2

I get sodium sulfate from dudadiesel: http://www.dudadiesel.com/choose_item.php?id=10ssf

I love both of these companies! Great products.


Ionic calcium phosphate reverses soft tissue calcification, and don't take calcium with food

This is counter-intuitive right? We are told that everyone gets too much calcium and that is why we get calcification of soft tissues and heart attacks and things like that. We are also told that vitamin D increases calcium absorption. Well that is all ignorant BS. Not only bloggers... but presumed "doctors" and "scientists" say these things. All of these "experts" need a big slap in the face by chemistry (and basic biology).

Vitamin D

First of all vitamin D does not improve calcium absorption. The idiot scientists who put this out need to be tried in a court of law because they know this is BS and are laughing about it. Only people ignorant of basic chemistry would fall for this. The study everyone cites to claim this is the case people were given calcium carbonate, milk, and calcium carbonate with vitamin D. They used calcium excretion (calcium in the urine) to determine absorption. First of all this is a bad way to measure absorption, even worse than looking at the blood. So the biology is something is absorbed from the gut and transported to the blood. from the blood it can be integrated into tissues or be excreted (bile, urine, sweat, etc). So first of all even if they tested the blood they wouldn't know how much was integrated into tissues or how much was coming out of tissues. Unless they used radioactive calcium so they know where it came from, they don't know whether the blood calcium is coming from the tissues, went into the tissues, or was there from the supplementation. But they used something even worse, urine. Urine has all the problems as the blood above but adds more problems. The other problems are that the calcium could have stayed in the blood, could have been integrated into tissues, could have come out of tissues, or could have been reabsorbed out of the urine in the kidney before excreted.

So anyway a good scientist with a basic knowledge of biology would be able to navigate these waters by good experimental design. this paper had terrible design. The results were that milk calcium was "absorbed" least. Better was calcium carbonate, and much better was the calcium carbonate+vitd group. the truth is likely the opposite, the milk group probably had the most calcium added to the bones, calcium carbonate worse, and calcium carbonate+vitD much worse. Why do I say that? Because much more calcium is being EXCRETED from the body in the vit D group! Knowing basic biology this makes sense; vitamin D stimulates osteoclast activity...osteoclasts break down bones and lead to excretion of calcium!

So now we can explain why the vitamin D group excreted more calcium, because vitamin D causes bones to be broken down. Now we need to look at real bioavailability. Any chemist-biologist would know that you need to dissolve minerals fully in order for them to be absorbed. This only happens about 10% to calcium carbonate in the stomach acid. And that is if you take it with food. You should NOT take calcium with food though as calcium and magnesium both inactivate digestive enzymes. So taking calcium carbonate on an empty stomach you are only absorbing about 5%. Vitamin D is a fat and simply will not help calcium to dissolve which is the rate limiting step. Yes vitamin D upregulates calbindin which effects calcium absorbtion in the gut HOWEVER calbindin needs ionic calcium to bind! It cannot bind calcium carbonate or whatever other forms. It must be ionic. So you cannot improve calcium carbonate absorption with vitamin d because making the calcium carbonate dissolve is the problem.


Now, why was less calcium excreted from milk? Because the milk calcium went to the bones instead of the urine! Milk contains lots of phosphorous which is required to build bones.

Correct Calcium supplementation reverses calcification

Alright so now why does taking ionic calcium phosphate reverse soft tissue calcification? Its simple. When you don't have enough calcium what does your body want to do? Hold on to all of the calcium it can. Makes sense right? You don't want to be generous with calcium if you don't have enough for yourself. So calcium is not broken down in the body. This happens system wide; even though your body should get rid of soft tissue calcifications to feed it to the bones the body honestly isn't that sophisticated. It uses hormones to regulate calcium and hormones go throughout the body. So for your body to tell your bones to not break down calcium, soft tissues get the same message unfortunately. So it would make sense that when you get enough calcium then your body loosens its grip on the mineral and you start to dissolve soft tissue calcifications. This is exactly what I have seen. I have been taking magnesium, silica, even vitamin d in the past and I have always had a calcification in the muscle on my shin. I figured since these players, even especially silica, didn't work, then it was just too late for me, I must just be getting old. Well I added ionic calcium phosphate, and it was difficult for me to even find the calcification! it shrunk a ton and instead of hard bony feeling, it feels slick/slippery like it is dissolving. I'm sure the magnesium and especially silica I am taking is helping the process a lot, but adding the calcium was the missing ingredient. Also I have been taking no vitamin D for a while so it isn't that.

Here is the misleading calcium bio-availability paper:



Perfect dairy-free natural chocolate milk recipie and my diet

I have been building my diet from scratch. I started with pinto beans and olive oil. I literally ate only this for many months with the occasional can of salmon and bag of nuts. But beans and oil was enough to survive pretty well.

Next I added hot sauce. Mainly to combat candida and other microorganisms that as humans we have to constantly either fight or accept, and if you accept them you will die young. The hotsauce was made of peppers and garlic and salt. Right now my recipie is plenty of jalepenos, about 1/2 head of garlic (several cloves) and 2 tsp of salt. I use this entire amount of hot sauce mixed with 2-3 cups dry pinto beans that are then cooked. Then I measure in about 5 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil. This alone was my entire diet for weeks on end. I did pretty well on it, the hot sauce improved my sleep (presumably because it fought liver candida) and also improved my energy substantially.

However when I went to a supermarket I always had a craving for nuts. Not exactly sure why but I did. I would get Forager bottles of nut-smoothie type drinks and loved them. Only problem was they were like $5 per bottle. I set out to make my own.

So I did make my own and it started to get very good. My best recipie now is a smooth creamy chocolate milk. Here is the recipie:

3 Tbsp oats
3 tbsp cashews
1 tsp vanilla extract or 1/2 tsp vanilla powder
1 tbsp ghiradelli bittersweet chocolate powder
2 tbsp cane sugar
pinch of salt
optional 1/8 tsp food grade DE (to help preserve powder)
this amount of powder is good for 500mL water

You can pre-blend the ingredients dry to make a chocolate milk powder (just add water) or add all the ingredients to a blender and blend. Turns out awesome.

I feel this is a new additional staple in my diet and I feel it can help anyone achieve good health absolutely deliciously. If anyone is interested in doing this with me as a buisness venture selling the dry powder to health food stores let me know.


The Pale horse and the age of Cults. The new age 2012 and beyond.

I have been spending time for over a couple years now trying to understand our place in the ages. It seemed to me like something is happening in the world. I stumbled upon comets and after a little skeptical study, started to realize that comets were linked to world affairs and that the bible also seems to agree with this; from comets in early christian paintings, to astrological signs the wisemen studied to predict christ's birth.

From NatureHacker blog

I started tracing back a hidden line of comets back from ISON. ISON was a very significant comet by all accounts, it is very rare we see a comet like it. I also looked to see if there was a comet around the time of christ and there was. Ison bieng green reminded me of the pale horse. The 15AD comet reminded me of the white horse of revelation. It just so happens there were two others, one in 1347 AD at the start of the black death called Negra, and one I believe in the 600's.

These comets all line up with significant happenings in the world and even something more interesting...666. Each of these comets were 666 years apart exactly. When I found that out I was floored. This is the real deal.

So comet ISON in 2012/2013 ushered in the new age, the age I believe is the age of cults. The first comet ushered in the age of Rome the Conquerer. The second comet ushered in the age of Islam and the bloodshed that went with that. The third comet or horse issued in the age of plague and bankers (the horseman holding scales). Our current 4th horsemen is issuing in the age of cults.

The interesting thing about these events is that with the exception of mabye the black horse, every other horse has been ushered in gradually without an abrupt change all at once. The startings of the new age always began up to 100 years before the comet appeared. For example islam was founded dozens of years before the time. Rome started becoming the conquerer dozens of years before the comet, bankers (including the rennaissance ideas which were funded by debt) and plagues were starting over a hundred years before the comet. And now cults have sprung up recently, even over 100 years ago the mormon and jehova's witness cults began. The cult of apple also comes to mind as forerunners to the new age, eugenics cult, illuminati cult, Manson cult, scientology, ISIS, KKK, Black lives matter, etc. This is what the next age is going to look like. Every single one of them has dead bodies in the closet. They are cults of death and their members will meet thier end in a variety of ways that revelation predicts. Also personality cults and idols like celebrities are forerunners to what is to come.

When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth. rev.6 7-8


Green Dragon's Blood "hot sauce" coming soon!

I put the hot sauce in quotes because I didn't make this to be a hot sauce (well I kinda did). This product was developed (and still being tweaked) in order to yes be a hot sauce and flavoring agent but also more importantly being a detox health tonic and candida fighter. Using this product I have noticed bigger improvements to energy and sleep than anything else. It really is a magic bullet.

It is still under development but the current ingredient list (organized loosely on amounts in descending order):

Serrano Peppers
Himalayan sea salt
70% food grade ethanol

This is blended raw in a high speed blender, then filtered through activated carbon to reduce any allergens from the peppers and then concentrated by evaporation. This is the same extraction process as my naturehacker oil hop extract and my future echinacea root extract as well. Lets call it the NHED (NatureHacker extraction and detoxification) process.


Heart Palpitations are caused by allergy

Sometimes it is hard for me to write articles because I want everything to be perfect and well referenced but that is not always practical. So I feel this topic could save someones life so I have to get it out there even if it isn't perfect. Please web search the things I bring up especially using the google scholar search engine.

Heart Palpitations are allergy.

Roughly 20 years ago, before I was even 10, my heart started skipping a beat once in a while. In my teens it got worse along with many other health signs including chest pain (which is your heart don't listen to the docs telling you otherwise) so I tried getting healthier and running. It is funny that common sense actually tends to be right; thinking back with what I know now making a connection between running helping on a biological level is difficult but possible to make. It is probably from the increased NADPH production from exercising but I digress.

In my 20's especially mid 20's it got quite bad. Heart pain was common for me. I always hoped the pain was just my ribs, but what it is is referred pain, so it signifies the heart is being damaged from inflammation and your body is referring the pain to the surface to tell you where the problem lies. My heart was also skipping beats pretty much daily.

I somehow found a connection with gluten online and cut gluten out of my diet. Almost instantly the pain and skipping beats went away! I was so excited, I told someone at church who had been having stents and was on his last few years of life about it and I hope he cut out his homemade bread which was a staple in his meals and I hope to have saved his life. I also proposed the idea to my boss in cardiac biology that gluten antibodies were causing heart damage but she got mad at the notion. But I knew it was true from my own personal experience.

Fast forward a few years and I had been off gluten but the pain and skipping beats (arrhythmia) had resurfaced but to a smaller extent. It didn't take me too long to make an even deeper connection; oxidation and allergy. It turns out heart palpitations are strongly associated to inflammation, which can be caused by oxidation conditions and any allergies. So just like I knew it was the allergic gluten antibody response causing my heart problems, it can be any other allergy response too. So armed with this knowlege whenever I got palpitattions I took activated charcoal and it invariably reduced or eliminated the palpitations right away. I never thought I had allergies, no watery eyes, sneezing, nose running but my allergy symptoms were hidden. My most common allergy symptoms are hair loss, constipation, and heart pain. Not really the best symptoms to get lol.

Another source of the issue is oxidation. So heavy metals and lack of anti-oxidants in the body can allow the pain/palpitations to come back. My product Restitution was designed to combat this.

Thanks for listening and I hope this helps many people really understand what is behind heart pain/palpitations and how to solve them!


Restitution full historic documentation

People are enjoying Restitution and I am very proud of it and feel I have it locked in pretty well now. I want to compile the history of it here so you can always reference what batches you were using and how the product evolved over time. It will continue to evolve as I learn more about human metabolism and chemistry; and any changes and the date they went into effect will be recorded here.

"Whatever it is you're doing there - I'm a believer. Constipation is much less of a problem after only a few days and energy seems to have stabilized somewhat too." -person taking super advanced detox cleanse and 27.1 restitution.

Restitution 22 9/20/16

Thiamin mononitrate (B1) 90mg
Riboflavin (B2) 60mg
Nicotinamide (B3) 54mg
Choline (B4.1) removed because pesticides in air make choline toxic to us
L-Carnitine (B4.2) removed because methionine in it degrades
Inosine (~B4.3, ~B14,~B15) 90mg
Pantothenic acid (B5) 51mg
Pyroxidine (B6) 18mg
Biotin (B7) 6mg
Inositol (B8,~B9) 180mg
Folic acid (B9) 1.2mg
PABA (B10, ~B9) 36mg
(B11- salicylic acid (not included,allergen))
(B12- not a real b-vitamin see WotR for cobalt)
Calcium orotate (B13) 12mg
(B14-see inosine)
Trimethylglycine (~B15,~B16) 30mg
Ribose 60mg
Glucosamine 39mg

Methionine removed cause degrades
Taurine 138mg
Lysine 90mg
Glycine 72mg
Cysteine (Moved to Staybl)
Tryptophan 60mg
Tyrosine 48mg
Arginine 60mg
Serine 48mg
Glutamic acid removed cause excitotoxin

Food grade diatomaceous earth 150mg 

in september 2016 reworked some things, over time the blend was turning color reddish a bit which I think I narrowed down to methionine turning and also carnatine has methionine in it so I removed it too.  Pesticides and glyphosate cause too much acetylcholine in the brain so I removed choline.  Moved cysteine to a new product envirotox and also lowered tryptophan and tyrosine moving those to envirotox too.  Raised things required for p450 metabolism to support pesticide removal to work in synergy with envirotox.

Restitution 27.3.2 documentation 


Thiamin mononitrate (B1) 70.31 mg
Riboflavin (B2) 23.4mg
Nicotinamide (B3) 30mg
Choline (B4.1) 46.9mg
L-Carnitine (B4.2) 58.6mg
Inosine (~B4.3, ~B14,~B15) 46.9mg
Pantothenic acid (B5) 40mg
Pyroxidine (B6) 14mg
Biotin (B7) 4.7mg
Inositol (B8,~B9) 107.8mg
Folic acid (B9) 1mg
PABA (B10, ~B9) 28.1mg
(B11- salicylic acid (not included))
(B12- not a real b-vitamin see WotR for cobalt)
Calcium orotate (B13) 9.37mg
(B14-see inosine)
Trimethylglycine (~B15,~B16) 23.4mg
Ribose 30.5mg
Glucosamine 30.5mg

Methionine 70.3mg
Taurine 107.8mg
Lysine 70.3mg
Glycine 56.3mg
Cysteine 126.6mg
Tryptophan 103.1mg
Tyrosine 46.9mg
Arginine 37.5mg
Serine 37.5mg
Glutamic acid 46.9mg

Food grade diatomaceous earth 117.2mg 

Restitution has undergone some major changes since 27.1.  Sodium sulfate, vitamin c, and citric acid were removed in an attempt to acieve a more shelf stable product.  Also calcium chloride is included in an outer bag as a dessicant. The stability still isn't perfect and next iteration I will also remove L-Cystiene and move that to Stabyl.  I don't have time to go over everything but compare each ingredient if you want.  Glutamic acid was added because I am convinced it helps detox the probable folic acid inhibitors contaminating our environment.  Tryptophan was boosted when I found out it is used to detox roundup glyphosate and parathion.  Serine was added when I found out it represents an essential class of amino's.  PABA was added and inosine boosted when I was convinced it is used to make folic acid.

Restitution 27.1 documentation

695mg per capsule 2-4 per day
Per 2 capsules:

Ascorbic Acid (vit C) 84.37mg
Thiamin mononitrate (B1) 70.31 mg
Riboflavin (B2) 23.44mg
Nicotinamide (B3) 14.06mg
Choline (B4.1) 46.87mg
Acetyl L-carnitine (~B4.2) 46.84mg
Inosine (~B4.3) 14.06mg
Pantothenic acid (B5) 25.78mg
Pyroxidine (B6) 9.37mg
Biotin (B7) 4.69mg
Inositol (B8) 70.31mg
Folic acid (B9,~B10) 281.22mcg
Calcium orotate (B13) 9.37mg
Trimethylglycine (~B16) 18.75mg
Ribose 18.75mg
Glucosamine 23.44mg
Citric acid 9.37 mg

Methionine 42.18mg
Taurine 117.18mg
Lysine 117.18mg
Glycine 93.74mg
Cysteine 140.61mg
Tryptophan 56.24mg
Tyrosine 37.5mg
Arginine 37.5mg

Sodium sulfate 140.61mg
Food grade diatomaceous earth 117.18mg


<<27.1 notes- This product was completed between Aug 31st to Sept 2nd and started shipping on orders placed thereafter. It had less methionine since not only did I believe it was the methionine in the last batch that went bad, but methionine is metabolized to homocystiene so there is no reason to have as much of it as I did previously. I got new methionine along with 4 more ingredients that I found would be beneficial to human metabolism. Once this was put into capsules they were set out exposed to the air to see if it degraded. It did slightly degrade but didn't produce noticeable allergy effects, possibly slight itching for me. So this batch was always double bagged to prevent the degradation. As long as it was protected from air/moisture no allergic effects were noticed and many positive effects were reported by myself and others who ordered this batch. Also starting the week of september 14th a tea bag of diatomaceous earth was added as a desiccant. It is stored as a bulk powder and encapsulated to order to help prevent degradation during storage. Will be updated to 27.2 by mid october. Changes will include thiamine hcl instead of mononitrate and L-carnatine instead of acetyl l carnatine. Reasoning is the nitrate is too reactive and makes product too moisture sensitive and I believe the non acetyl version of L-car is more natural and clean and less reactive in the product>>

Restitution 23 (legacy)
695mg per capsule 2-4 per day

Per 2 capsules:

Thiamin mononitrate (B1) 70.31 mg
Riboflavin (B2) 23.44mg
Niacinamide (B3) 14.06mg
Choline (B4) 46.87mg
Pantothenic acid (B5) 25.78mg Pyroxidine (B6) 9.37mg
Biotin (B7) 4.69mg
Inositol (B8) 84.37mg
Folic acid (B9) 281.22ug
Betaine (Trimethylglycine) 23.44mg
Ribose 18.75mg
Vitamin C 84.37mg

Methionine 93.74mg
Lysine 117.18mg
Tyrosine 46.87mg
Arginine 46.87mg
Glycine 93.74mg
Cysteine 140.61mg
Tryptophan 70.31mg
Acetyl L-Carnitine 46.84mg
Taurine 117.18mg

Sodium sulfate 140.61mg
Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 70.31mg

<<23 notes- This version came into being after more research and was finalized for release Aug 13, 2015. It was decided boric acid and silica would leave this product and join either staybl or nectar of gaia since this product is not focused on minerals except sulfur. MCT was obviously omitted because it went bad last time. After a lot of metabolic research many more compounds were added. This batch went bad over time outside airtight storage. Red specks appeared. It caused slight allergic reactions in a couple people who took it after it turned red including itchiness and worsening of migraines. Others reported no negative effects. My best guess is it was a combination of an almost expired batch of methionine reacting with the mononitrate from the thiamin, possibly alcar involved as well. I recalled these batches and promised to replace with next batch. These batches would have shipped Aug 13-28th. I recalled the batch aug 28th 2015 >>

Restitution basic (legacy)

thiamin 108.6mg
C 162.9mg
methionine 81.45mg
taurine 81.45mg
lysine 81.45mg
sodium sulfate 81.45mg
glycine 81.45mg
mct 81.45mg
DE 54.3mg
boric acid 16.29mg
silica 16.29mg

<<1 basic notes- I started formulation early july (roughly the 7th) 2015 of this product and finalized the protocol for production july 10th. I had been doing research on a comprehensive health protocol May 26th and by july 10th I created the restitution branch. The other branches are nectar of gaia and staybl. The diatomaceous earth was added to improve shelf life and scavenge moisture, it also may help absorption. This batch went visibly bad like a day later and thus this entire first batch was discarded. Looks like the MCT oil granules reacted with possibly the thiamin mononitrate. Batches that shipped around this time up until roughly august would have been a version of this without the MCT.>>

*Legacy/custom versions can be made with any tweaks you want. Minimum order is 500 capsules and may take a week or two to ship.*


The Aether: A "dark light" photon field cloud

The Aether is a subject that is treated like "quack science" by the mainstream but some very intelligent people believed it like Nikola Tesla even after it was looked down on by incumbent scientists.

From NatureHacker blog

Many people now are catching on to a theory of the transformer sun. If you monitor the sun much you will realize that it doesn't seem to follow the pattern that you would expect from a solid object, or at least an object that has more energy the closer to the core you get. It seems like functionally the sun is hollow. So what would be powering the sun? Well if we look at any other thing in existence nothing is self powered, everything gains energy from outside the system. We eat food, plants eat dirt, the earth eats solar energy. It would only make sense the sun eats something.

Well according to the transformer sun theory of Eric Dollard, there is some sort of energy the sun is transforming into light and heat but he isn't sure if it is even knowable by humans. He is right, whatever the sun is eating, it is invisible to humans. What could be invisible and unmeasurable? How can that be?

In comes the photon field theory. Photons are so small, an electron dwarfs them in size. The only reason we can sense light (photons) is because the photons are moving so fast that they excite electrons in anything they hit. This excitation is how our eyes work and all other photosensitive detectors. But what if light were stationary. Would we be able to see it? Certainly not. There would be absolutely no way to sense it. There are no particles we have to "bounce off of it" in order to get a reading on what is out there. We couldn't feel stationary light with our hands. We couldn't see it because it doesn't have enough energy to light up our rods and cones. We couldn't use sonar to find it because sound waves would go right through it. Everything would go right through it. Except...mabye something that was designed to interact with it like the sun. The sun may eat dark photons like a baleen whale eats krill.

The aether, the sun's power source, may be a field of photons in the universe. Relatively stationary, a lot like a cloud of gas. Speeding Light actually behaves just like a speeding gas. The fuzzy shadow when you move an object closer to a light source shows that the light stream is expanding in a quantum mechanical (probablistic/random) way. A gas stream is similarly probablistic.

What if light is a gas and there are big clouds of it in space that act as star food? I think the probability is astronomical.

The key to space travel would be figuring out how to interact with this "dark light" and using it like a medium to gain traction. Can we ionize dark photons? Can we absorb them? Can we push them? Answering these questions will make real space travel possible. (none of this soundstage/CGI PR stunts).


Scheduling rest: Musing, revisiting, and creating vision

The most important thing you can schedule is rest. Rest is not the be-all end-all though, if the body is lacking in nutrients no matter how much you rest you will never be rested. A product like Restitution helps with that part. But we do need rest and not just rest, but reflection and imagination.

From NatureHacker blog

The bible has an excellent schedule of rest and revitalization. Rest every seventh day, have holidays several times a year, rest every 7th year, special time of freedom every 7th 7th (49th) year. Very intricate and elaborate and an excellent foundation of rest for us to consider following.

However a prescription is never the final word; just like I have several products (some still in development but sadc, restitution, nectar of gaia, and staybl) which I designed to be used by everyone every day, but that doesn't mean that regimen can meet everyones unique needs. In the same way the biblical prescription for rest doesn't meet every unique human need.

We as humans need more than time off, we need fresh vision which comes from reflection, musing, and revisiting. I have decided that next year I am not going to innovate. Even though I could say my motto is "innovation is life", still there is a time to not press forward and rather turn backwards and remaster, rework and reconcile.

Instead of innovating next year I am going to improve my website, improve all of my current products, tune in the recipes even more precisely, strengthen relationships, start an email list, etc. I know all too well companies can often loose their best most active customers by not fixing the problems that already exist and instead plow forward with new products. I don't want to be a company like that.

So this next year will have no new products. I will focus on consolidating my current products and tweaking them and improving their documentation.

Cheers to next year, a year of organization and defragmenting life.


NatureHacker PC (NHPC) coming soon!

The NatureHacker Personal Computer is coming soon. Yes that is correct, a personal computer. And though there are already a bunch of options out there NONE are made taking into account the things that as a "Hacker" I feel are important.

From NatureHacker blog

(may not look exactly like this, still sourcing cases)

First everything needs to be Linux compatible. Microsoft is, as we know, a force of evil, suppression, monopoly, and of course privacy violation. Linux is open source and can do everything windows can (especially because a windows emulator called WINE will be preinstalled), is free forever, and is much more secure from NSA spying and less prone to virus' than windows.

So in that way we dodge the windows bullet. However there is one more bullet we need to dodge; AMD and especially Intel processors. Insiders have leaked the very likely probability that the NSA/FBI have muscled their way into adding backdoors in these processors. What this means is that they can remotely see what you are doing on your computer even if you have everything encrypted. The processor backdoor is the most powerful possibility of spying that exists.

Thankfully there is one other processor option that can run windows programs; VIA. VIA is an amazing american company whose headquarters is located in Taiwan which is great that they can avoid US government pressure. All of their prototypes are named after biblical prophets; VIA is fighting the establishment and we should support them. They forced the monopolist Intel to license the x86 architecture (required to run windows programs) which Intel fights very hard to not allow. VIA just created its most powerful processor to date; 2.0 ghz quad core. Not only is this a great processor competitive with the big names but also it is made for use in ultra small computers.

Some necessary factors; linux preinstalled and ready to go, ability to install windows programs, VIA processor, very small size, solid state super fast hard drive and boot-up, HDMI/VGA/DVI monitor output, USB 3.0, ability to power a graphics card, internal built in wifi, quiet/cool/reliable operation. I have developed this and am very excited to get the first one built and listed for sale.

So there it is. NatureHacker PC features will include:

Targeted price point: $600 free shipping no tax
Very small computer
Powerful 2 ghz quad core processor
8gb DDR3 memory
60gb SSD hard drive
VIA multimedia graphics
Internal wifi
Operating system and software preinstalled and ready to go: just add keyboard, mouse, and moniter.

Stay tuned if all goes according to plan I will offer the first for sale in a few weeks!


Hair regrowth tonic loss remedy Iodine and Silica

1oz hair regrowth tonic - $12
**Discontinued for now, cause of hairloss turns out to probably be fat oxidation. This is likely from BPA which is probably the primary cause. Vitamin E can help and also glucuronic aid taken daily should help the body detox BPA. Hop oil ibternally or applied to the scalp should also help by its humulene content**

Have you wanted there to be a truly natural and effective hair loss remedy? Well here it is. Silica is negatively charged and will help displace bacteria and fungus that infect the hair folicles and cause hairloss. Iodine will also help to build defense and immunity against these DHT sebum toxin producing microbes. 10% iodine and 10% soluble silica is used with 80% distilled water also as of 11/24/2015 200mg ionic zinc phosphate is also added. Made fresh to order.


How to make ethanol alcohol free and cheap in a survival situation

Obviously you don't want to drink this alcohol, but alcohol has many uses like fuel and solvents. Yeast like any other creature need complete nutrition and how do you do that when you don't have access to complex ingredients in a societal collapse?

urine pee piss survival basic free all natural organic beer alcohol ethanol therapy drink your good for you healthy urea nitrogen glucuronic acid distillation at home simple cheap situation yeast
From NatureHacker blog

Urine. Thats right. Urine is an excellent source of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus and all the trace elements. The only other thing they need are carbohydrates. Sugar works, fruit juice, things like that.

Here is a recipie I designed. It is called SPY broth. Sweet Pee Yeast broth ;).

200 mL Clean sterile urine (about 1 urination)
200g Sugar (1 heaping cup)
1/4 tsp active dry yeast
Fill up to 1 L with pure water

Mix this up and let sit 4-5 days. It should reach roughly 15% ethanol. You should be able to comfortably expect 100mL of pure alcohol from that recipe for literally just a quarter or two.

And thats it! If it is legal you can distill it to roughly 95% ethanol which would be very clean and can be used as a solvent or fuel, cars will run on it even, and you can make alcohol lamps. Scrub it with some activated charcoal powder and you have a product that would rival Grey Goose lol. To scrub it with activated charcoal in 100mL of ethanol mix in 1 tsp of activated charcoal powder, mix well, and filter through a coffee filter. In a situation where you don't have a coffee filter you can add 1 tsp diatomaceous earth or alum and stir in to make it settle out so the ethanol can be poured off clean and clear.


I have a plan to change the world

I am not running this site to make money. The truth is I am running this site to stay alive, lets be honest I wouldn't be this motivated to perfect a whole range of dozens of products if I didn't need to. I would just make things here and there and give them away if I didn't need any money. But I do need some money (currently $200 a month) to survive.

From NatureHacker blog

I have only been running this site for around 2 months. At first I was anxious if I would be able to meet my needs. Well this last month has been bonkers. I can hardly keep up with the $100+ after $100+ orders that keep rolling in! It is really trying my ability to maintain inventory, and order, and make these complex products and get them out in a reasonable time frame.

So what I am saying here is I went from hardly any income at all to off the wall almost too much. I know how to run a constitutional company and I know how we progress from here.

I will never hire anyone. I can just feel it in my bones that boss-employee relationship is NEVER healthy. Our republic was built on sole proprietorships so that is how I am running this.

So I need your help. For this to grow is I need copycats. Not in a bad way, that is how we take over the world. All my recipes are open source and I will give you all my sources to buy raw materials and teach you the techniques. You make your own site and it is free and opening a merchant account only costs $25 a month to accept payments. I will link to your site to drive traffic there.

This is how we get these life changing products to everyone on earth. No monopolistic corporation needed. True vibrant grassroots is the way forward and this is how we do it. You copy my methods to get a start and build a customer base and branch off from there. Tweak/improve the recipes, whatever.

I am committed that these products will get to everyone on the planet rich and poor. The way we do it will be revolutionary in itself.


"NatureHacker Oil" Hop Organic tincture concentrate extractpowerfulanti-inflammatory,anti-cancer, relaxant

Organic NatureHacker Oil has arrived!

This is a full spectrum Hop ultra concentrated extract. Just 1 dropper full per day is plenty for the anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-diabetic, and calming and mood boosting effects found to be present in the components of Hops.

rick simpson oil source naturehacker nature hacker hops essential cancer natural cure extract hop humulene humulone carophyllene myrcene inflammation diabetes cbd cannabis thc free
From NatureHacker blog

1 oz hop extract - $15

Isomerize my entire NatureHacker oil order- $5
(if not every bottle then leave a note in checkout how many bottles to isomerize) Read below for details.

This oil is named after my brand for a reason, I feel this extract is indispensable to help treat every issue we now face in society. Every beneficial compound made it into this extract from the water soluble alpha acids like Humulone to the oils Humulene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. All of which have been found to have anti-inflammatory and/or anti-cancer effects in laboratory experiments!

I have now transitioned to using only organic hops.  This is important because non-organic hops is allowed a high Roundup residue.  Hops are incredibly powerful, I would venture to say it has more medical potential than even cannabis oil.

Made as follows: 4 oz of whole dried organic hops. 0.8 L of 70% ethanol (everclear) is activated charcoal filtered then added to the hops and blended using a powerful commercial blender for roughly 20 minutes. This is then filtered, then activated charcoal mixed in and filtered to remove waxes and other impurities that would limit absorbtion. If you opted for the isomerized (iso) extract ($5 extra) the product is then reflux boiled in glassware at 90-100c for 2 hours to convert the humulone present into iso-humulone. They are two somewhat different animals so I suggest trying both raw and iso.

Both humulone and iso-humulone have shown anti-cancer effects in the laboratory so I am not sure if one is better than the other. Iso when dropped straight onto the tongue is bitter but tolerable whereas Raw is not bitter and grassy at first then it sneaks up on you and stings the tongue. Both when diluted in water are tolerable to drink. Personally I like raw better to help me sleep.

It is made in all glassware and is charcoal filtered for the highest purity and hypo-allergenicity. If you are allergic to hops test this first on the skin to make sure you don't get a reaction.


Biofilms series

A series of articles focused on explaining why intestinal health is vital to healing chronic conditions and maintaining a robust body.
  1. Intro: Biofilms and disease
  2. Next article coming soon

Biofilms 1  
Biofilms and disease 

What they are 
Biofilms are infections of gut flora (digestive bacteria, yeasts and viuses). They live in colonies, and the most common cause of biofilms are airborn bacteria. The thin film that forms on your teeth are a good example of biofilms, which form cavities when they are left too long without brushing and changing one’s diet. 
Because biofilms are formed of living organisms, they react to threat to their survival like any animal, and learn to fight off any repeated attack.  
They adapt responsively to:  
  • Essential oils 
  • Electroconductivity (Zapping and Rife therapy) 
  • Food preservatives (of all kinds) 
  • Antibiotics 
  • Specific diets (paleo, vegetarian, aktinsetc) 
  • Herbal medicines 
  • Toxic halides (bromide and mercury/quicksilver) 
  • Dental amalgam fillings (“Silver fillings”) 

Under any attack, there is the potential for biofilms to form in the gut (intestinal tract). Primarily it happens from a poor diet, when a person is under too much repetitive stress, or when one of the above threats changes the balance of species of gut flora living in the gut.   
Many species can form biofilms, and this happens when one or more of these species has the chance to become dominant in the gut, anywhere from the mouth to the rectum. 

Why they matter 
Biofilms are present in an estimated 80% of all infections that occur in the human body1, such as  
  • Vaginal infections 
  • Urinary tract infections 
  • Dental plaque and gingivitis 
  • Cystic fibrosis 
  • Infected skin wounds 
  • Infections on dental implants, including 
  • Hip implants 
  • Bone lengthening devices 
  • Dental implants 
  • Prosthetic heart valves  
  • Intrauterine devices (birth control/Miranda doohickeys) 
However, chronic biofilms in the gut also play a role in chronic conditions. When it takes several weeks to overcome a viral infection such as a cold, flu or other common ailment, the virus is often present in a biofilm colony and being released slowly from it, where the immune system cannot destroy the source of the virus.  
Biofilms are also an important factor in chronic conditions such as mental illness, depression, some forms of cancer, psoriasis, diabetes mellitus (both type 1 and 2), polycystic ovary syndrome, and many other problems.  
It has taken several decades for traditional western medicine to develop the technology needed to observe biofilms active in human and animal tissues, but some alternative medical practitioners have recognized and written about them. Arnold Ehret2 for example, first observed their role in chronic illness and directed people to use fasting to overcome their biofilm burden. His term for biofilms was ‘mucous’. 
Biofilms have gone through many different names. They’ve been called ‘mucoid plaque’, ‘congestion’, ‘FODMAP’s, and more.  

The airborne bacteria candida albicans is one of the recurring causes of biofilms in the human body.  It can be found infecting many places of the body, but a very common example of candidiasis is waking up in the morning with a pale white lining on your tongue. Airborne bacteria and spray-on pesticides are both very good reasons to gently rinse all fresh fruits and vegetables. 
Fermentation bacteria are commonly used in preparing foods, and are found in especially liquor and wine production and baked goods. For example, saccharomyces cerevisiae is used as brewer's yeast for beers, and a closely-related strain of bacteria is used for baker's yeast for all sorts of breads. 

Examples of biofilm-forming microbiota: 
  • Gram-positive bacteria 
  • Bacillus family 
  • Listerius monocytes 
  • Staphylococcus family 
  • Lactic acid bacteria 
  • Gram-negative bacteria 
  • scherichia coli 
  • Psuedonomas aeringinosa 
  • Common fermentation bacteria / yeasts 
  • Candida albicans 
  • Brettanomyces family 
  • Pediococcus family 
  • Saccaromycescervisae 
  • In mother's milk and soil 
  • Clostridium family 
  • Living in plants 
  • Pseudomonas putida  
  • Pseudomonas fluorescens 
  • Rhizobium leguminosarum  
  • Sinorhizobium meliloti   

    1 "Research on microbial biofilms (PA-03-047)". NIH, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. 2002-12-20.
    2 "Dr. (Heinrich) Lahmann said "Every disease is caused by carbonic acid and gas." But he did not learn its source in decayed, uneliminated food substances - the mucus in a state of continuous fermentation.", Arnold Ehret, Mucusless Diet Healing System, ELPC Inc, 1994, page 91