TOOF Paste Open Source homemade Toothpaste invention professional recipe

TOOF Paste is a toothpaste made with 3 simple ingredients.  A powder mix like TEEF Powder (or as simple as calcium carbonate) is the first ingredient however the saponins in TEEF will help the fats to combine with the syrup.  The second ingredient is a low water sugar like honey or maple syrup or agave syrup or even simple syrup.  The third ingredient is an oil or fat or fatty acid or wax or combination, such as coconut oil and/or cocoa butter and/or beeswax and/or lauric acid, etc.

For my iteration of TOOF Paste I will use the following basic ingredients:

21g (a 20g pack) of TEEF Powder
2 1/4 tsp of 100% maple syrup (can be low temperature evaporated or traditional boiled)
1/2 tsp Coconut oil

To make add maple syrup to bowl.  Using a butter knife mix small amounts of powder into the maple syrup until smooth.  Keep adding small amounts of powder and mixing until all is incorporated.  Next add the coconut oil.  The coconut oil gives a better more pasty consistency instead of just a sticky consistency.

Place into a piping bag that you either made or bought using parchment paper or wax paper or whatever (can even just use a ziploc!).  Cut the tip off and squeeze onto a barely moist toothbrush (make sure to wet toothbrush but knock all water off before applying paste).  And brush!

Any more ingredients can be added as desired but the basic open source invention is for these 3 basic ingredients.


Flux Capacitor 2: What is known

So I tried the basic design of my last flux capacitor post and it didn't really work.  I did one relatively positive electrode and one relatively negative electrode and put a capacitor between them.  Turns out mabye they weren't all that dissimilar as some triboelectric series show polyurethane and plastic wrap right next to eachother but other series show them at opposite ends of the spectrum (polyurethane and LDPE).  Anyway I tried with polyurethane and aluminum as well and those also didn't really work.  Sometimes they would gain charge up to mabye 50mv but then discharge themselves.  I sort of noticed this as well with my ungrounded tribogon trials as well so no real progress from that.  However with my dad I found out that having one electrode connected to a capacitor and the other end of the capacitor attached to ground it works consistently (the diagram with a star shown below).  That starred diagram is the only one I know for sure works.  So with that knowlege I sketched up more likely workable multielectrode flux capacitors.  Well it is pretty darn hard to get any + materials to stick to a current collector like aluminum foil so perhaps a series of negative only electrodes would be something, see last pic.  Anyway here are some plausible diagrams for possible flux capacitor designs.

Grounded triboelectric nanogenerator this design was inspired by http://www.nanoscience.gatech.edu/paper/2014/14_AFM_06.pdf

I'm trying to think how to ground something without it being attached to ground and the perspiration effect may work but perhaps it only works if the electrodes are positive as the broken hydrogen bonds will release negative charges.

Negative options are PFA and FEP and Teflon and Positive options are Polyimide film (actually polyimide appears negative too)


Borderlands 3 is looking like the next Anthem, Crash and Burn

I predict that Borderlands 3 (BL3) will be the next Anthem.  What does it mean to be the next anthem?  It means it releases in an unplayable state.  Already with the early reviewers we have seen a high percentage (about 20%) notice game breaking bugs such as glitches that cause the game to crash regularly to even loosing over a half dozen hours of progression and having to start from scratch!  This was even as reviewers were given special debug versions of the game.  We know that Master Bullshitter (can't even call him a Master Debater, but the combo-word he definitely is) Himself; Randy Pitchford didn't intentionally sabotage certain reviewer builds because he denied to give review copies to critical people like Kotaku (which I think foreshadows the Anthem like fallout (unintentional pun) that BL3 is destined to face).  So we can be sure that what the reviewers got was the absolute best custom curated build they could give the reviewers.  And the fact that 20% noticed game breaking bugs is probably on par with what Anthem players experienced at launch.  Perhaps the reason only around 5 or so reviewers were given copies is because Pitchford knew precisely that chances are that only 1 would experience issues and therefore diehard fans would dismiss the complaints.  But when the game is in millions of hands in a couple days (supposedly preloaded tonight!) having hundreds of thousands with game breaking issues; then you are at Anthem level of early release, Beta type launch.

Also what doesn't look good is Gearbox preemptively telling reviewers that they were given "incomplete builds" of the game.  This means they knew there were big issues with the game.  And as we know from Fallout 76 and Anthem, these bugs are not easy nor quick to fix.

And they are Exclusive to the Epic game store (EGS).  This launcher is completely noob, it uses technology from the early 2000s.  Just a few weeks ago Tim Sweeney apologized that preloading BL3 (a feature from 2004) was too much for the EGS to handle.  Well magically Randy Pitchford apparently pulled another rabbit out of his hat and got it to work.  Well it looks like his team just didn't want to face the game bugs glaring them in the face and would rather work on the EGS instead.  IMO; there will probably be big issues with preloading and other issues and bugs related to the EGS.

In conclusion it makes sense that Randy Pitchford and Tim Sweeney are best buds.  They both are not above launching sub-par products way before they are ready for launch.  Grab the popcorn because I forsee a very rocky launch for BL3.  Because who cares about the players 'cause the fans are all dicks and they will buy it anyway -  ammi right Randy?