Harmony 0.3 full spectrum gut detox

This is still pre-1.0 so is not fully ready for release however the recipe is becoming quite mature so I think around 0.5 or 0.6 it may be ready for 1.0.

What is harmony? It is a full gut detox.  It makes the gut inhospitable to all foreign organisms.  It is designed to be taken daily at roughly 1/2 to 1 tbsp.  Harmony also adds antioxidants which are super important for helping with iron overload and other oxidative or toxic metals.  Harmony does not have any laxatives in it but it does help to promote regularity.  This is not a bowel cleanse or flush in the standard way that is done by other products, however it does absolutely cleanse the gut but not by causing diarrhea inducers (like senna) or stool softeners like other products.  Also this does not use potentially unsafe herbs including wormwood, black walnut, or berberine containing herbs.  Products using those herbs are not designed by true herbalists but rather ipad (new version of armchair) experts reading "top ten" lists online.  Harmony was also designed using as many basic herb powders and as few extracts as possible however saponins and most antioxidants need to be extracts so enough can be fit into the product to fulfill their goal.

Herbs and extracts

45g Agrimony hpylori
45g Echinacea haemophilus
45g Ginger campylobacter
30g Cranberry proteus
30g coconut milk powder absorption
30g artichoke glucuronidation
25g Gynostemma extract gram positive clostridium
20g Garlic mycobacterium
20g Mustard pseudomonas
20g Dandelion prions
15g tribulis terrestris extract gram positive baccilis cerus
15g marshmallow smoothness
10g Cinnamon pseudomonas haemophilus
10g oregano ecoli
5g orange peel klebsellia
5g slippery elm slipperyness

Antioxidants and chelators

12g green tea extract 50% polyphenols
10g ip6
10g tumeric powder
7g grape seed extract 95% proanthocyanin
7g pomegranate extract 40% ellagic acid
5g billberry 25% anthocyanins


Things to remove for work on glucuronidation as opposed to iron reduction:

grape seed extract
ginger powder
green tea extract

Things to elevate to work on glucuronidation:
Artichoke (glucuronic acid)
orange peel (limonene)
pomegranate extract
black tea, doesn't help but doesnt hurt

calendula an option for campy

Removed potassium citrate for now dont't want it to effect the compounds.  30g potassium citrate was 20g.  Boosted to lower blood pressure more

12g green tea was 10g.  Boosted to improve antioxidant effect

10g tumeric was 0.  Added because fights e coli and also is strong antioxidant but too much can turn into an oxidant (I think by supressing glucuronidation).  Balance with other antioxidants and glucuronidation promoters like artichoke leaf powder.

30g artichoke leaf powder was 0.  Added to boost glucuronidation.

10g oregano was 0.  Added to fight ecoli but better options like thyme are hallucinogrnic hopefully oregano is not.

5gslippery elm was 0.  Added to increase slipperyness and regularity.

Glucuronidation primer

Estrogen induces cox-2 also linked to glutamate (cox-2 causes inflammation and insomnia and is also induced by iron overload)


Toxic Generation: How Toxins Define Generational Traits

So recently I uncovered that the Millennial generation is defined by elevated birth control rates.  The early 80's is when Birth Control became prevalent.  Not only is this detrimental to the nearly 50% of children born to mothers on the pill, but just having someone on birth control in the family is enough to upset hormonal balance of others in the household as evidenced by males with gynecomastia by just being in a household with a woman on the pill.  All of the negative stereotypes of millenials are symptoms of early exposure to toxic levels of estrogens.  Laziness, overweight, entitled, etc.  Glucuronic acid or calcium glucarate are good ways to detox these estrogens.

Baby Boomers have their own problems.  This generation is defined by water fluoridation.  After the former NAZI's became employed by the US government to help enslave the population, water fluoridation across the US ensued right as Baby Boomers were being born.  Calcified Pineal Glands and fluorosis is the characteristic of this generation leading to superficiality and "standard of living" (white picket fence and 2.5 pets) as being the highest ideal this generation can aspire to.  The reason why baby boomers flocked to organized religion is because they could sense that they were spiritually depraved as their DMT production had been turned off and so their personal connection to the divine was shut down.

Gen Z is the Vaccine Generation.  As the link below shows the millennial generation had around 10 vaccine doses whereas Gen Z has around 72.  Autism rates are huge in this generation.

There is a reason why they started naming the generations X, Y, and Z... Because these "innovations" in fluoride, hormonal sterilization, and Mercury/Virus injection they knew would compound on each-other leading to a population crash ensuing and a docile and submissive slave population.

Welcome to the New World Order.


estrogen detox

glucuronic acid for estrogen detox from tremella fuciformis

NAG and Mg enhance Glucuronidation


FBI still Spying on me with Planes and Helicopters

So on my planned trips I have noticed Medium to small size planes crisscrossing the city behind my path of travel very likely spying on me.  These planes started after my post about being circled by blue and white helicopters.  They are able to get away with using airplanes now because they can surveil large swaths of the city and also they know my plans long in advance.

But on short unplanned trips I notice the blue and white helicopters buzzing over me.  This last time this happened today they had a blue and white (normal helicopter) fly right nearby me semi-circling me while another one that looked smaller and black with that post looking thing sticking out under the propeller hung back a ways.  As the blue and white partially circled me and took off the smaller one hung back a ways thinking I wouldn't notice it and watched me from afar along my path.

The planes are a bit bigger than Cessna and are dark colored (blue or black) and the wing ends are semicircular not squared off like cessna's are.  Wings are pretty wide.  I can't find any pictures of airplanes like these online.

For the unplanned trips I think they use cameras on top of stoplights along with your cellphone if you have it on you.  If you don't carry a phone, I think they monitor traffic light surveillance footage to track people.

Think this is crazy and paranoid?  Think again:

This report was removed from the web luckily it was archived:


Documents archive (again was deleted from the internet):

Here is what the blue and white ones look like:

Here is the small black one hanging behind looks like:

The traffic light cameras I am referring to look like this:

Flux Capacitor TrueForm: Gold and Dusty Plasma

So we have talked that a flux capacitor is basically a supercharged and straightforward version of a TENG (Triboelectric Nanogenerator).  In it's true form a flux capacitor would be sheets or meshes inside a high pressure flow.

Well that high pressure flow can also be a plasma *mindblown*.  This is the true form of the flux capacitor, using gold sheets or foil or mesh or nickel or copper mesh plated in gold etc.  Platinum or a platinum gold alloy would also be good.  Basically a setup very similar to modern catalytic converters.  And just like catalytic converters a flux capacitor could be in an exhaust flow.  But the trueform of the flux capacitor would be in a dusty plasma flow.  As we know hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen telluride, arsine, etc can be turned into a highly reducing (electron rich) plasma.  Introducing micro/nano dust (especially from a positive triboelectric charging material like sand) into this plasma collects electrons from the plasma onto the dust particles.  These dust particles become highly charged and when they impact a surface like gold (preferably) or another material they can deposit the electrons.  This is such a high charge it can be used in creating muons for fusion reactions, but we can also collect the charge to supercharge capacitors and batteries, or hydrolyze water to make hydrogen, etc.

Here is an example diagram.  Notice the sheets are connected in parralel instead of series, but they can also be connected in series based on my previous flux capacitor posts.

The Sheets can be something more like a honeycomb like a catalytic converter and/or using pyramid extrusions on the surface which are the most efficient triboelectric surface texture.

So our future energy will be made with Swamp Gas and Dust.  Thank you Doc Brown.