What actually is going on at Skinwalker Ranch

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At least based on the data from aliencon 2020 I have a theory putting together all the pieces of what is happening at Skin-Walker Ranch.

There is something of ET origin buried underground there and and one or more (likely one or two) "aliens" are guarding it.  (I think aliens are actually from our world, they live underground and they are homo capensis aka boskop man)

That is the theory.  It is based on several data points:
1. Digging elicits the "phenomenon"
2. Travis said that they were measuring radiation and gamma rays from a certain point in the sky.  This means that according to my reverse engineering of ET craft that was a UFO using plasma antigravity.  
The craft decloaked itself for a second when they went to launch a rocket towards it.  To me this means the antigravity might be within the ship (like on the TR-3B) and the surface magnetized plasma is for invisibility only.
3. Cattle got spooked when craft decloaked.  This means cattle have been targeted likely for millenia from ET's...ET's have to eat too.
4. Natives likely lived in much closer proximity to ET's but they don't interact with us much nowadays.  Makes sense why the natives would sacrifice to them if they saw them often, and if they were killing cows for food.

5. Ground penetrating radar shows something 1000 ft diameter underground.  This is likely what the ET is protecting.
6. The ET leaves them alone when the security guy is guarding the site.  This is because this man is doing exactly what the ET is doing.  There is a camaraderie.
7. One person is effected at a time.  Likely the ET can direct energy (radiation) at a point on the ground.  Could cause a cow death or human fear - based on effecting the microbes in the gut to overgrow.


A Holy Grail PoW for Monero outlined (GNFS)

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This is a repost from reddit, see it here with the comments:


**EDIT: Quantum computing calculations have been updated and are now correct. Also at the bottom points #2 and #3 have been made to address concerns that the largest mining pool would always win since there is much less random luck in getting proper factors as opposed to current finding the nonce of the hash...meaning that cooperation in this idea would increase the speed of finding the block above that of simple competition. Currently in cryptocurrencies competition is just as fast as cooperation (at least so we think).**

Some of you may be afraid of Quantum Computers being an ASIC on CPU mining. This post isn't about this topic but I will address it first.

The Monero blockchain can currently factor a 745 bit number in 2 minutes (approx).

According to this post a 745 bit number needs 1492 (2n+2) clean logical qubits (which are very hard to achieve, each qubit is exponentially harder to add than the last) and would take around 2 trillion T gates. Looking at the history of quantum computers, this is probably decades off imo, quantum computers can only run for a few microseconds currently as well. By the time we get there the monero blockchain can probably beat it. A million or so noisy qubits might be more practical and also at least decades off of course.

Here is what I believe to be the Holy Grail to Mining and also I will present some alternatives to this which will have a more precisely adjustable difficulty but I don't think that is needed.

Factoring a large number over 100 digits is well known to not benefit significantly from parallelization such as GPU's, FPGA's, and ASIC's. As I explained above, quantum computers are also out of the running for the foreseeable future. The cool thing about this is that there can be moderate speedup by piggybacking a GPU and CPU since the GPU can support the General Number Field Sieve (GNFS) function of the CPU. This is extra beneficial since consumer hardware always has at least one of each but specialized chips, including IoT device botnets do not.

To implement this in Monero we would start with roughly 745 bits which is 225 decimal digits which would currently take about 1.9 minutes on the monero blockchain. If we bumped that up to 226 digits or 748 bits, this would take around 2.1 minutes. So I think this method is just fine in how precise difficulty adjustment will be by just changing the number of digits we are factoring. If we wanted more precision we could try to factor numbers in binary which would give about 5x more precision on difficulty adjustments. I will outline an even more precise possibility at the end of this post.

So the idea is this. We present a 225 digit (adjustable) number to the monero blockchain. The first person (miner) to present the prime factorization of that number wins the block. It is just about that simple. In order to prevent really fast blocks for numbers that happened to be prime or near prime, we can require that any answer to win a block must not contain any factors larger than 113 digits (225/2). This requirement just means that no "really easy" to factor numbers slip in. If an answer is presented to the blockchain that contains prime factors larger than this limit, then a new number is hashed for everyone to work on (this is a point of potential abuse since if a miner finds that the factorization doesn't meet the requirements he could work on the next hash before releasing that info to the public. Somehow we would need to figure out how to prevent this (**EDIT point #2 at the bottom of this post addresses it**). To generate a number we can use Skein-1024 (or SHA-1024) and truncate to the amount of digits we need.

I think that is pretty much it.


Asic, Gpu, FPGA Safe and as Quantum resistant as you can hope for, I say we cross that quantum bridge when we get there.

Simple easy to understand basic concept that has proven itself over decades of research to favor CPU.

Even more favorable is 1 GPU + 1 CPU = 1 Vote which will help disincentivize botnets and crazy big CPU's and favor APU's which are the current consumer standard (or a enthusiast CPU plus an enthusiast GPU).

miner design will contain no surprises since GNFS programs have been written for decades both for CPU and CPU/GPU combo


Very different from what we are used to which are cryptographic hashing functions.

Mining software would have to be developed, as well as the code of the PoW will need to be written from scratch.

Difficulty adjustment will be not quite so easy or precise and will require new difficulty adjustment algorithms.

Let me know your input on this idea and if you agree it could be a PoW that lasts monero decades instead of months.


  1. To get even more difficulty adjustability we could use larger numbers and just require one or more factors to be presented, not prime factors. So say we ask for one 113 digit long factor of a 300 digit number. The length of the number and the length of the factor required can be both adjusted. Also the number of factors could be changed too. So to raise difficulty of this very slightly we could require both a 100 digit factor and a 113 digit long factor of a 300 digit number. since we aren't looking for prime factors in this version, almost every number will have at least one potential factor of these sizes. But still this version should need GNFS sieve and trial division would take much much much longer.

  2. Another possibility is releasing 10 or more numbers at a time and as soon as any single number gets factored, then all 10 expire and the block is won. This will allow mining groups to "audit" the numbers and select one that will complete the requirements (no factors larger than 1/2 of the bit number size). Also there is more random chance that one number of the bunch could be factored faster negating the "largest mining pool always wins" issue brought up in the comments by sech1.

  3. Another option is turning the coin code into one large pool that delegates sub-tasks to individual pools or miners. This would also be a method to address the concerns brought up by sech1.

Potential starts for mining software:





How to prove the existance of the Aether: a simple experiment "Aether Fan"

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The interference of light waves is a tenable experiment to prove the aether.  It was carried out in a very rudimentary way in the late 1800's and that train of research was halted by the rise of Einstein, the media darling, who's fame retarded the physical sciences.  He was intuitive and could make interesting connections that people liked, but he was intuitively wrong.  Scientists now gaslight themselves by saying Aether isn't needed to explain physics, yet they have to use dark energy or dark matter (niether of which has any evidence for it) to make things work (huh, sounds a lot like Aether!).

Beyond that experiment something that would prove it in a very concrete way would be to literally build an Aether "fan".  Basically if we knew how to interact with the aether we could make a fan to "blow it" and get a force measurement on the fan.

I have a theory for what the aether is, dark light.  Light that has slowed down to stationary particles, much like a pool of water.  A water wave being a wave of these particles, so too is light in the aether.

How to make the aether fan.

You can interact with these stationary photons by an orbiting magnetic field.  I suppose it would be possible to prove the aether using sophisticated measurements of solar flares or the motion of the sun, but those seem to be hard measurements/models to make.  This would be based on the notion that the sun contains orbiting magnetic fields (aka: spiral magnetic fields) that would interact with the aether.

Or we can just make our own spiral magnetic fields.  In my Magnetic Unity tag we learn reasonably easy ways an aether fan.  A (preferably bismuth) tube with electromagnets in a spiral or otherwise pattern around the inside circumference, and preferably a central magnet or electromagnet.  The center magnet would be on and the electromagnets along the periphery would turn on and off in a "wave" like fasion making a fanblade like sweeping motion around the central magnetic field.  These magnetic fields would connect with the center field, dragging it, and in this spiral sweeping fan blade like motion the aether would be moved.

If we move the aether we should be able to detect a force on the mechanism.  Also we may in fact turn these photons into electrons or even protons, and detect any novel "matter" creation from our device interacting with the aether.  

This is the only viable way to travel through space for long distances.  Aether Traction.



Amber Light Therapy using Operation Blue Beam Faraday Effect

I have been inspired to consider amber light therapy.  I had the notion of it used as a deeply penetrating light with good effect, and the color is beautiful.  The problem is amber light therapy does not penetrate deeply into the skin or body.

However I have been researching potential operation blue beam technology that could produce this in the sky:


I think the answer to the technology that can create lights in the sky without trails like would be created by spotlights, is polarization of light.  Since scattering of light in the atmosphere off dust polarizes light, it would stand to reason that pre-polarizing the light would at very least reduce scattering in the atmosphere. Even circular polarization can be used.  Polarized light can be broken into right circularly polarized and left circularly polarized light and even recombined.  This possibility was first discovered in the Faraday Effect.  I figure that these polarization's have the ability to prevent most of the scattering of the light off of dust in the atmosphere producing invisible beams of light until they have their polarization's either recombined or hit something like a cloud.  But the video above shows it in the sky and not projected on a cloud.

Anyway, I think we can use, if nothing else, standard linear polarization for light to penetrate more deeply into the body or other medium via reducing the scattering of the light upon penetration.  I think circular polarized light has even more potential and perhaps the ability to focus the light deep inside the body/  These ideas can be used for any reason including treatment of cancer. tumor, infections and abcesses, energy, and any other uses for health or technology like 3D printing and anything else.  And of course polarization's can be used in typical red light therapy and other uses I have defined selecting for aerobic microbes or improving metabolism. a recipe for it, and medical uses for red light therapy.  Also of course amber light therapy and especially what I will call Penetrating Amber Light Therapy (PALT) can be used for the same and/or similar uses.  Interference recombination focusing (IRF) can also be used for things like special medical treatments or things like 3D printing or anything like it where certain frequencies are needed to make a resin harden, and the interference of polarized or unpolarized wavelengths can be used to get that specific frequency at an interior point in the medium.

Another option is "light beats" we can call them Bichromic Beats.  What this would entail is a beat frequency that can penetrate the material but the internal frequency being higher.  Just like beats in sound (binaural beats)