FUDE 0.3



25g Oat Bran
21g Endive
20g Flax
19g Hemp
18g Avocado
16g Wakame
11g Nori
8g Coconut Creamer
8g Sunflower
7g Cranberry
5g Apricot

Added cranberry and apricot because they are the two lowest fructose glucose
sources.  Also Cranberry kills some waterborn bacteria like proteus and ecoli.

Future add: IP6, garlic, broccoli sprout, mustard, artichoke, calendula, lavendar, lemongrass, dandelion.



FUDE 0.2

Human - Measured


118g per meal: 600 kcal each pack.

25g Endive
23g Oat Bran
20g Hemp Seed
20g Flax Seed
18g Avocado
16g Wakame
12g Sunflower Seed
11g Nori
10g Coconut Creamer

future: garlic, broccoli sprout, mustard, artichoke, calendula, lavendar, lemongrass

Should contain matches and the herb additives should sterilize dirty water.  Paper bag used to hold powder within vacuum sealed plastic.  Pour herb powder into plastic bag, filter dirty water through paper bag into plastic.  Mix and glug.

Ingredient calculation (contains 100% daily value of everything):

In these sorts of survival packs you need some survival gear like matches (why not scented?) and maybe a smoke to lighten the spirits.

Smoking herbs


incense matches



Codename FUDE 0.1

This is a all-inclusive food powder perfect for preppers, hikers, campers, and people looking for fast optimum health.

Just add water.
115 g
20g Oat bran powder
20g red nori powder
15g coconut oil/milk powder
15g avocado powder
10g wakame powder
10g hemp seed powder
5g kelp powder
5g flax seed powder
5g artichoke leaf powder
2g ginger powder
2g mustard powder
1g broccoli sprout powder
1g cinnamon powder
1g garlic powder
1g gynostemma powder
1g oregano powder
1g IP6

Oat Bran - soluble fiber lowering cholesterol, plastics, synthetic hormones, and promoting regularity.

Red Nori - Taurine, B12, protien, etc.

Coconut oil/milk powder - lauric acid to boost hdl cholesterol and also MCT's

Avocado powder - emulsifiers and also monounsaturated fats

Wakame - Helps burn fat and also contains omega 3 and fucoidan.

hemp seed - protien, DNA, thiamine, polyunsaturated fats., and magnesium.

kelp powder - thamine and iodine

flax seed powder - omega 3, fiber, thiamine

artichoke leaf - lowers cholesterol and improves glucuronidation and expells fat soluble toxins like bpa and DES.

ginger - campylobacter

mustard - pseudomonas and other gram neg

broccoli sprout - h pylori

cinnamon - anaerobic

garlic - gram neg and some pos

gynostemma - adaptogen triterpenoids, clostridium, staph, strep

oregano- staph and strep.

1P6 - helps prevent iron overload.


Nitrate reducing bacteria likely cause heart attacks and inflamation

Nitrate reduction seems to be a major cause of heart attacks along with calcium overload and other bacteria like mycobacterium, corynebacterium, and h pylori.  Of course high cholesterol and high blood pressure are also huge factors.

In relation to nitrate reduction to nitrite, haemophilis seems to be the biggest player followed by some others, see first link below.  These bactetia tend to be active in the mouth concerting saliva nitrate to nitrite and also in the gut somewhat so treat accodingly.

Haemophilis is killed with peppermint essential oil as well as cinnamon.  Also echinacea purpea root powder is good to kill haemophilis in the gut.  Nitrate reduction does lower blood pressure though so after eliminating it one should keep blood pressure under control by reducing sodium and taking potassium.

Neisseria, Veillonella, Haemophilus, Porphyromonas, Fusobacterium, Prevotella, Leptotrichia, Brevibacillus, and Granulicatella.  Haemo probably best and lactobaccilis worst and probably inhibitory


Actinomyces vellionellia rothia

Ecoli and lactobaccilis