Meet the CarnubaCraft a keyhole type propeller design

This can be used for anything from a boat propeller to a fan to a plasma propulsion system or anything else.

I can't quite tell you yet why the design looks like this (I now know why see below) but I assume it will "hug" the medium quite well as has been stated with other keyhole propeller designs like Sharrow Marine.  Karnuba means Hug in Hausa language.

So anyway here is my bad sketches:

See below for a higher res picture but I will explain a bit now that I figured out about the shape.  This is an extreme lift design.  It has the sweeping arc just like the top of an airplane wing that creates a low pressure zone and will pull the craft in that direction.  But also it has a keyhole type shape that will create a high pressure zone there and will push the craft again in the direction of the sweeping arc.  So in the above picture, the craft will move to the left.  Just pushing a shape through a medium wouldn't usually make it go one direction or another in a friction free ideal medium, but no medium is friction free so the more friction and/or advanced newtonian physics, the more lift this design will generate.  Notice there are optional carve-outs one on opposite sides of each hump the large and small ones.  looking at the sketch at the bottom of the page there is a carve-out towards us of the large hump and there is a carve-out on the other side away from us on the small hump.  I think these will help with tip vortices and possibly other cavitations.  This shape can be used on anything that attacks any medium, be that air, water, plasma, or any other liquid or gas.  It doesn't have to rotate like a propeller (but it can with any number of blades) it can be the shape of a wing or a plane hull or a fully submersible float on a boat or plane that lands on water or anything else.  This shape will help the craft generate very strong lift in any medium.  It can also be adjustable in precise shape on the fly. The proportions can be anything and the shape could be skewed to one side or the other or elongated or shortened in any way.  It can also be used in mixing things and any other use.

Basically the design is anything that decreases pressure above or below the shape when a medium of any type moves past it and increases pressure on the opposite side opposed to the side it decreased pressure on.  So if lift is required it would decrease pressure (static or dynamic or another type) on the top of the shape and would increase pressure on the bottom of the shape.  So if a medium flows relative to the shape the shape would have a vector of acceleration in a way that is perpendicular to the direction of the mediums relative motion.  This acceleration is achieved by any means that both increases and decreases relative pressure on either side of the shape perpendicular to the medium velocity.  Any shape can be used to do this task and preferably there is one or more convex surface in the direction you want the shape and/or body to move and one or more concave surface (or sharp edges or any other shape) on the opposite side of the direction the shape or body is desired to move.  And of course this shape can be made to change throughout operation for any reason and by any means including to effect lift in any way, effect stabilization of craft, effect drag, effect speed, effect angle, compensate for viscosity or changes to viscosity or anything else.  This is important since as of now planes generate more lift on takeoff by pointing the nose up, instead of doing this, the wing shape can be changed with the current invention and the plane can always keep an even keel.  In addition to or instead of the shape driving the pressure differentials, materials or other physical properties can also be used.  For example the top of the shape could be teflon or emitting ions or anything else that reduce drag and the bottom could be emitting opposite ions or a rough surface or anything else that increases drag.  The only necessary requirements for this invention is that a pressure differential is created between the "top" and "bottom" or front or back or any other opposite sides that are both perpendicular to the relative medium flow. Since this has been done for a long time where more specificity is needed but not in all instances, both opposite sides should be changing the pressure, not just one like a typical wing.  But in other cases where material or other physical properties are changed only one of the surfaces need to be changing the pressure since this hasn't been described before.  These differences in drag can also cause a pressure differential between the top and bottom surface.  The shapes of course can be used at any angle desired and that angle of attack can be changed during operation if desired by any means required and to any angle at any time.  This idea can also be used in conjunction with the flapping propeller design.  The below picture like everything else talked about here can be a propeller blade, fan blade, wing, float, ship, propulsion system, turbine blade, mixer blade, aether blade, or any thing else where a shape moves relative to a medium it is within.

Here is a pic of sharrow marines prop for comparison.  I did not know of this before my design as I only found this propeller after searching for "keyhole propeller" Since that is what I knew mine was similar to:

Iterative prop design is easy!  Simply need 4 things.  3D CAD Software, a 3D Printer, and a Thrust Stand, and a Power Analyzer!

The Fall of the Spy State Daniel 7:4

So the american empire is the first beast of Daniel 7.  The Eagles Wings will be removed from it and it will be just like every other nation.  This has also been prophesied in the Patriots football team.  Their spying tactics have now been understood and thwarted by the other teams in the league and now the Patriots will be just another team.  In the same way the American Spy State has been understood by the other nations and they are beginning to thwart it.  Tearing the wings off will mean America will no longer be able to insert themselves into foreign affairs.  The Spy's will be torn off and uprooted, the informants and mercenaries will no longer be safe abroad and they will all come back home.  And America will be just another nation.  The bear will rise up next and both Russia and China national animals are bears (also Finland).  After that kingdom will be the leopard and Afganistan and Iran and Pakistan and Somalia (and Rwanda) all have leopards as their national animal so that means the Middle East will be the next kingdom after the fall of Russia and china.  And then the fourth beast which I don't understand yet.  There is still 1300 or so years before all of it is fulfilled but with the fall of the first beast of Daniel happening now plus the convergence of many other prophecies 2024-2031 will be an especially trying time for the world and especially America.

Benjamin Franklin's assessment of the Bully and Coward of the Bald Eagle turned out to be prophetic as to the downfall of the American Empire:


Meet the Parsecus

Parsecus is like a mini whale with outboard implements that look like other parsecii and other sort of webbing things.  These implements surround the parsecus in a ring that is mabye 10-12ft in diameter.  Needs dark cold ocean.  I was told it will be allowed to live out its life (in the wild?).  Another type that is similar is just its small self, no implements, and is fine in warm water and captivity.  My guess is that they use these implements as parralax like a parsec and can echolocate over vast distances possibly with infrasound (mabye this is the bloop?).  The size of the main body is around 50-200 lbs and is mostly head.  Its head looks sort of like a bonnethead shark except the bonnet is above the eyes coming out of its forehead jutting out.  It is not a shark though.  Also looks similar to a cowfish except the jutting forehead is not antennae it is more of a bonnet. Also the face is not nearly as elongated as the cowfish.  Also the parsecus isn't a fish or a shark it is a whale or something like that.





Meet the Milk Log

It was very popular as a sort of candy bar similar to payday or whatever.  It was brown with an orange cylinder in it.  The orange cylinder was quite thick inside it lets say the whole bar was 1.25 to 1.5 inches in diameter and the orange was 60-70% of that diameter.  It was on the big side perhaps 6-8" long and it was with other king aize candy bars in the vending machine. I'm guessing the brown was a sort of chocolate perhaps a mouse and the inside was a cheese and/or cream filling again perhaps a mouse.  An asiam man got one from the machine and I was looking at the payday and snickers and I asked him if it was good and he said "No" with a smile so I am assuming he liked it.  He then showed me the whales in the next post.

Cheddar cheese mousse:

chocolate may be a softer version of tootsie rolls possibly