The book 1984 was right about the year, it was a code for 2019

 So we all know 1984 is coming true.  But we might have thought George Orwell had the year wrong.  Nothing really happened in 1984, there weren't surveillance cameras everywhere Or helicopters following innocent people around.  But that is happening now.  In fact in 2019 I had helicopters following me around every time I was riding my bike in the city and I had to pull down my hat every time I went to the grocery store.  As we all know 1984 is here now.

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So orwell got the year wrong right?  No harm no foul though, we now know better.  But what if I told you Orwell did know better and "1984" was code for 2019.  Sounds crazy right? Its not.

The Code Is dead obvious but no one has realized it yet. The book 1984 was written in 1949.  So we do some simple math.  Subtract 1949 from 1984.  That is 35 years.  Now do 1984 + 35 years.  It puts you at the year 2019.  The year covid came out, hence the covid "19".  So orwell couldn't give away that he was privy to the actual year, and had to encode it this way.  But he was dead right, we just couldn't figure out the code until his predictions actually happened.  Amazing.  He knew.  1984 was the halfway point, and it would take action then to prevent it from fully playing out as he knew the global elites wanted.  Unfortunately him predicting it wasn't enough for the population to wake up and stop it before it was too late.

Someone else who noticed 1984 was playing out in 2019, but he didn't figure out the code: https://www.wbur.org/onpoint/2019/06/06/george-orwell-1984-technology-government-surveillance

Orwell's final warning 

George orwell was not a mathematician, but in reality he shouldn't have named the book after the midpoint 0.5, but rather the golden ratio 0.68.  this would have named the book 1997 and would have been more relevant as 9/11 was coming soon.  In fact in 1997 I was scared to death that I had AIDS and/or mad cow disease.  I was scared to death over my health.  I believe that this was prophetic because now everyone else was where I was as a hypochondriac in 1997 now in the 2020's  It has taken me another 25 years to master health and not rely on the medical industry at all for literally anything.  And so in 2045 so will everyone else finally eschew big pharma and move entirely to eclectic medicine.


Just weeks away from next variant: Deadly as delta, transmissible as omicron


I have been warning for months now, the next variant is coming Feb-March and will be called Sigma or Tau.  It will be touted by Its creator Fauci to be as transmissible as omicron but as deadly as delta.

I have also been saying since april 2020 that they are spreading the virus and now variants in chemtrails (and also in vaccines now).

I have also been warning for months that this next variant won't actually be corona at all but rather the spanish flu.

Now governments are getting rid of all covid restrictions.  This is the signal that we are only weeks away.  The markets are also in blood as the insiders now know the game plan.

So now here we are.  What now?

Here's the game plan.

They re-release delta and omicron in the chemtrails.  But that's not all.  They also release the spanish flu.  Now that everyone has vaccine induced AIDS (which fauci defined as a lowered CD8 cell count) everyone will catch all the variants at the same time.  Also the omicron + delta will give a diversion to what will really be killing people  spanish flu (which is treatable by antibiotics).

How to stay healthy?

Activated Charcoal.  It will stop anything that causes fever in its tracks... Everything from covid to flu to zika and ebola.  Get activated charcoal capsules now.  Adaptogens like ginseng, and other things like cinnamon and garlic will also help, garlic is the #1 prevention and cure for blood clots.

Oh and also since it is the flu, younger people will get hit hard with this, as opposed to younger not touched with covid.


Omicron is easily beatable with essential oils

 As I have said in april 2020 Covid is not hard to beat naturally.  Even easier is omicron since it mostly stays in the nasal cavity.  Peter McCullough has a protocol nasal rinse which is proven to work.  But omicron is even easier to beat than that.  Simply vapor of certain essential oils is enough to kill it.

The essential oils may target the virus directly, but in reality it is haemophilus bacteria is what harbors the virus.  We have known this for a while, the reason why echinacea helps with the common cold is it kills the haemophilus bacteria that harbor the cold virus.  Coronavirus is no different.

So all we have to do is look at which essential oils kill haemophilus.  Best are peppermint and cinnamon.  So the protocol just needs to be put a few drops of either of those on the chest at night.  Vicks vapor rub also contains menthol and should work.

I have done this several nights in a row after I woke up with a scratchy throat and it is keeping the virus at bay while my body develops immunity.  It works.  The night is the most vulnerable time for the body.

Also I want to say that the virus is being spread in chemtrails.  I started getting omicron while bieng totally isolated from society, my only sin was having my windows open at night.  Likely they are spreading new variants through 3 means, chemtrails, vaccines/boosters, and person to person after people get primary infection from the aforementioned two.

PS: just to keep you in the know, next variant coming in just a month or two, and it may not even be coronavirus at all 


Spanish Flu News: Yamagata strain deprecated, will be replaced with spanish flu strain

 As I have been saying for a while now:



 Fauci father of death is preparing to release a new (or old) flu variant called the Spanish Flu that he has done post-mortem gain of function research on how the spanish flu used gram positive bacteria like streptococcus in the lungs (upregulated by mask wearing) in order to kill more effectively 


 We now have a smoking gun.  It appears that usually when a new flu strain is released they replace an old one according to scientists 


 What this means is the disappearance of yamagata is heralding a new strain released.  It will likely be an engineered version of Spanish Flu.  This is the whole point of covid, and especially omicron - get everyone testing positive for coronavirus so you can stealth-introduce the spanish flu and wipe out millions of people.  This is only possible if it is stealth, doctors know they can treat flu with antibiotics but if they think it is just another covid variant they won't.  This is just what fauci plans, and the masks are part of giving the spanish flu gain of deadly function.

As fauci's research shows it is gram positive bacteria that enhance spanish flu so get some adaptogens (natural gram positive killing herbs) like ginseng or gynostemma to immunize yourself.  Also taking activated charcoal capsules works on every virus for treatment and prevention and is also the very best way to detox from the vaccine if you were foolish enough to get it.  When it comes to vaccines remember what they said happens when you play with fire... but still there is time to change and detox and never get another one.

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The Two Witnesses Revealed: Rand Paul and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The second witness of this period of tribulation has been revealed, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  They say the first shall be last and the last first, and RFK jr and his family has definitely been brought to the lowest place possible with the assassination of JFK and RFK and JFK jr.

RFK jr. is doing an absolute perfect job at fighting this tyranny in the most effective possible way by taking on Fauci and especially the FDA and their fake approval of the vaccine.  Huge development that a federal judge shot down the federal vaccine mandate because the approval was not legal, and RFK no doubt played an instrumental role in this development.

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As I always say, this is not the end of the world, a beast and antichrist arise as well as two witnesses every time the revelation 12 alignment happens, every few hundred years.


February or March will be the sigma variant or tau variant

In a post a few months ago 


 I predicted the sigma or tau variant would be named but that it would be a diversion and that the actual sickness would be the spanish flu which fauci did gain of function research on. The spanish flu can be prevented and cured with activated charcoal and any other antibiotics (or herbs like adaptogens) against the bacteria fauci named in the spanish flu research namely pneumococcus and streptococcus 


Omricon variant was 11 greek letters after delta and was 11 months after. So since sigma or tau are 3 or 4 letters that variant will likely be named in 3-4 months.

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Edit 11-28-2021

The way this will work is the omricon variant is extremely mild and highly contagious 


so everyone will test positive for covid while the spanish flu will be raging in the background.  This way the plan is for fauci to cover up the spanish flu pandemic so people don't realize it can be treated with common antibiotics and they think it is just another covid strain.


Rand Paul has solidified his place as one of the two witnesses during this period of tribulation

Of course I always want to make clear that this is not the Great Tribulation at the end of the world, but it is a very certain tribulation that occurs every time the revelation 12 sign happens.  In this case that sign happened sep 23 2017.   The tribulation usually starts within 7 years of that sign which is why I have been predicting the start around 2024.  I believe apophis is hades and will mark the worst part of the tribulation in 2029.

Disclaimer out of the way, I have said before here in 2017 that Rand Paul was a leading contender for one of the Two Witnesses during this tribulation.  Two people we can rule out as witnesses are Donald Trump (not that I ever thought he was a contender, but I'm sure some have) and Alex Jones.  Donald did nothing to stop the Beast plan when he had plenty of opportunity.  In fact with operation warp speed he made it happen faster.  Alex Jones I believe has now thrown Owen Shroyer under the bus as he has Joe Biggs and Millie Weaver in the past.  Alex Jones is a snake and probably an FBI asset.

Rand Paul now with standing up to Fauci and proving him a liar and made it very easy for the general public to connect the dots that Fauci in fact created the pandemic, is no longer a contender for the two witnesses, he is doing the work of a witness.  He is the only one right now and I hope and pray the second shows up soon to help as many people and do as much destruction to the deep state as possible.  The two witnesses have historically been killed around the start to 4 years into the tribulation so there are only 3-7 years left for the two witnesses to make everything clear to the people of the world.