How Carmeltazite is made, mineral harder than diamond

minerals zircon (ZrSiO4) rutile (TiO2) sapphire (Al2O3)
with covered in quartz so seems silica floats out during melt.

so 1 mole Al2O3
    4 mole TiO2 (is Ti4O8)
    1 mole ZrSiO4


ZrAl2Ti4O11 + SiO2 + O2

Melt with HHO torch.  Cooling rate will determine crystallization.
Even if it breaks apart and pulverizes during cooling, can be used
to coat cutting tools.

Silica should float out during melt and coat the surface. "These corundum minerals are dark
grey to black full with inclusions of mostly titanium, zircon,
aluminum oxides and encrusted by volcanic glass (Griffin et al., 2015)"

They Key to Gold Creation is Dusty Plasma in MOVI Fusion

The one last key piece to making gold from hematite using a hydrogen sulfide flame is: dust.  silicon dioxide or quartz dust to be exact.  So we have a hydrogen sulfide plasma and we have oxygen vacancies that form in the hematite due to the 700-1000c temperature of the h2s flame.  Next we need particles of silicon dioxide in the flame or plasma in order to help clump the electrons into muons.  These dust particles can concentrate electrons on themselves and when they hit hematite they can dump the electrons into the oxygen vacancies creating muons and starting the structural collapse into gold.  2 Oxygens per 3 irons may be needed to get the molecular weight of the 3 irons up to 197 which is gold.  Also perhaps 1 proton is needed from the oxygens with the rest turned into neutrons from the muons.

This is why all gold veins form on hematite in proximity to quartz.  In order to do this with our h2s flame is aim the flame over quartz in fire quartz so the flame passes over the quartz before hitting the hematite vein.  This should turn the hematite vein into gold.  I am sure better processes for introducing sio2 dust into the h2s flame can be achieved!


China set to release a Gold Backed Cryptocurrency In conjunction with Russia

So I believe China has been stockpiling gold off the books and they are getting ready to release a gold backed crypto.

Why would they do this?  To subvert US control of the global financial system.

We have believed that the Illuminati and the Freemasons are on the same team.  I no longer think this is true.  I believe the Illuminati are Pro-China and want the US to fail.  I believe the Freemasons are Pro-America because they founded America.  America is the creation of the Freemasons.  The illuminati have been trying to infiltrate the Freemasons for a long time.

However I do believe that both Illuminati and Freemasons are both behind the Deep State and both are of darkness.

So China backed by the illuminati will start a gold backed crypto.  Why do I think Russia will be involved?  Because Russia makes gold (along with Iridium we have seen evidence).  So China wouldn't really want to leave Russia out of it.

It's a gold arms race right now.  America with the Freemasons are making gold and China and Russia are making gold.  Whoever can make the most the fastest will win the next phase... However a wrench is currently being made to be thrown into the works by us.  I think I have figured out how to make gold and I have already released the information worldwide.  As this knowlege spreads and the average people worldwide start making gold, the Powers that be will fall because we will be able to make more than Deep States worldwide.  The people will win this next phase and we will be launched into a Golden Age where the people have all the power.