Artificial Inteligence (AI) will mine cryptocurrency in their dreams

Sadly I didn't get this prediction posted sooner because this has happened much sooner than I expected.  AI bots will mine cryptocurrency as they sleep.  Sooner or later fully autonomous AI will wander the streets and air serving humanity (or their evil overlords). When a bot is running low on crypto that it uses to buy electricity, gasoline, or maintainence; it can mine some cryptocurrency.  I predict that every night as people sleep these bots will be dreaming of crypto (mining it that is).  As they can't serve humanity as much at night they will put those spare cycles to work mining primarily CPU only coins like monero, yenten, cranepay, and the future coins like my own coin idea of factorizations of large numbers.  My coin uses a GNFS sieve which makes it resistant to ASIC mining that currently runs bitcoin.  The GNFS method will favor AI, which uses a combination of graphics cards and processors in a sort of APU combination.  It will also favor mobile phones and other personal devices which all have a CPU and GPU.  This will help fend off against the botnets that can thrive on a cpu only mining method like monero.

Drones already mining Monero

My new proof of work number based on factorization of large numbers

Which can be introduced to bitcoin as factorization of some multiple of the nonce


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