Proof the Black Hole Picture is Fake

It makes you feel powerless when a false historical narrative is being woven before your very eyes and you feel powerless to correct it.  Folks, most of history is a lie.

So I archived this article that clearly shows the hoax of this supposed "historic" image.



Not only does the article report that the woman scientist faked the image, but it outright tells you they edited what she said in the interview.  Why would they do that??

Anyway before I go further here is an image that the archive failed to save.

So before I talk more remember that scientists have been saying recently that perhaps black holes are not at the center of galaxies but rather several supermassive stars are.  Well the above picture is an example of data that probably informed their theory of that.  Look closely at the picture above on her computer screen then read the article link below:


The pictures that these scientists arrived at simply do not show a doughnut.  They show 4 massive bodies orbiting a common center of mass.  This is what objects look like that are orbiting eachother.  No mystical Black hole is needed to cause them to orbit eachother.  Bodies with a similar mass will orbit eachother in a ring shape.

Now this 4 body pattern is what this woman saw in her data.  Two other teams were also working on images and they presumably saw the same "4 body" pattern.  However one of those teams actually ran the data through a "disk" algorithm, a method designed for analyzing disks.  So that image probably was more ring like.  So what did they do?  Present all of their images and let people discuss the implications of the data?  Nope.  They "Blurred two of the images and then averaged them to the other image".  So what they did was fudge it so it looked like a doughnut.  I kid you not.  They took thier very hard earned data, and blurred it so it would look like a continuous ring.  Wow.  And that is admitted on the record.  So the one image that was created by running the data through the disk algorithm was probably the third one in her above quote.  Two of the teams presumably found the 4 body pattern so they blurred those to make them look less like bodies. Then the disk algorithm picture probably gave a faint ring/-disk, so it wasn't convincing enough to superimpose that faint disk on the blurred body images, they had to boost the brightness of the disk image which is what "averaged them to the other image" means.  So you basically have 2 images of the 4 body pattern and a disk image.  You blur the 4 body ones so they don't look as much like separate bodies, then you superimpose a faint disk image and boost its brightness so it fills in the gaps in the ring so it all combined looks like a doughnut.  Some real NASA style fakery there.

This is the most dishonest science I have ever personally witnessed in my life.  They are so hell bent on believing in black holes that they will literally smudge the pictures to make the data look like what they think it should.  Terrible day for the reputation of the scientific field.  And well earned, most scientists have been in the business of falsifying data ever since they started grad school.  It is the culture of these dogmatic and abusive scientific fields that create cheaters.  I know because I worked in them.


  1. They could also have been given an algorithm that was purposefully created to interpret any kind of signals into whatever they wanted the outcome to look like. You could tell the algorithm to make it look like anything they wanted. Only the person writing the algorithm had to know about the fraud. The scientists have no idea and think they really found a black hole. So no, not everyone is in on deceptions like this. This is what compartmentalizing is. And what we are doing is critical thinking and scrutiny. Coincidentally this nearly exact image what what was used in the movie Interstellar to show what a black hole may look like. Predictive programming at it's best. Black holes are impossible. Relativity is nonsense. Fabric of 4D space/time is nonsense. Einstein was a shill of the govt to push all this fake science. Einstein means "one stone" or slang for "half brained"....enuf said.

    1. yes of course that is correct however it i much simpler than that.  They did have 1 algorithm made for disks that will bias all the data into a disk.  That one gave a more uniform distribution but fuanter so they boted the bightness of it and super imposed it on 2 more picures of differnt algorithms.  So just by the nature of it when you blend 3 pictures together you will get a morre uniform ring like shape.  But that wasn't even enough so they had to blur the pictures to make it look even more ring like.  And it still oen't.  Google even edite the image again to make th hole more uniform and dark.  The dishonesty is epidemic!  And yes they are paraing that the einstien shill was proven right again solidifying thier lies about the universe.

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