How hemochromatosis increases stroke risk

Hemochromatosis means you have high Iron.  That is my current theory for what is the root cause of all my problems.

High iron prevents normal blood clotting.  Typical chelators can prevent strokes it seems so it would stand to reason that reducing iron in people with hemochromatosis may help their blood clot properly and prevent strokes.  Mabye this is how Bayer is trying to perform eugenics because they know that by advising everyone to take asprin, people with hemochromatosis will be killed off by following this advice and getting a stroke from it.

Low iron causes blood clots

Julian Assange should be Pardoned NOW by Trump

You don't play with fire.  Trump likely is waiting until the Wikileaks case is over and he is reelected before pardoning Assange and other victims of the RussiaGate Witch hunt.  However that is very risky and playing with fire.  If I was president (which I don't believe in the office so I would never accept the position because leadership is given by God not by human offices).  But I believe to do the right thing in Trumps position short of stepping down would be to Pardon Assange and everyone persecuted by russiagate yes even including Cohen the Rat. Magically the FBI Informant Jerome Corsi will be the only one not in need of a pardon which is par for the course for such intelligence assets.

Trump shouldn't dilly dally and play politics with innocent peoples lives.  Pardon all right now and defend the republic like a true Boss.  Never Give up Never Surrender.  A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bushel.  Never wait to do good, when it is currently in your power to do so right now.

Ecclesiastes 4-6:

"Those who wait for perfect weather will never plant seeds; those who look at every cloud will never harvest crops. 5 You don't know where the wind will blow, and you don't know how a baby grows inside the mother. In the same way, you don't know what God is doing, or how he created everything. 6 Plant early in the morning, and work until evening, because you don't know if this or that will succeed. They might both do well."

Proverbs 3:24:

"28 Never tell your neighbors to wait until tomorrow if you can help them now."



Virtual storefront

Since most shopping is moving online there are a couple downsides.  For starters it is hard to ship things bought in bulk and used in large quantities such as groceries or water.  These things cannot be shipped economically to everyones home from across the country so Amazon is creating local warehouses so as to lessen this downside and only the last mile needs to be delivered.  So this problem is in the process of bieng solved.

But there is another problem that I don't believe is bieng solved.  Curated content.  A storefront has sections based on department.  Lets say I want to get into crafting but I don't know all the different types of crafting that are typically done.  No problem I go to the arts and crafts section of walmart and see what they have and browse.  You cannot effectively do this online.  You also can't pick things up online and examine them and try them out.  Sometimes you can do this in store but sometimes not.  These are issues you can solve with virtual storefronts.

This is an open source invention for a virtual storefront.  It can be of any form from text based to voice based to 2D to 3D to VR.  Basically you are using any type of technology to create or recreate a "virtual storefront" or any other way to curate products in a way that enhances a user experience.  For example a sewing store can be created where a user sees a sewing machine in front of them and can click on the machine itself to find different types of machines organized by review or any other method, they can click the needle to see many different types of needles and needles for sale, even ones compatible with sewing machine(s) selected, they can click a rack with thread to learn more about what types of threads can be used and options in the marketplace.  Another example could be a store modeled off of radioshack.  So for example someone could go into a virtual radio shack and look at things on the shelf and even look in drawers and find parts they need.

The basic premise of this idea is to help people easily see not only a product they are looking for, but even rather just a hobby they want to explore.  Don't know where to start with knitting?  No problem!  Go to the knitting VR storefront and see all the typical things people buy for knitting and try them out in VR!

The way these stores are curated could be by hand by people employees or others coming up with it, or crowdsourced as to what things people typically buy together or having users create their own stores or ideas for stores, to imitating a real store, to AI algorithms predicting based on user patterns, etc or any other way.


Dieseling your air rifle pellet gun like a NatureHacker

So call me late for dinner but around 8 years after it was invented I finally heard about what is called dieseling an air rifle.  What you do is put a flammable liquid or waxy thing like lip balm, 3 in 1 oil, or vaseline behind the pellet in the rifle.  When this combusts it slightly increases the muzzle velocity of the pellet.  Well of course bieng me the same moment I learned about this I set out to invent the best formula for a combustible mixture to use for this purpose.  The design criteria is low flash point so it combusts easily, viscosity so it doesn't spray around and get the orings flammable and therefore destroyed, and high energy.

To protect your orings before doing this you should use high vacuum grease to coat your orings so you dont combust them.

2 tsp Nitrocellulose (flash point 4c)
1 tsp Tagetes essential oil (flash point 25c)
3 tsp Butyrate (flash point 71c)
2 tsp Beeswax (flash point 204c)
1/2 tsp Zinc Peroxide

The above recipie is untested and will be my starting point.  Add more beeswax if needed to make it around as solid as lip balm.  Ideally pour the melted mixture in a empty lip balm tube for easy dispensing.  Nitrocellulose can either be made under 12.6% nitrogen to bypass explosives manufacturing laws, or use smokeless powder which is higher than 12.6% nitrogen but it is exempted from the laws.  This recipie is much lower than 12.6% nitrogen in finished form so this recipie is NOT an explosive and is not regulated by the ATF and therefore can be sold anywhere if desired.

Beeswax used to make it relatively solid like lip balm.  Butyrate added because it is a natural fatty acid, the most volatile and therefore lowest flash point of all the fats.  Tagetes is the lowest flash point essential oil I can find and it will help neutralize the vomit smell of the butyric acid.  Nitrocellulose or smokeless powder is obviously added to lower the flash point even farther.  Zinc Peroxide used to help oxidize the fats/wax and also when combusted forms zinc which protects barrel from fouling.

For the record the flash points of the typical components vaseline and 3 in 1 oil are listed below.  We can safely assume our above recipe will be much more powerful than the standard things used.  Also I think people blowing their orings were using 3 in 1 oil which goes everywhere including the orings and will burn it up.  Ours should be reasonably firm and not get into the orings.  Also the high vacuum grease will prevent anything from happening to the oring when applied on the grease is applied to the oring since its flash point is so high.

(Vaseline flash point 185c)
(3in1 oil flash point 150c)
(High vacuum grease 300c+)

Essential oil flashpoint tagetes

Dues and guns

Egrade nitrocellulose below 12.6% nitrogen is not an explosive.

Can store smokeless powder legally.

Varget smokeless powder

Valeric acid flash point 86c

List of saturated fatty acids (shorter lower flash point)

Essential oil lemon lime lemongrass

Zinc eliminates copper fouling

Zinc leaves no fouling

Zinc prevents rust

Class 1 oxidizer zinc peroxide reduces to zinc after combustion.


Canker sores caused by h pylori

Canker sores in the mouth and other places seem to be caused by h pylori.  I took a drop of carrot seed essential oil under my tounge and in the morjing the cankers were gone.  Carrot seed eo is amoung the best along with apparently german chamomile eo (beware of fakes) that kill h pylori very well.  Also h pylori causes uncomfortable front bottom incisor teeth as well.  Also it possibly causes "loosening" teeth which can be moved slightly by pushing with the tongue.  H pylori is also a vector of hepatitis C and certainly causes heart skipping beats and possibly constipation in conjunction wuth Hep C.


Spending Detox is real

You and I both know that the current monetary system is a fraud and is the cause of most crime and wars in the world.  We need to move past it.  However that doesn't mean that we shouldn't learn to manage our resources like money wisely.

We need to so we don't unnecessarily become burdens on others.  Like Paul's example we should all work to sustain ourselves.

We need to save our money so that we can fund our goals and dreams and also so we have freedom to not be a slave to bad situations you feel you are stuck in since you don't have enough money to support yourself.

When you are in the habit of spending a lot, it is really hard to stop.  You have to break the cycle.  And that breaking of the cycle hurts and makes you feel slimy.  When you try to quit you feel like a failure that you have been spending so much and you want to keep spending to somehow justify the spending you have already done.  If you spend more, somehow you feel less guilty of your past spending.  But this just kicks the can further down the road and you will have to deal with it ast some point.  Might as well be now.  When you feel guilty and want to spend more to feel better about yourself, realize that the depressed feeling you are experiencing is medicine.  When you push through that feeling and don't spend, its that feeling of despair that cures you and will allow you to save up tons of money.

Just push through the feeling.  Accept the feeling.  Realize that the spending detox depression is your medicine to help you stop for good.


Hepatitis C is the king of inflammation

I've discovered a multitude of bacteria involved in chronic inflammation and especially those that cause insomnia.  When I got to the second to the most recent I discovered, mycoplasma bovis or TB I thought that was the king.  But then I discovered Haemophilis and I figured that was the king.  By the king I meant kind of the master controller of the gut and whole body pathogenic bacteria.  All the bacteria I have discovered are really involved in body inflammation and are super important but I may have now stumbled on the real root cause.

Hepatitis specifically type C also known as HCV.  This may be the root cause of most of our woes.  Chances are if you struggle like me with hair loss, lack of energy or adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, kidney issues including recurrent UTI's,  Gynecomastia/puffy nipples even if you are a woman, Insomnia, GERD or chronic cough, excessive bleeding, tend to static charge things more than other people, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, joint pain, constipation, heart skipping beats (hpylori + HCV),  Brain fog (HCV + aluminum) etc etc then you likely have Hep C.

Hep C is sort of like HIV in the sense that people tend to look down on you for having it and it is associated with bad health outcomes, sometimes even death.  If I do have it, I expect I contracted it in my mothers womb as it can be transferred during pregnancy. Hep C can easily be treated herbally.  Research has linked it to Hpylori bacteria (which is killed with Agrimony herb powder and carrot essential oil and blue chamomile essential oil) and Streptococcus that produce urease (which are killed with adaptogens like gynostemma coupled with steroidal saponins like tribulus terrestris).  I strongly believe ecoli also can enhance the virus (killed with food grade DE, Mustard, thyme powder).  And of course the liver itself can be helped with killing the virus with Milk thistle seed powder, schisandra, dandelion root, artichoke leaf, and licorice.

Also killing the bacteria linked with inflammation I have previously discovered, should help.  See a list below and my recent post "SADC thoughts" for more info.

Upregulates COX-2!

HCV herbs

h pylori



bacteria I just know are involved or at least enhanced in oxidative state.


1 year before financial collapse

Taking a look at the sunspot cycle on my space weather page (click the picture with the bars on the right sidebar) I realized that we are near the end of a sunspot cycle.  This is typically a weaker time for the planets magnetic field and plants and animals are affected in a negative way from this, basically it is a stressful time for life on this planet.  The FED knows this and they use it to create market downturns.  We know that when there is an "inverted yield curve" or a flatline the clock starts ticking and at any given moment the economy will collapse.  Not a matter of if, but when.  When you see an inverted yield curve or a flatline yield curve it means the FED is looking to collapse the economy so they and their friends can buy up assets at pennies on the dollar.  So we are there, the yield curve has inverted and flatlined.  Now I think they will wait till the solar minimum in 10 or so months time before they pull the plug on the economy and start reducing interest rates.  The starting of reducing interest rates is what causes collapses.  The reason is that no one wants to buy long term investments if the interest yields are going down.   So all long term investments are cancelled.  When there is less investing there is less buying and therefore production and therefore jobs.  No one is buying so no one is working to supply for demand.  This is how it all works.  The FED chair is exactly right, an inverted yield curve signifies people expect intrest rates to go down, what he didn't mention is that decreasing interest rates cause economic collapse!

Overthrow the private FED and make interest free money!

As you can see below, lowering rates lead to recessions (recessions are grey bars)


UltraWood 5: Petrified wood

Petrified wood is another ultrawood.  Petrified wood is easy to make and the patents on it expired in 2006.  Basically in my view here is the real process:

Soak wood in silicate solution

Let lignin degrade and the released carboxilic acids neutralizing the silicate (extra acid like citric or malic acid can be used to speed up the process if desired) transforming it into silica gel, preferably at an increased temperature with steam or warm water vapor present to prevent drying out and allow silica gel to crystalize into quartz.

Let dry out.  Repeat process as necessary.

Basically what is happening is you are creating quartz crystal within the wood.

This process can also use steps from other ultrawood posts or other steps entirely.  Some examples could be oxalic acid bath, hydroxide and/or urea baths, etc.

My current process would be:

Oxalic acid boil till wood sinks then boil in water wash

hydroxide/urea at room temp and/or freeze then no wash

oxalic acid boil then boil in water wash

silicate (with hydrogen peroxide if desired to help break lignin into acids) room temp soak

renove most of liquid and hold in moist environment for lignin to neutralize silicate to form silicagel.

oven dry at 300c or press at 300c till dry.

Uses for this could again be similar to other ultrawood types however this will be harder than those but more brittle.  Uses could include cutting and piercing items like knives arrowheards as well as grips like knife grips and gun grips.  Also would be great for floors and countertops.  Can add certain minerals to the sodium silicate to produce unique colors.

great article

silica group


Wind Repulsion (WR): How to minimize air resistance

As first described in my "A theory of friction" post, here this technology will be refered to as "Wind Repulsion" or "Wind Repulsion Technology" or "Wind Repulsive" or WR for short.

Wind repulsion (WR) is defined as using a surface charge, preferably negative, in order to repel specifically air.  It can also be used for other fluids as described in "a theory of friction" or even surfaces (like ski and snowboard bottoms, bearings, gears, bushings, etc.) however WR is specific to air so we can dig deeper into how exactly to achieve results in this specific medium, since air resistance is the most important form of resistance that we deal with in planes, trains, automobiles, ships, bikes, rockets, bullets,  etc

Any method to generate or maintain or set up a surface charge on something that will be exposed to relatively moving air is the claim of WR.

Teflon is an example of WR.  Teflon maintains electrons on its surface and this reduces friction of the teflon with air as well as many other types of friction besides just air.  I believe that the reason DuPont sponsored Jeff Gordon in Nascar is so they could work on a teflon based paint or surface coating for his car that would give the race team an invisible advantage.  Teflon is currently the most powerful passive WR in existance.

Nature also has active WR.  It is still "subconcious" but animals contain active WR.  On my bike I am always suprised with how little wind I feel on my exposed arms and legs.   Most of the resistance seems to come from my clothes.  Hair (and also skin to a lesser degree) generously donates electrons in triboelectric contact.  This is beneficial in my theory of friction to reduce friction or drag.   These donated electrons help repel air or wind resistance.  Since friction comes from the process of one material forcibly pulling electrons from another; if we rather give electrons freely, friction will be greatly reduced.  The way this happens in a hair/feather/skin/sweat gland system is the hair or feathers give electrons and sweat provides more electrons to the hair to replace what is lost.  Not only is water a resevoir and/or conductor for electrons, but also the process of water evaporating releases hydrogen bond energy, which likely is electrons or a negative polarity energy similar to electrons, which goes into the "pool" as water evaporates from the pool.  So basically in my theory of sweat; hydrogen bond energy generated by the evaporation of sweat is funneled into hair which then gives off the electrons to the air to minimize wind resistance.  So basically moving fast under your own power causes the body to heat and sweat and the wind causes the sweat to evaporate which in turn powers an active wind repulsion system through the hair or feathers.  Nature really is quite amazing.  The more we learn the more we realize our human technology is shit.

So like I said WR is creating a charge, actively or passively, on a surface which will tend to reduce air resistance.  One not so efficient embodiment of this is to simply charge the surface or skin of something, say clothing or metallic surfaces or skins or otherwise electrically conductive surfaces.  Say you have a wind repulsive wind breaker.  Or wind repulsive tents.  Or wind repellant skyscrapers or bridges, tunnels, ducts, anything exposed to moving air is a candidate.  Preferably we would use a biomimetic method using evaporating water to power this, but actively creating a capacitive surface where the side exposed to the air is charged, preferably negatively, then you can have a very simple way to do this.  Simply connect a power supply or power storage device to the capacitive or conductive surface and you can achieve a wind repulsive surface.

Ultrawood 4: driftwood process

It turns out driftwood has some lignin removed wheras hemicellulose and cellulose remains unchanged.  We can use driftwood and then compress it or we can use driftwood as the starting material for any of the processes described in the ultrawood articles.

Using driftwood does not infringe on the Hu patents because the Hu patents describe lignin removal from natural wood, and driftwood is not a natural wood.  Also assuming extra lignin removal of driftwood will not be done, then no lignin removal step, chemical or otherwise, is needed at all.  Simply find driftwood, wash and soak in distilled water if desired, then press.

driftwood lignin removed


UltraWood 3: A new 2 step method

Ultrawood 3 is a direct replacement protocol for the Hu patented "super wood" protocol.  In his patent first lignin needs to be removed from natural wood and then the wood is pressed under elevated temperature and pressure.  In this iteration presented here, lignin is not extracted from the wood.  The natural wood is simply (with or without first extractives [non-lignin] removal by the likes of water, ethanol, chloroform, acetone, oxalic acid, hydroxide, etc) to infuse the wood with alkaline hydrogen peroxide (or acidic or neutral but preferably alkaline), preferably ph 11.5, using any method.  Some example methods could be boiling, soaking, freezing, vacuum or pressure, etc.  Then when the wood is impregnated with alkaline hydrogen peroxide, the wood is pressed under elevated pressure and/or elevated temperature, preferably both.  Fenton reagents can be added at any point if desired but likely not effective.  Keeping the wood moist while pressing for some period of time is preferable to achieve full reaction.  Also preferably the chemical soaked wood is preheated to the proper reaction temperature before significant pressing.  What this does is degrade the lignin during pressing into smaller molecules thus allowing more densification of the wood than simple wet pressing.  This does not infringe on the hu patents because lignin is not removed from the natural wood prior to compression.

This process can also be done using the hydroxide/sulfite process like hu, hydroxide/urea process, cellulose acetate producing process, gaseous oxygen process, etc. or any other process that would modify one or more of the following; lignin, hemicellulose, or cellulose.

In addition to or alternatively another couple methods can be employed at any part in the process described in any article on ultrawood.  One is gaseous oxygen treatment of the wood.  This can include other gasses to improve the reaction like nitrous oxide or water vapor (ie:steam).  This would break some of the bonds of lignin but again will not infringe on the hu patent since lignin is not bieng removed from the natural wood.  Another option is enzymatic or biological breakdown of the lignin using bacteria and/or fungus and/or enzymes derived from such.  This can be apllied to any method including the Hu method yet will not infringe on the Hu patent because the removal of lignin via this is a biological or biochemical process, not simply a chemical process that the Hu patent necessitates.

Microwaves or any other radiation of any type like lasers or any other type can also assist or replace these methods for partial or full breakdown of lignin and/or hemicellulose and/or cellulose.

lignin breakdown by alkaline hydrogen peroxide

fenton iron not effective higher temperature better

Eucalyptus is a Hallucinogen: Eudesmic acid like mescaline

Ever since I started trying to work with non-extract herb powders I have been finding that common plants are hallucinogens! 3 so far, eucalyptus powder, basil powder, and thyme powder.  Here is my notes on eucalyptus, this was discovered right when I made sadc 7.0 a few months ago.

SADC 7.0 turned out to be psycadelic.  I believe this was from the eucalyptus leaf.  a total of 150mg of dried powdered eucalytptus leaf was taken in 4 capsules of SADC.  Here was the recipie used.  Psycadelic effects were mild and were countered by activated charcoal.  See my eucalyptus leaf powder trip report for more info on the effects.


30g cinnamon
20g garlic
20g gynostemma
10g tribulus
10g orange peel
30g ginger
30g wheatgrass
15g eucalyptus
10g cranberry


150mg of eucalyptus per 4 capsules

It's alright to let go

The lesson of this trip is that it is ok to let go.

Dosage 150mg leaf powder taken with other leaf powders, some that contained steroidal and triterpenoid saponins that can enhance absorption.  Other herb powders were antibacterial so may have prevented active principle breakdown or conversion in the gut.  With DMT; breathing deeply mellows the trip, but with the eucalyptus compound, breathing shallowly mellows the trip and deep breathing enhances it.  To me this means the active principle is an oxidized version of a DMT precursor in eucalyptus, or a DMT or NMT analogue that has different oxidation metabolism effects. This would make sense based on the first step in the protocol for making mescaline from eucalyptus sawdust.

I have not tried mescaline to compare this, but it was quite comparable to an ayahuasca trip.  I can tell that indole acetic acid is not a breakdown product of this compound because with DMT I can smell the IAA in my nasal passages and that didn't happen with this.  Also this causes less "hangover" mental effects than DMT does for me, however the day after I do feel slowed down a bit, like a Koala.  I feel like this compound would actually be safer than DMT for long term use since it seems it doesn't feed brain bacteria like DMT seems to.  However it may have mental side effects of its own with large doses or prolonged use.

It does cause the charecteristic "Dread" that I get with the onset of an ayahuasca trip.  the onset was faster than acacia confusa powder, the eucalyptus came on in 2 hours wheras the acacia takes about 4 hours for me.

Since my dose was very low I basically had to be falling asleep to notice anything.  But it does tend to prevent you from falling asleep so you can be in that in-between state pretty easily.  I had to take activated charcoal to end the (very mild) trip before I could fall asleep.

Some of the things I saw was this table shelf thing that in my half-dream I wanted to fill with things.  Someone else was filling it with things.  I had the sense that "it is ok to let go, you have important goals and dreams but you are not alone to make them happen". That was a really good epiphany because I tend to shoulder a lot of the responsibility I feel to make the world a better place.

I also saw what seemed like a shadow creature, weird mabye glowy animals, "enchanted forest" type visuals.  Not 100% badass, lots of goofy things in these themes too.  I also saw talking heads (human) telling me something.  I kind of lost sense of my self for moments which frightened me but I feel this is why REM sleep is rejuvenating (because DMT released in rem).  Don't breathe deeply as this makes it worse.

I got up to eat at one point and I typically wolf down my food, and I tried to do that while in this state, and I felt like I may choke because I wasn't chewing fast enough to support my eating rate.  So I had to slow down eating.  I kind of felt like a koala or sloth, very mellowed out and mentally slowed.  Ayahuasca turns off my parasympathetic functions like salivating and defecating and sphincter tone, and this seemed similar to that except not those exact symptoms, more of just the mental side of it.  Bieng like a newborn.

I felt a sense of trancendence and importance of things I was looking at.  Things looked special when I saw them.  A sense of novelty like what terrence mckenna talks about (Although I do not condone the use of high doses of entheogens like he does).

The day after; my morning commute was much improved, instead of bieng boring and me getting mad that I see the same things every time, things felt fresh and new.  I felt much more rejuvenated mentally (mabye physically too) than normal from a weekend.

I like this better than acacia confusa.  Has the benefits but not the drawbacks in my estimation. My dose was quite small and is similar to what 150mg of acacia confusia would do.  If this relation holds true, 3g of eucalyptus powder would be a strong dose and I'm not sure that would be safe as I have read (but not seen any evidence presented) that eucalyptus is toxic.  However I noticed no toxic effects.  Perhaps the other powdered herbs I took with it prevented bacteria breaking down compounds into toxic byproducts.  This is the blend I made (I now call it PSYDC for psycadelic detox cleanse,) and took 4 x 00 capsules of this mixture:

Likely trimethoxybenzaldehyde

...oxidized to eudesmic acid

Thyme is a hallucinogen: Baicalein tyramine hallucinogen

I don't know what if any mechanism could be known but the hallucinogenic properties seem similar to dmt however with sort of a less emotional perspective.  I've never tried LSD but I assume it is similar.  This is also active seemingly without an MAOI.  One capsule of thyme powder along with echinacea and mustard and ginger, mabye they enhanced the absorption of the active principle of thyme.  These were all taken before bed and the thyme gave vivid exciting dreams in a way that I didn't want to wake up because I was more excited about the dreams than my own ideas and goals.  This is very important for me since I tend to not like sleeping and don't get enough.   I know it is the thyme becuase it has happened several times I've taken it and never with the other herbs which I also take a lot.  Mabye ut is related or even possibly the same but slightly different to the MDMA like molecule in basil.  Oh and this principle is not in the essential oil because I have taken large amounts of that with no effect.

actually its probably baicalin


scutellaria (skullcap) contains it and baicalin converted to baicalein by human body and bacteria (gneg?)

UltraWood 2: Improving the method

First calcium, sugars, starches, and hemicellulose should be removed while keeping lignin mostly intact or even increasing it. This can be done with any method or series or combination of methods but I believe treating the wood with oxalic acid solution can accomplish all of these.

Next the cellulose should be partly dissolved to increase pore size in the wood and soften it, again preferably while keeping lignin intact as a structural component.  This can be done with brief and/or low temperature hydroxide/urea solution.  Keeping the temperature of this low will help prevent lignin removal or breakdown.  Also this solution works best at low temperature and also freezing.  This process should be carefully designed so as to not dissolve too much of the cellulose as to render the material fully dissolved or otherwise ruin the structure.  In addition to this or alternatively, lignin can be removed from the oxalic acid treated wood.  This would not infringe on the Hu patents because the wood is no longer "natural" after bieng treated with oxalic acid.  However I believe the lignin is an important structural component in the matrix and likely shouldn't be removed for the best final product and rather a little of the cellulose should be removed and/or modified instead.

Next preferably the surface (or bulk) of the cellulose fibers should be converted into cellulose acetate (and/or nitrate if combustibility is desired).  This will help water and humidity proof and adhere the cellulose fibers together in the compaction step.

Preferably next the matrix should be deacidified of any lingering acid with magnesium peroxide solution.  This is a step taken from the art of paper preservation.

Finally the matrix should be compressed at around 750psi or higher preferably at elevated temperature preferably 212-300f or higher.  The hope of this step is to get the cellulose acetate groups to bond the cellulose acetate (or plain celluose) fibers together

Each of these steps on their own are optional in this protocol but I believe the combination will give best results. For example natural wood can be treated to convert some of the cellulose to cellulose acetate and pressed.  Or oxalic acid boil could be done and pressed right away.  Or oxalic acid step, hydroxide step, then press, etc.  Any or all of these steps can be done in any order or combination but the full protocol I believe will be optimal for many applications.

See the previous ultrawood post for more references.

Also you can make thin sheets or plates or any other shape with this method and combine them in any way including with a binder like a glue or catalyst like acetic acid or cellulose acetate or anything else or just inherently melding the cellulose acetate to eachother since this behaves like a polymer.

oxalic acid hydrolyzes starch and hemicellulose


UltraWood: Polymerized super wood

So if you have heard of super wood or superwood, it is basically partially dissolved wood that is compressed to make it stronger than steel but much lighter.  Well of course I have an idea to improve it.

Enter ultrawood.  Besides adding preparation steps, the main added step is vacuum impregnation of a polymer somewhere between the initial hydroxide/urea (and/or other elements like oxalic acid pretreatment to remove calcium) step and the compression step.  After the wood is partially dissolved in the prep steps it has more porosity.  There may be a wash step after that or not, there may or may not be a de-lignan step of hydroxide/sulfite and then any polymer like epoxy or something else is vacuum impregnated into the voids.  Then it is compressed.  I think this method will not only fully prevent the 10% growth from humidity exposure that unpainted super wood is suseptible to, but also increase strength even higher.  Something like epoxy can increase strength whereas something like rubber latex might increase flexibility and toughness.  Also this impregnation might reduce the compression pressure and/or temperature needed to achieve a good product.  In super wood the bonds between cellulose have to be created by heat and compression, in vacuum impregnated version these bonds might become less important so the extreme pressure and elevated temperature may not be as important.

That bieng said of course other natural polymers (like cellulose acetate) can be used instead or addition to synthetic polymers for vacuum impregnation. Or a similar but slightly different thing can be done altogether.  Instead of vacuum impregnating with a premade polymer, what about a soak/boil step instead to make the cellulose itself more polymer like? Enter vinegar.  Yes the humble ingredient.  Simple acetic acid of any concentration preferably high concentration in water or another solvent or 100% glacial acetic acid (and/or not so simple acetic anhydride) or other more nasty things like trifluoriacetic acid can be used to turn the cellulose already present after the initial hydroxide/sulfite boil into a polymer itself or at least functionalize the surface of the cellulose fibers for better adherance after compression.  So basically you would have the same or slightly modified initial soak to increase wood porosity then you would boil or soak it in vinegar lets say for simplicity or anything else that achieves the same type of effect (namely neutralizing the OH groups to make it more unreactive to hydrogen bonding), then you would compress it.  So basically we are partially or fully converting the cellulose into cellulose acetate or cellulose nitrate or anything else) or just functionalizing the surface of the cellulose fibers to be more adherant and water repellant which is a sort of plastic polymer.  This will prevent expansion due to humidity and perhaps strengthen and/or toughen the material even more.

So the method I am going to pursue is soak in room temp 8%/8% hydroxide/urea then freeze 60 mins, boil/rinse/soak, then mabye remove lignan, boil/rinse/soak, soak in oxalic acid, boil in water rinse, boil in magnesium peroxide solution, short water boil rinse, boil in glacial acetic acid, boil in magnesium peroxide solution, boil in water rinse, heated press roughly 750psi and 212-300f.  This will in theory produce a long lasting water/humidity resistant, but still biodegradable product.

Simplified method I may use: (boil rinses probably between each step)
1. Soak in oxalic acid to remove calcium and hemicellulose and increase lignin.
2. Soak in room temp hydroxide/urea, freeze 60 mins.  Removes cellulose, enlarges pores.
3. soak in acetic acid optional sulfuric acid or other acetylating mix. Makes cellulose acetate.
4. Soak in magnesium bicarbonate to deacidify.
4. Press 750psi at 220-300f until proper thickness.

This does not infringe on the Liangbing Hu patents because his requires removing lignan from natural wood while keeping the cellulose structure substantially the same.  My method not only substantially changes the cellulose by a hydroxide/urea and/or oxalic acid pretreatment step, but this step also renders the wood no longer "natural wood", which also was a requisite to his claim.  So the chemically modified wood can be delignated if desired without infringing on the patent. However I feel keeping the structural component of the lignin would actually be a benefit to strength and toughness especially in light of the fact the cellulose will be significantly modified either in volumetric structure or at least surface structure to cellulose acetate.  Also lignin is removed at high temps so the hydroxide/urea step will not remove significant amounts of lignin.

Basically I am using cellulose acetate lamination process with deacidifying step of the magnesium bicarbonate.

super wood

trifluoroacetic acid to convert cellulose based matetials

surface functionalization of cellulose by plain acetic acid

acetate not good for adhesive, OH better

cellulose acetate lamination

deacidification of cellulose with magnesium bicarbonate


cellulose acetate lamination with and without acetone  500psi 300f

725psi 212f

delignified wood patent

strong and tough wood materials

flexible wood

8g naoh 8g urea 84g dih2o lignin not degraded

oxalic acid pretreatment

25% saturated magnesium bicarbonate sol

275ml dih20 100g oxalic acid 80c ish for 1hr (was 130c for 10 mins in paper) 9:07 to 10:07.  At end left with 75ml liquid.
Wood should have sunk to the bottom from bieng water logged. (using poplar wood).  Let soak in dih2o until next step.

magnesium bicarbonate:

oxalic acid precipitates not extracts lignin

Oxalic 1% pretreatment

oxalic increases lignin?

Yes lignin increases, hemicellulose decreases.

starch and sugar removal boiling 10min 80% ethanol and alpha amylase

20% hcl extraction  of starch


Stiff neck caused by Haemophilis Influenzae cured with echinacea

The title says it all.  Stiff neck is caused by haemophilis bacteria likely non typable.  The best echinacea on the market is echinacea purpea root powder.  Put some of the powder on the tongue and if after a while it makes your tounge feel numb/cold/tingly then it is good quality.  Fill capsules with thebpowder and take around six OO capsules of the root powder spaced out over the course of several hours with plenty of water and the stiff nck should dissappear.


The first sign of the Mark of the Beast is here

This is the first sign.  "People are not allowed to buy or sell unless they have the mark or the number of his name"

De-banking. Chase has now started closing accounts of people they don't like.


Suprisingly or unsuprisingly this actually happened to me.  I was approved for a chase account and deposited all of my money as everyone does when they switch banks.  Then out of the blue with no warning they shut down my account for no reason given and it took over a month for the check of my money to finally arrive at my mailbox.  I went into the branch and demanded a check but they refused and made me wait a month to get it by mail.  Needless to say this made me miss bill and rent payments.  Chase is total scum.

But mabye it had something to do with this site where I speak truth to power and question the official mainstream narrative.  If that is the case then they must be using some huge database compiled by southern poverty law center or Media Matters to drop clients.  This would make sense because I made the radar of these Nazi groups like media matters and SPLC when I questioned Justice Scalia's death and proved a connection between the owner of the ranch where scalia died and president Obama and how Obama mocked his death.


Anyway this is what the mark of the beast looks like.  Those who refuse to swallow the blue pill will be rejected from society.  Get ready for it, in 2024 it explodes.


Martin O'Malley is likely responsible for Pete Buttigieg's Presidential Run

In his announcement speech that he will be running for office, Pete said that he wasn't even thinking to run for president last year.

Then I see a video of martin omalley in feb 2017 (see link below) pushing for Pete to be DNC chair and basically saying that Pete went along with the plan to run for DNC chair ("hes wanting to throw himself into this task").  So basically what I am seeing is that Martin O'Malley and other high ups in the democratic party like Howard Dean are basically urging pete to do certain things.  Kind of like how Harry Edwards urged kaepernick to protest in the NFL.


Interestigly also in Martin O'Malleys speech he mentioned Pete going up against Trump ("take on trump").  I think this was a freudian slip.  His ultimate plan was to get Pete to run for president in 2020.  Why would he want this? Because Martin needs someone who will pave the way for Martin to run in 2024 - an election where democrats have a much higher chance to win the election (since most presidents win a second term, Martin knows Trump will get reelected).  Also Martin wants to get Pete out of the way in 2020 so Pete doesn't pose a threat to Martin's own run in 2024.

Pete Buttiegieg seems to me to be part of the archetype of the Antichrist.  He uses the guise of Christianity to condemn people based on his judgement of their character.  He would be the one to turn liberals on to this way of thinking which will pave the way for them to accept Martin O'Malley in 2024 and the fascism he plans to usher in.


SADC Thoughts

So basically SADC has a few goals.  First and foremost is to clean out the gut of bacteria.  Secondly to support sleep.  Third to promote regularity.  And thats about it.

It is challenging because I want to makenit as accessible as possible which means I need to prefer using herb powders over extracts or essential oils.

Right now a good mix for me is natures fury (1:4 tribulus extract and gynostemma extract), ginger powder, food grade de, garlic powder, mint and cinnamon and eucalyptus essential oils, and agrimony

My thought is that:

natures fury kills strep and staph bacteria
ginger powder kills campylobacter
DE kills ecoli and pseudomonas
garlic powder kills mycoplasma
mint and cinnamon kills haemophilis
eucalyptus kills proteus
agrimony kills h pylori

However I wanted to substitute herb powders for:
natures fury- hard to get pure extracts
DE- contains aluminum
mint cinnamon and eucalyptus eo's- try to remove eo's
cold water extract willow bark- hurts liver
senna- causes electrolye imbalance and campylobacter overgrowth
wheatgrass- causes potato poisoning symptoms of numb arms during sleep.

So far I got trib and gyno powders to try in place of nqtures fury.  Doesn't work effectively.  In order to get the levels of saponins in natures fury I would probably have to take tablespoons of the herp powders which isn't practical.  So I need to use natures fury in sadc 7 which is in development.

I am trying to substitute mustard powder, thyme powder, and cinnamon powder for the DE.  This does seem promising.  Also tumeric with natures fury may also remove the insomnia that comes from the LPS from the bacteria.  So removing food grade de is looking promising.

Mint and cinnamon eo's for haemophilis I am trying to substitute with mint and cinnamon powder.  not quite sure how that is working currently.  Some potential in echinacea purpea root powder to kill haemo.

eucalyptus essential oil I am trying to replace with echinacea and cranberry and mabye uva ursi powder.  Not exactly sure how that is going yet but some slight promise with the cranberry. havent tried echinacea yet.

cold water willow extract I am trying to substitute with tumeric.  seems quite promising especially with natures fury as absorption enhancer.

senna I am trying ti substitute wuth slippery elm bark powder to promote regularity.

Wheatgrass I am tryubg to substitute with agrimony for h pylori.

Now i am encapsulating individual herbs instead of uing prototype blends so I can better pinpoint what is helping and what is needed:

The current powders I am working with:

echinacea-proteus and haemophilis
tumeric- inflammation caused by a few types of bacteria including ecoli, kill hpylori
agrimony- hpylori
slippery elm- regularity
ginger- campylobacter
milk thistle- liver support
thyme- gram negative ecoli
mustard- gram negative ecoli
natures fury-absorption enhancer and strep and staph

notable missing ones that may need to be added:
cranberry- proteus and ecoli
cinnamon-pseudo and haemo


Mechanism of how inflammation causes insomnia

 Edit 4/26/19: Looks like Hepatitis C also Upregulates COX-2.  That is probably the main cause of insomnia but LPS and many other endo and exotoxins from bacteria also I'm sure upregulate it too.

In my posts on this subject:






I have learned a lot about what causes insomnia.  Most of it is empirical (experimental) but very litle is actually theoretical.  Well today we uncover some theory behind one of the causes insomnia I have duscovered.

Ecoli and other gram negative bacteria cause one of the most indetectible causes of insomnia.  A persistant low grade inflammation it turns out.  Of course, how did I not make the connection earlier between LPS (lipopolysaccharide which causes herxhiemer reaction) to sleep loss? Well I am now.

Turns out the LPS from these gram negative bacteria activate the COX-2 enzyme.  This enzyme causes the production of PGE2.  PGE2 is what causes fever and things like that.  Turns out this inflamatory molecule causes sleep loss.  However there is another inflammatory marker PGD2 which is sort of the opposite and it causes sleepiness.  So when COX-2 is suppressed, PGE2 stops bieng made and extra PGD2 is created.  This is exactly wht we want (besides the basics of killing the ecoli with mustard, thyme, activated charcoal, etc) Two herbs which can do this is a cold water extract of willow bark powder (Salicin and other polyphenols) and Tumeric (curcumin). These will literally lower PGE2 and elevate PGD2 inducing sleep.  Some say PGD2 is the most basic and powerful inducer of sleep in nature and is what causes narcolepsy when it is dysregulated.

Another way is to take mustard and thyme powder or actuvated charcoal and within 20-30 mins your Ecoli will be killed off as well.  If that diesn't help you see the above links for many other bactria that cause insomnia with mechanisms so far unknown, but whose cures are known.

prostaglandin d2 inhibited by asprin

prostaglandin e2 opposite kf d2

pge2 reduced by asprin

pge2 higher in insomnia and diabetes

imoortant feverfew k2

cox2 mediates pge2 tumeric

willow bark beats asa

e2 vs d2

d2 is sleep promoting

turn off cox2->E2vD2^

willow only shuts off cox2 and boosts cox1

curcumin tumeric also selective cox-2

gyno is cox-2 mediated aromatase

opposite low e2 high d2 causes balding

cox2 causes most asthma


Proof the Black Hole Picture is Fake

It makes you feel powerless when a false historical narrative is being woven before your very eyes and you feel powerless to correct it.  Folks, most of history is a lie.

So I archived this article that clearly shows the hoax of this supposed "historic" image.



Not only does the article report that the woman scientist faked the image, but it outright tells you they edited what she said in the interview.  Why would they do that??

Anyway before I go further here is an image that the archive failed to save.

So before I talk more remember that scientists have been saying recently that perhaps black holes are not at the center of galaxies but rather several supermassive stars are.  Well the above picture is an example of data that probably informed their theory of that.  Look closely at the picture above on her computer screen then read the article link below:


The pictures that these scientists arrived at simply do not show a doughnut.  They show 4 massive bodies orbiting a common center of mass.  This is what objects look like that are orbiting eachother.  No mystical Black hole is needed to cause them to orbit eachother.  Bodies with a similar mass will orbit eachother in a ring shape.

Now this 4 body pattern is what this woman saw in her data.  Two other teams were also working on images and they presumably saw the same "4 body" pattern.  However one of those teams actually ran the data through a "disk" algorithm, a method designed for analyzing disks.  So that image probably was more ring like.  So what did they do?  Present all of their images and let people discuss the implications of the data?  Nope.  They "Blurred two of the images and then averaged them to the other image".  So what they did was fudge it so it looked like a doughnut.  I kid you not.  They took thier very hard earned data, and blurred it so it would look like a continuous ring.  Wow.  And that is admitted on the record.  So the one image that was created by running the data through the disk algorithm was probably the third one in her above quote.  Two of the teams presumably found the 4 body pattern so they blurred those to make them look less like bodies. Then the disk algorithm picture probably gave a faint ring/-disk, so it wasn't convincing enough to superimpose that faint disk on the blurred body images, they had to boost the brightness of the disk image which is what "averaged them to the other image" means.  So you basically have 2 images of the 4 body pattern and a disk image.  You blur the 4 body ones so they don't look as much like separate bodies, then you superimpose a faint disk image and boost its brightness so it fills in the gaps in the ring so it all combined looks like a doughnut.  Some real NASA style fakery there.

This is the most dishonest science I have ever personally witnessed in my life.  They are so hell bent on believing in black holes that they will literally smudge the pictures to make the data look like what they think it should.  Terrible day for the reputation of the scientific field.  And well earned, most scientists have been in the business of falsifying data ever since they started grad school.  It is the culture of these dogmatic and abusive scientific fields that create cheaters.  I know because I worked in them.


Julian Assange is a true hero and martyr

Very few in the history of the world have done as much to free humanity as Julian Assange of Wikileaks.  Just like Jesus he condemned those in power and sought to empower the powerless people of the world.  Jesus used universal truths that could set mankind free.  Assange used exposing those in power and the evil deeds in high places.  Julian Assange was a counter-spy, he fought against the tyranical surviellance state worldwide that has been developed and weaponized to enslave humanity and it has been extremely effective.  Assange is one of the few people who have found the chink in the superstate's armor and has had the guts to seriously risk his own life to take the shot.

Julian Assange will go down in history as one of the greatest advocates for humanity that has ever existed and will join the ranks of the few and proud Humanitarians that have graced mankind with their presence.

Thank you Jullian Assange.  We are all in debt to you.

A Theory of Friction

This theory of friction is simple, the transfer of electrons from one surface to another surface is the primary cause of friction.  So triboelectric charging is the main cause of friction.  You may be wondering then why is teflon so low friction even though it is a highly negatively charging triboelectric material?  Well because it actually doesn't steal many electrons.  Since it is highly insulative and its fluorines (the reason it is so toxic) are highly electronegative and do not give up electrons easily.  So yes it does steal some electrons, but not very many and it is great at not giving them up, this is why it is so low on friction.

So if this is true how do we leverage this to make the next generation of low friction materials, particularly to air (or other fluids) resistance? Well air for example is typically positively charging.  This means air looses electrons to surfaces it is blowing over.  The more the surface steals electrons from the air, the more air resistance it has (basically any way the surface changes the energy of the air will create resistance but we already know about the mechanical aspect, streamlining, so this topic is beyond streamlining).  What we are talking about here is how to reduce drag when you already have a smooth and flat as possible surface.

The answer is that you charge the surface.  This can be harder to do than it seems.  You can't just hook the negative terminal of a battery up to something and expect it to have a negative charge, it doesn't work like that.  What my idea is is to create a preferably thin capacitive surface.  Similar to my tribogon/triborgone idea, but instead of those which are passive stealing/donating charge, we will actively generate a charge.  So take the triborgone idea, basically you have a skin that gives up electrons.  But this time you are charging the outside surface negatively and the inside surface positively say for example with a battery (or capacitor).  This is possible and easy to do, you just connect the negative terminal of the battery to the outer surface and the positive terminal to the inner surface.  This is how you charge a capacitor.

Which way to you hook it up?  I believe that you would hook it up so the negative charge is on the outside facing the friction source (like air).  The reason for this is if the positive charge was outside, it would be stealing electrons from the air and this process creates friction.  So if we charge the surface negatively, then it will give off electrons and the air will not be slowed down for the surface to strip electrons from the air, the air will simply slip over the electron laden surface.  So like triborgone, you may want a positive tribocharging material coated super thinly on a current collector.  The current collector would be the thing that is charged negatively, and the positive tribocharging materialcoated over that current collector would be the thing that interfaces with the air.  This positively tribocharging material would act as a diode, biasing the electrons to flow outwards from the surface into the air.

Now this is interesting because human skin or animal fur or feathers would act in this exact way.  The animal has electrons inside it and the positive tribocharging surface (skin/fur/feathers) would bias the electron flow out of the animal and into the air, doing exactly what we say in this theory.

Now there is one more wildcard, water evaporation.  Water evaporation is interesting because it acts like a battery.  Basically water needs to loose hydrogen bond energy to evaporate.  In a battery where the metal atoms are electrostatically bound together, loosing this bond energy in the form of electrons is what causes the metal to dissolve.  Loosing hydrogen bond energy from water allows it to "dissolve" into water vapor.  So water can be used as a source of negative energy if needed.  Not sure exactpy this couod help us other than provide a free source of electrons.  Water is just under air on the triboelectric series therefore charges negatively when air blows over it.  This is not really what we want so we wouod have to have something that charges positively in air connected to the water so that electrons are pulled out of the water and the water evaporates to compensate for the loss in its bond energy.  So water evaporating may just be a byproduct of negative energy flow from water into the air.  Mabye that is how hair works, hair donates negative energy to the air and in the process uses bond energy from water causing it to evaporate which also cools the animal.

So basically the gist is that however itnis accomplished, the air facing surface of a material must donate electrons to the air (or fluid) in some way to reduce drag.  This can be done passively or actively.  Even if done actively (like with a battery), which will cost energy, I still think the net effect will be more efficient travel if done right.


Socialism: "Social Ownership" is a lie

Social ownership is the factor that underlies all socialism but it is not true.  Lets say that I am the socialist ruler and I split up all the marbles between the 100 citizens in my country.  Each person gets 10 marbles.  Now thier is "social ownership" of the marbles right? Wrong.  Billy trades his marbles for a hug.  But that isn't allowed because now the marbles are distributed unequally.  As the socialist dictator I say that you cannot trade or give away your marbles because then there is inequality.  Does Billy really have ownership of his marbles then?  No.  Ownership means you have sole authority over what you can do with what you own.  But in this case I am telling you what you can and cannot do with what you "own".  Therefore this is not ownership at all but rather posession.  The government owns everything in socialism since they control everything.  The government giving you the marbles is a bailment, you can posess things and perhaps use them how the government allows you to use it, but the government has control over what you can and cannot do with it.

Givism destroys socialism because what little you do own (that which you produce outside of your job) you can give away to meet peoples needs.  The more people that do this the more peoples needs will be met without the socialism controlled "day jobs". Once the government controlled jobs are no longer needed, then they will collapse.  People will then give freely and meet eachothers needs without a socialist overlord telling people what they need to do.

Capitalism isn't the answer either.  Capitalism is a competition over who gets to gain the monopoly.  There aren't winners and loosers in capitalism, there is one winner at which point capitalism ends and socialism begins.  Typically, instead of a competion deciding the winner, socialism is enacted by violence and the winner of the civil war aka "revolution" gets to be the socialist ruler.


EA Needs to Kneecap Epic Games

When a fighter winds back and goes to throw a huge punch, they make themselves vulnerable to getting broadsided.  This is what Epic Store CEO Tim Sweeney is doing.  He is focusing on taking big shots at Valve's Steam.  However, EA has everything they need to come in and destroy the vulnerable Epic Games. 

All of Epic's money is coming from a single game Fortnight Battle Royale.  That is a precarious position and anything that reduces Fortnite's earnings could spell disaster for Epic.  EA has Apex Legends which is the biggest competitor to Fortnite.  EA needs to expand the team and bring on experts to drive Apex further up the charts versus Fortnite. 

Secondly EA has it's own launcher.  While Epic Store's biggest selling point, taking only a 12% cuts of games income, could easily be undercut by EA's Origin launcher.  EA could only take a 10% cut and make Epic look dumb.  Origin could also QA games that want to launch there and charge a flat $2,500 to make sure that all games that launch on Origin meet EA's standard of quality.  So titles would only have to pay $2,500 + 10% to launch on Origin. 

Thirdly Epic has Unreal Engine.  This engine is free to use and Epic charges developers 5% profits to use the engine in their games.  EA could easily beat this.  EA has Frostbite engine.  While this engine has some serious problems, it gives great graphics.  EA needs to open-source the Frostbite engine.  Immediately this engine would be the most used engine in the industry, a professional open source engine is unheard of.  All companies would be picking up this engine and using it in their games, and a huge development community would grow centered on this engine and making the engine better...for free.  EA has everything to gain and nothing to loose by open sourcing Frostbite.  As an added bonus to hype up developers into using the Frostbite engine, waive the $2,500 QA fee for launching on the Origin store if the company is using the Frostbite engine in their game.  This would help increase the prevalance of the Frostbite engine and have it compete with Unreal and also make it so the cheapest a game can launch on Epic store is 12% revenue, and the cheapest on Origen is a flat 10%.

In conclusion Epic racing after Steam with tunnel vision is like a Noob in a FPS game, crafty players will sneak up on the rusher and take them down from behind.  As I have said it is only a matter of time before Tim Sweeney gets picked off as a failed CEO for #EpicFail games.


Tim Sweeney will be fired as Epic Games CEO within 3 years

I predict that the board of directors will oust Sweeney within 3 years as the head of the company.  He may "step down" which they will encourage him to do to save face.

Why will this happen?  Tim has made some very boneheaded moves in the recent past.  He somehow was able to turn the welcome competition against the Steam monopoly into a PR nightmare for his company by aggressivly pursuing games as exclusives for Epic game store.  No, it wasn't enough to have developers actually want to also list their games on Epic for a larger profit and mabye some kickbacks.  But Tim Sweeny wanted his cake and ate it too and wanted to make sure the games that promised to release on Steam CANNOT be on Steam and must ONLY be on Epic.  What a blowhard.  Not only did this hurt Epic but also hurt the game companies that did the deal with the devil as their fans can clearly see they sold them down the river for #FortniteMoney.

Also Epic responded to Apex Legends by screwing up Fortnite.  Tim Sweeny was like 'Respawning in a battle royale?  Ya well we will give health and materials for each kill to compete with apex's fast and contonuous gameplay'.  Well it backfired.  This led to a steep increase in the skill gap of fortnite and noobs got crushed.  However every good fortnite player got used to the change.  When Apex seemed like no longer a threat, Sweeney reverted the change, and fans and streamers of Fortnite are totally pissed.

Tim Sweeney is a vindictive, tone deaf, and trigger happy CEO who has already gotten Epic in a lot of hot water and will continue to do so into the future.  Having exclusive games on your platform isn't necessarily a bad thing but the way Sweeney went about it basically ensured that Epic will never be able to have exclusive games without invoking very bad memories in gamers.  He is ruining the Epic brand.

I used to have a lot of respect for Tim Sweeney in that he developed unreal engine 1 which I feel was a huge revolution in gaming and made its way into my favorite game, Everquest.  He also pioneered the "free to use" unreal engine model which was awesome, the free to play model of fortnite which is great, and even a fairer split for dev's on the Epic game store.  How any CEO is capable of spinning all of those great achievements in a way that makes everyone hate your company... is an #EpicFail.  This is the new brand Sweeney has created.


Givism: Because Capitalism and Socialism don't work

Most of us realize that socialism doesn't work.  It has been plainly obvious that when you make the government the arbiter of all human activity, the people running it become corrupt and the people suffer from wars, famine, disease, broken down infrastructure, etc.

But most of us have not realized that Capitalism is more of the same.  Capitalism is just disguised socialism.  Take corporations for example.  Corporations are socialist entities.  Everything is owned by the company and shared commonly among employees.  Costs are shared and rewards are shared.  You may get a small bonus for winning new customers, but the "government" of the corporation (board/shareholders) pocket the vast majority of the profits.  Corporations are mini socialist states.

Not only that but the rise of Monopolistic Tech Giants shows that over time the winning corporations will literally take over the economy and we are again ruled by, in the end, a single corporation that "won" the competition of capitalism and now gets to become the socialistic ruler of society.

Capitalism will most of the time resort to a form of Fascism.  As soon as corporations start threatening the power of the State, basically the state starts making regulations to favor those corporations to keep them happy but prevent a coup.  Look at the FDA making regulations that kill any competition to big pharma.  "Capitalist Democracies" will do the same with the tech giants, which is already just happening in the EU as platforms are now legally responsible for random peoples comments on their platform.  This means only the biggest and best funded platforms will be able to have the power to do this and small independent platforms like GAB will be unable to comply.

So what is the solution?  The only solution is to scrap capitalism and obviously socialism and focus on Givism.  Givism is the only way a society can function in a long term capacity.  Givism is defined as giving the fruits of your labor.  Lets say you grow food.  You grow what you can, eat some of it and give some of it.  You give all your excess.  It sounds like some idealistic or naive or utopian idea but sadly it is the only viable method to a society that will not collapse. 

How do we implement givism?  Obviously the only way is voluntary.  Start by using your free time and discretionary income to produce something and give that away.  This creates what I have termed the FreeContaigen and that is how Givism will destroy socialism and capitalism.  No one can compete with free.  Once you start giving then it spreads to others and once a critical point is reached of people giving the fruits of their labor, then no corporation or socialistic nation can compete with free.  These entities will be put out of buisness and bankrupted and Givism will rise and as long as people keep practicing it, nothing will be able to overthrow it and the society will never collapse.


Basil is a hallucinogen: methyl chavicol

Man, another one huh? In my quest to make SADC 7 (see past posts) I have been thwarted twice now with unknown psycadelic plants.

First was eucalyptus leaf.  That one is a potent DMT analog precursor.  just 150mg of leaf powder is enough to produce mind altering effects.

This time around it was basil.  Who knew? This one seems to be a MDMA analog.  2 x 00 capsules (around 1.2g) of basil leaf powder produced effects in conjunction with 10 drops cinnamon, 10 drops mint, and 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil.  Turns out this has been predicted before if you web search for basil mdma.

Its sad because I was really looking forward to using basil to counteract salmonella but I will have to find an alternative.  My experience with basil below.

2 capsules (1.2g)
10 drops cinnamon mint euc
1 cap ginger
sadc 7.1? 1 cap
1 cap natures fury
within about 30 mins:
weak hands
feel slow
feel like I dont want to move
before falling asleep bubbling sound, auditory hallucinations?
dream: in a huge house on huge grounds.  We were trying to navigate away and many of us saw a crossstreets sign  but a guy was turning it so we werent sure which street was what.  Inside the house there was a guy with a knife and he wanted to do tricks with me and I refused but he wouldn't stop. I told people to help but they just said to call the cops.  I left the room sneakily.  I'm not sure if he follwed me so I went around through multiple rooms.  All these other rooms were empty though so if he did find me there would be no one there.  I was trying to find a way out of the house but I couldn't.  There was a groundskeeper too I heard.  Then I woke up face down on my pillow.

cinnamon oil and blue chamomile

probably methyl chavicol

methyl chavicol is dopamine like so the auditory hallucinations make sense as dopamine hallucinogens can produce that.

Disintegrating ray: How to pulverize materials more finely

In working on improving TEEF powder technology (teefpowder.com) I want to not only be able to produce the tetracalcium phosphate peroxide (special ingredient) faster but also grind it more finely so that it can effect and build teeth enamel better.  Just to be transparent I gain no financial benefit from the sale of TEEF powder, I help produce the special ingedient because I believe it can help change the world.  I have been looking at grinders like ball mills and especially planetary ball mills because the planetary version can grind down to 100 nanometers which is 10x finer than a regular jar style ball mill.  Why this extra fineness? An increase of the grinding force.  So there are a few factors which determine how fine you can grind something: Dryness of the material, brittleness of the material, temperature of the material (basically effects the brittleness), the hardness of the grinding media, the smallness of the grinding media (basically the sharpness) for a given weight, the force of contact or weight of the grinding media or RPM for planetary mill, and I am going to introduce one more factor; the charge of the grinding media (or charge of any factor in the environment including gasses).

Why does the charge of the grinding media matter? well this goes back to my battery experiments that when ions are dissolved off of an anode electrons are liberated and flow through the circuit.  So to disintegrate something, you have to be able to liberate electrons or phonons or something else depending on the type of material.  I talked about this effect in water in past posts; in order to evaporate water some sort of energy has to be liberated, the hydrogen bond energy must be liberated.  Energy cannot be lost and in order to break a bond you must free that energy.  in the case of metals in a battery that bond is an electron bond (ionic?) and so an electron is freed when you create ionic copper.  I'm not exactly sure what form the hydrogen bond takes when it is broken but I suspect that plants gain the majority of their energy from these hydrogen bonds as water is allowed to evaporate out the plants stoma.  I believe there must be structures in the stoma or near them that capture these broken hydrogen bonds' energy and store them in the plant in some way.

But anyway breaking apart rocks also must break certain types of bonds.  Probably van der waals or something like that predominantly.  So the reason we can't surpass the 100nm limit in a planetary ball mill is we can't provide enough force (actually torque) to break these bonds at this level.  the smaller your particles the less leverage you have.  if you have a 1 Newton force and a very long stick you can move a boulder because you multiply the force times the distance to get torque.  when the distance is small (small particles) your force is less effective at creating the torque needed to break the particle further.  Also the smaller the balls the more torque applied. Why? because you are trying to force your particle to bend around the grinding ball.  If the ball is small and so it forces the particle you are impacting to bend more to conform to the shape of the ball producing more distance and more torque.

But it's not just torque that breaks bonds, charge can also help break bonds.  Even though we may not be bound by electrons specifically, we are bound by some sort of "negatively charged energy". This is illustrated by the "molecular light" experiments that got photons to stop repelling and stick together by removing some of their "negativeness" by using a highly positively charged rubidium gas.  What we are doing here pulverizing rock is a little different, photons repel because of their negativeness but things like minerals stick together because of their sharing some "negativeness". So if we positively charge the grinding media, this can help siphon away some negativeness and allow the bonds to be more easily broken.  I could envision a positively charged beam that can act as a disintegrating ray for virtually any element or mineral.

So how do we do this in a planetary ball mill? You plate an agate grinding jar in metal, gold leaf may be good.  Or aluminum foil for a poor mans version.  The metal needs to contact very tightly with the agate.  Then you positively charge the metal.  Quartz crystal (agate) is actually good at moving charges and even holding a high charge.  So you could even charge up the agate jar and/or grinding balls and then disconnect them and they should still carry the charge.  this is important because it would be a little challenging to keep the jars electrically connected to a positive charge while spinning.

So thats it, get agate grinding jars and charge them up with positive charge before grinding.  I will update this when i figure out a good way to generate a positive charge.


Quantum Pixels (QP): Synchronized probabilistic pixels (SPP)

Also known as Synchronized probabilistic pixels (SPP).  This idea combines the quantum screen idea with the moving pixel idea.  The thought is to use a probability curve to define a chance a pixel is white or black, red or blue, off or on, etc.  And then to synchronize this behavior with those around it.  So it is a 2 step process.  Of course the goal is to achieve a pixeless look.  So for example on a boundary between white and black; if pixel1's neighboring pixel(s) on the boundary happen to be white this refresh, then pixel1 would have a higher chance or 100% chance of bieng black.  So in this instance the black pixel (and white) will effectively be moving back and forth between spots. 

So like the previous blog post and the example above, based on where a pixel is located near a boundary it will have a "base probability" (BP) to be white or black.  If the pixel is several pixels back into the black side of the boudary, it will have a very high probability of bieng black.  For pixels near the boundary or right on it, they will have equal or nearly equal probabilities of bieng white or black this refresh.  Now that is the base probability.  Superimposed on that "base probability"  is a "proximity probability" (PP). What this is, is a probability inversely related to what the adjacent pixels actually pick.  So the base probability is set as soon as the screen image is decided.  Then the base probabilities of, for example, half of the pixels (randomly chosen) roll the dice and pick a color.  Next, the other half of the pixels have a proximity probability superimposed on their base probability.  So if nearby pixels roll black for this example, then the proximity probability would be higher for white.  The base probability would still be in effect though, the proximity probability would just be a modifier for the base probability.  So if the base probability for rolling white is 99.9% yet everything around it is white so the proximity probability is low, it will still most likely roll white.  Only at the boundaries will the proximity probabilities make a difference. 

Instead of half of the pixels choosing first you could have 1/3 or 1/4 or whatever.  The higher your refresh rate the fewer pixels have to choose at once.  The more rounds of selections the more diverse the results will be, but also the slower, resulting in motion blur.  This is why the number of rounds need to be adjusted based on the screens refresh rate (hz).  As you can see this will also habe the effect of screens lasting longer and reduce burn-in effects since things are constantly changing even on a static image.

This can be achieved by probability alone but not in a deterministic way.  In this iteration of the idea, the probability is more determined to make the pixel actually move rather than just going on and off or red to blue etc.  Why probability at all then, why not just make the pixel move like in the moving pixel idea? Well which direction do you make it move? That is the problem.  With the moving pixel idea you have to have it move in a path, and this takes a lot of pixel real estate.  With using synchronized probability then it can move in any direction   That is the heart of this idea.  Moving pixels that can move in any given direction while also taking up only 2 pixels (or more but the fewer the pixels the more HD the picture will be and less fuzzy)


Quantum screens: An adaptation of Moving Pixel idea

Here it is, the true form of the moving pixel idea.  In thisniteration pixels don't even need to move at all.  Instead of a pixel bieng either on or off, it can be probablistic
  What this means is that the pixel can be either off or on randomly.  So in practice if you are looking at a white circle on a balck screen, if it is a quantum screen the pixels on the edges of the circle will have a certain probability of bieng either off or on depending on the neighboring pixels.  So basically if a pixel is white and all its neighboring pixels are white, it will have a roughly 100% chance of bieng white at every screen refresh (60 times a second (hz) or whatever). but if half of the pixels around it are white and half are black, the pixel will have a roughly 50% chance of bieng white and a 50% chance of bieng black.  This ccan also work with colors, either the brightness or shade could be probablostic.  Basically this idea would smooth out the look of things on the screen so there won't be distinct pixels since they kind of take on an average of those around them.  If it was simply an average shade or color though (like a pixel between white and black was just grey) you would still see the distinct blocky pixels.  But if the pixel has a probabilkstic distribution of bieng on or off or light or dark or blue or red etc, then you really wouldn't be able to see them.

Anyway that's that.

The real cause of Boeing MAX 8 planes crash (it's not software)

Update: It could be the cut rate Spirit produced Thrust reversers.  Thrust reversers have accidentally deployed in the past shortly after takeoff causing crashes.

Don't expect a "software patch" to fix the Boeing Max planes.  This is a problem with the engine.  The automated stall prevention system is just a crappy bandaid to try to keep the plane from crashing when the engine seals blow.  When these engine seals blow what happens is organophosphate containing smoke is created which gets pulled into the cabin and knocks out the pilots (web search: cabin fume plane).  Then with the pilots out of commission the plane tries to keep itself from stalling but crashes.  The engines are so heavy that when the plane looses power the nose tilts up and the plane stalls.

This is corroborated by eyewitness accounts that said the latest ethiopian flight had smoke coming out before it crashed.


Moving Pixels: Next generation in screen fidelity

Have you ever wondered how our vision as humans is so crisp and clear and no pixelation? We have individual light sensing cells however for some reason our vision isn't granular or pixelated.  Why?  Most of us probably believed that there are just so many cells that you don't even see the pixels.  Well I don't think that is the case.

The other day I was just awaking and I saw some patterns in my vision.  I had the sense that these were the "pixels" in our vision but we just can't see them all the time.  They were moving.  I realized that was the key, if the pixels are moving then it will enhance the fidelity many many times over.  I remembered back to watching a baseball game through a chain link fence or sun shading.  The more you move your head back and forth the clearer view you would get.  I realized that if pixels were moving they wouldn't be squares anymore but they would turn into smooth lines and the pixelation would disappear.

This would ESPECIALLY be clutch for VR as that uses a small screen at a close distance.

Moving pixels is the solution.

Also how should they move? My thought is either circles or infinity signs.  As I have said on another post a simple swinging oscilation with a little perpendicular bump traces out an infinity sign.  This is probably the mest pixel movement but also a simple vibration (especially random vibration) would work fine.   Either the LCD could move or the pixels could be projected on the screen.  Or there could be 2 (or more) LCD screens overlapping eachother and the picture goes between one and the other that are slightly out of line with eachother.  That could give functional pixel movement with no actual physical movement.  Or each eye could be given different views. 

Or the easiest way would just be for the picture on the screen to move a little perhaps in the figure 8 pattern.  What I mean is lets say you have a white pixel at position 1.  The next flicjer (60hz or whatever) the white pixel is at position 2.  At the next flicker it is at position 3 and so on and it may or may not return to position 1 or have some average position.  I think that would be the easiest and most effective method.  Randomness may also help or may not.

Or any other way to create virtual or functional or real pixel movement.