Escalating shutdowns is how the US government crumbles

Shutdowns will be the end of our government.  Shutdowns show people what life could be like without the government.  People and buisnesses will step up and fill the voids when the monopoly government can't function.  Government shutdowns are the relief valve for our govenrnment.  When the government gets too big and becomes too unweildy to function and thus the population divides, nothing will be able to get done in a large government.  One side will shutdown the other side and no sides will be able to make progress.  Eventually partial shutdowns will become permanent and government agencies will shut their doors.  Well meaning people will jump in and offer better solutions and services than what the government agencies were providing anyway.

Shutdowns are the future and will continue to escalate and they signify the beginnings of the crumbling of the US government.  Prepare for Liberty.

The Share a Ride system: Easy way to beat uber and lyft

The share a ride system is simple.  It can be anything but preferably an app.  This app would keep track of rides and/or miles and/or time that you give rides and recieve rides. Everyone starts with a set number of credits, it could be zero.  You gain more credits by giving people rides, and you use up credits by recieving rides.  The credits could be the same internationally or differ based on what nation or area or city you are in and could require a conversion, but preferably stay constant worldwide.  There could be other ways to trade credits too, perhaps with other similar apps like delivery apps etc.  So if one person for example doesn't have a car to give rides, he could do something else to earn points or credits to use in getting rides.  Preferably credits would not be tradable or convertable for real money.  Also preferably points could not be minable by computers.  The point here is to bypass the need for money or proof of work besides the actual work bieng done by giving rides.  A use case for this is someone planning a vacation to miami in march.  They could give a few rides in california, their home, and build up points.  Then they fly to miami, don't bring their car, and catch rides using the points they earned back home.  The downsides are it is a centralized system and as such it can fail at any time so users wouldn't want to bank an uneccesarily high amount of points.  The upside is you can earn rides by giving rides and not need to use money at all.


What makes something Fun? Fun defined.

What makes something fun?  Firstly, what is fun?  I would say fun is characterized by several different neurotransmitters released in unison like dopamine and serotonin.  But fun is only a symptom that you are doing something beneficial.  Like anything, fun can be "cracked" and you can have fun doing non-worthwile things.  But in general fun is a feeling designed to tell you that you are doing something very right.

Here is my definition of fun:

Fun is anything that is...


Fun is progressing.  Fun is inspiring.  Fun is helping and sharing experiences.  Fun is often solitary and expansive and covers a variety of fields and topics; perhaps it uses synergy and synthesis from a variety of sources.  Fun is relevant and applicable to everyday life and our other endeavors.  Fun is challenge, but not that things are broken, challenging in an understandable, confident and hopeful way.  Fun is rewarding.  Fun is learning.  Fun empowers us in a physical, mental, or spiritual way.  Fun is free.  Fun has no constraints.  Fun prepares you for the future.

That is the definition of fun.  Now go out and create fun stuff.