Tuberculosis causes dementia and Alzhiemers

So I have been I think trying to kill tuberculosis because from what I remember I had chest pains, wait not it was heart skipping beats.  Yes and then when I took garlic extract powder yesterday from purebulk I started having stabbing chest pains.  Stabbing chest pains are pericarditis and in my book always from tuberculosis.  So this confirmed to me that I was dealing with TB.  So today took vitamin c and garlic extract powder and started to become very forgetful and just like my memory feels totally blank and I ramble on with incoherent thoughts and lots of internal talking and banter.  Turns out tuberculosis also causes dementia.  Most of the times you notice some symptoms from bacteria is when you start killing them.  This is because usually they release toxins when they die. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/22127948




Haemophilis holds Tuberculosis at bay

Haemophilis had the last bastion in my body.  I killed literally every other type of bacteria off in my body before I figured out about haemo.  Some of my symptoms grew worse during this time.  Worsening balding, worsening skin picking and hair pulling, worsening insomnia.  It turns out all these things are caused by haemophilis influenzae.  By me killing off the other types of bacteria in my body, it allowed haemo to overgrow even more.  So I started killing haemophilis.  Some things improved like my insomnia and my skin picking slightly.  But one thing got worse, heart skipping beats or heart palpitations.  I already knew before that for sure tetanus and mycobacteria like TB can cause heart palpitations, also h. Pylori.  I treated for tetanus using gynostemma and tribulus and it helped but didn't solve it.  I usually treat for several bacteria every day including proteus, camphlobacter, tetanus/staph/strep (all killed using adaptogens), often ecoli using food grade DE, h pylori using wheatgrass juice powder, etc. So I for a moment almost believed that the heart palpitations were NOT caused by bacteria since they started when I started killing haemo and my regular bactericidal regimen couldn't seem to stop it.  Well I forgot about TB.  I think itnis TB causing my current heart palpitations.  Juniper essential oil, vitamin c, and garlic powder all are great to kill TB, so i am taking that now.  But it makes sense.  Both TB and haemo occupy the same niche in the lungs so killing one would likely cause the other to overgrow.  They are also both oxidative by nature.  Hopefully going hard on TB will solve my persistant heart skipping beats (also excercising more will help!)


DMT: The Exodus Molecule

We are at a place when we need to leave our dying society.  Amazon, Google, Facebook, Walmart have taken over and monopolized our world.  These are growing into monumental bubbles and when they pop, society will collapse.  We need to leave this deathtrap.

LSD showed promise to some as revolutionary; Tune in, turn on, drop out.  But it didn't work.  If anything it left people even more trapped in society than they were before.  The CIA knew this and this is why they released it, to mind control the disenchanted in the same way they make monarch mind control victims with it.

LSD is a counterfeit.  The true spirit molecule that will help people move on from oppressive situations is DMT.  There are 2 good examples in history.  First was the Israeli exodus from egypt.  They left their oppressive situation under the guidance of Moses speaking to God.  The israelis used syrian rue to bleach their flour (hence all the emphasis on bread in the bible) which enhances DMT, and also Acacia trees which contains DMT.  Likely Moses, who spent a lot of time journeying and in nature, experienced this plant hallucinogen.  For more info on this see here:

Also see the book; DMT and the soul prophecy

There is another example of this, the "Great Abandonment" of the mimbres people, natives in new mexico.  They lived in the Mibres valley for centuries but it appears their Maize became chronically infected with fungus.  They started gathering acacia pollen, which very likely contains DMT, and then they made their own exodus.  This exodus was from the Mimbres valley new mexico to casa grandes in mexico, roughly 170 miles.  Interestingly the israeli exodus was also a similar distance, roughly 200 miles.  See links below for more info.  Also we can collect pollen easily nowdays by placing a hepa air filter powered with a portable battery under an acacia tree and collecting the pollen off the hepa filter.  This coupled with the FreeContagion (recent post, basically give freely) will bring us out.

Pdf on pollen use

Mimbres to casa grande